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Playdough_Mats_Booklet.pdf. CTEL Module 2 PPT 02/2012. Ctel Module1 Domain2 Fall07. Slide 1. INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 2004 (IDEIA), PL 108-446 from Encyclopedia of Special Education: A Reference for the Education of Children, Adolescents, and Adults with Disabilities and Other Exceptional Individuals.

40 Strategies for Teaching ELD Students. I love the teachers in my Language Arts department.

40 Strategies for Teaching ELD Students

Ever since I became department chair, they have been willing to go on so many curricular adventures with me. If I ask to try a collaborative website, they are game. If I ask to try articulated scoring of our essays, they are game. If I’m running through a workshop in my classroom after school, they appear at the door as guinea pigs, supporting me as my mythical audience.

And yet, we are all different teachers with all different styles. A couple of months ago I asked my Language Arts department to each share 5 strategies they are currently using in their classrooms to help teach their ELD students. Lists are awesome resources. Perhaps you are already using some, but it’s possible that there’s one or two in here that are new. But make sure you come back and post your list so that we might also learn from your department too! Pick and Choose: ELD Strategies. Centeroninstruction. Strategies for English Language Learners - Goldenberg. Ell_report09. Researchinreview-2012-3-effective-english-language-learner-pedagogy. PD_in_Action. CTEL Study Guide. CTEL Vocab flashcards. CTEL 2 Key Vocabulary flashcards. CTEL Module 1 flashcards. Ctel L2 Acquisition-ch. 3 flashcards.

CTEL Studyguide flashcards. CTEL 1 Essential Concepts flashcards. Ctel flashcard sets and study tools. CTEL KSAs Flashcards. CTEL Resources Home - CTEL Resources. CTEL Exam Prep Flashcards. ESL Glossary: Definitions of common ESL/EFL terms. Developing ELL Programs: Glossary. ELL%20Glossary%20of%20Terms%20from%20TEA. Tesl_glossary.

EFL teaching terminology and glossary - ITTO TEFL / TESL courses in Mexico. Teach English Abroad Inspiring Education & Travel Find here your TEFL COURSE LOCATIONS You are here > Home > Articles > EFL teaching terminology Back Teaching English: Articles Share Your TEFL Adventure!

EFL teaching terminology and glossary - ITTO TEFL / TESL courses in Mexico.

InShare0 EFL teaching terminology By International Teacher Training Organization The following are terms used in the world of TEFL. AAIEP: American Association of Intensive English programs is a group of university and college-based intensive English programs. Academic language: language used in the learning of academic subject matter in formal schooling context; aspects of language strongly associated with literacy and academic achievement, including specific academic terms or technical language, and speech registers related to each field of study.

Accent: This can mean word stress - control has the accent on the second syllable but we use it to mean the pronunciation used by some speakers - a regional or class accent. Acculturation: The process of adapting to a new culture. BC: British Council. Glossary for ESL/EFL Teaching. Glossary of terms relevant to the English teaching profession.

Glossary for ESL/EFL Teaching

This glossary includes terms related to English, ESL, EFL ,TESOL, TEFL, and pedagogy. Accuracy The ability to produce grammatically correct sentences. Fluency is an other term often associated with accuracy. It refers to the ability to produce language appropriately, effortlessly, and efficiently without necessarily paying too much attention on accuracy. Acquisition Acquisition is the natural way, paralleling first language development in children. Acquisition learning hypothesis According to Stephen Krashen there is a distinction between acquisition and learning. Affective filter A high affective filter occurs when learners are highly anxious, have lo self esteem or are demotivated.

Affective filter hypothesis Stephen Krashen sees the learners emotional state or attitudes as adjustable filter that freely passes, impedes or blocks input necessary to language acquisition. Glossary of EL Terms.doc. College of Education. English Language Learners (ELL) / Instructional Strategies. Flashcard. Lifornia Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) Module 2 Assessment and Instruction REVIEW.