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Questions for you and your spouse

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A Year of Question for You & Your Spouse (free download) Weekly Check In. This Week’s Marriage Challenge: Every day this week, do something a little romantic. I love questions. Here are a couple that you might want to ask weekly. What did I do or say this last week that blessed you or made you feel loved? What did I do or say this last week that caused you to feel disrespected or unimportant? Give your husband a safe place to share answers to these questions. An open ear is the only believable sign of an open heart. Prayer Prompt ♥ Ask God to help you learn to speak your husband’s language of love and respect. Michael Hyatt: How to Become Your Spouse’s Best Friend Great podcast discussing healthy relationship concepts.

I’m an Organizing Junkie: 5 Things to Declutter Today to Make Your Bedroom a Haven Five quick steps to bringing order to the room you share with your sweetie. Image credit © WavebreakmediaMicro / DollarPhotoClubShop & Support TGW Thanks! Getting Closer - a Shortcut. Dr. Arthur Aron, of the Interpersonal Relationships Lab at Stony Brook University, has done some interesting work on “interpersonal closeness”, including romantic love.

In 1997 he created the “sharing game” which was designed to cause strangers to form a close bond, or even a romantic connection, in just an hour together. This was accomplished with a set of 36 questions each group of strangers was to go through, one at a time, with each person answering each question. The results of Aron’s study, as well as a number of follow ups, shows the questions, and others like them, do result in a great deal of intimacy very quickly. If you and your bride do not have as much emotional intimacy as you would like, maybe these same questions would help you? I’ve listed the questions below. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

And a bonus suggested by a reader: How do you think you have changed in the last X years? 7 Questions Every Married Couple Should Ask Each Other To Improve Their Marriage. How to create your dream marriage. It is possible you know! You and your wife have a vision for what a great marriage looks like in your own minds so what’s the problem? Perhapps you are not on the same page conversationally. The trouble is for many couples reality seems far off as life happens every day. Craft your marriage how you want it to be. A great marriage happens one day at a time so make today the best possible. Sometimes you might feel like two people in a tug-o-war pulling in the opposite direction working against each other and not getting anything done.

However, the reality is a great marriage is not difficult to figure out, it just becomes difficult to pursue if you have no direction. First you have to have a believable plan to harness your two individual ideas and get them going in the same direction. Here are some communication starters for a date night or some relaxed chat session just between you two. So each of you take turns answering these questions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

3 Questions That Can Reduce Stress and Increase Calm in Your Life. School has started, and life is heating up for most families. How are things going for you? If you feel reasonably calm and have maintained a grasp on your sanity, I applaud you. And I’m guessing you’re in the minority. If you feel tense and frazzled, and dread looking at your calendar and to-do list each day, I sympathize with you. And I’m guessing you’re in the majority. Tense and frazzled seems to have become the pattern in our culture, doesn’t it? If we’re not insanely busy and “on the go” all the time, we feel as if we’re doing something wrong, as if we’re not busy enough or committed enough.

This pattern of busyness, and especially our love affair with children’s activities, is wearing a lot of women down. If you’re yearning for a calmer, slower and less complicated life, the way to begin is by taking a hard look at your family’s schedule. Who’s in charge? If you want to move toward living a calmer, healthier and sexier life, these questions can help. 2 Sets of Conversation Starters. I have been going through a process to create our first True Agape product which is SUPER exciting! (Keep your eyes and ears open for details!) In the process I have been working with twenty ladies who have been pouring out their heart and souls about marriage. One common theme that reoccurred several times was the need to have conversation starters for tough topics or “what if” scenarios to discuss with their spouses.

Our group talking about knowing the importance of open communication, however sometime it being hard to bring up these tough topics in an unbiased way. Conversation starters are one thing we decided could be helpful. Get your printer friendly conversations starters. I propose if you want to use these conversation starters with your spouse you are honest and say, “I was reading this marriage blog today and found these conversation starters.

What other topics of conversation starters would you like to see? Until Next Time- Truly Love, Related. Two Great Questions You Should Ask Your Husband...Today. By Fawn Weaver on Monday, January 19, 2015 We’re getting closer and closer to the 5th anniversary of the Happy Wives Club and the unveiling of our new site. (I’m so excited I could bust!) Our countdown theme from last week continues. Coming in at #16 is another post I was nervous to click “publish” on but I’m happy I did. Until tomorrow…make it a great day! A couple years ago, I asked my husband two questions I highly recommend every wife ask. When I posed the first question, his answer -in that moment- crushed my spirit. His honest and transparent response made me a better woman, friend and wife.

So what’s the question that crushed me, and yet, I still recommend you ask your husband? “On a scale of 1-to-10, with 10 representing the wife you believe I have the potential to be, what would you rank me today?” When asking this question, there is something incredibly important to first consider. If you’ve read my book, you know I wasn’t quite prepared for such an honest answer. 6 Scientific Questions to Ask About Your Marriage. By Cheri Gregory on Monday, March 10, 2014 I am a research junkie. There are few things I love to do more than dive into stats and numbers.

People are always shocked when I tell them I’ve never read a novel (at least not that I can remember). In the 80s, when I was required to read novels in school (think Uncle Tom’s Cabin), I’d head to the bookstore and pick up those yellow and black workbooks I loved so much (aka Cliff Notes). I could never seem to work my way through a novel but I’d happily sit in the hallway, on the second story of our home, and read through the Britannica collection sitting on the shelves.

My parents and I had a a contentious relationship (that’s putting it mildly) because I only responded to fact. Now, that I’m older, I still can’t seem to make my way through a novel, love nonfiction and can plug numbers into Excel spreadsheets for hours on end without ever getting bored (which came in handy as a hotel general manager). Until tomorrow…make it a great day!

1. 2. 3. 4. Open Questions. Seth Godin had a remarkable “communication” post that is a great follow up to yesterday’s tip. He shared about how you want to ask “open” questions rather than “closed” questions when trying to engage people. “Closed” questions typically can be answered with a brief answer or a simple “yes” or “no.” They tend to shut down further conversation. “Did you have a good day?” “Will you take out the trash this evening?” “Open” questions would be more like, “What did you think of today’s sermon?” Or “Where would you like to be in five years?” I’ve written a guest post for – Your Life is Today Be generous! These Are a Few of My Favorite Things. Accountability Questions - ideas from generous wives everywhere. A generous wife (thanks, Esther!) Wrote me to ask about a post I made about small accountability groups. Two friends and I have also started a small group, and I was wondering, could we have the accountability questions you use?

My response: Hi, Esther,We usually start our group by sharing what is going on with our lives. The questions come from what we share. For example, if I say I’m struggling to make personal time with the Lord, the gals might ask me how I can change that? If I’m struggling with a friendship, we might discuss how the Word says to deal with disagreements. Generally our questions revolve around time with God, family, friends, responsibilities, personal gifting and callings, personal difficulties and self care. I really like your question and I think I will make it a contest later in the month. Well, it’s contest time. Prize? Links may be monetized.Image credit © Suprijono Suharjoto | Be generous! "Study Him" Contest - ideas from generous wives everywhere. Recently a generous wife (thanks, Tammy!) Emailed me to ask for help. I knew you had discussed “studying” your spouse before.

Do you have any ideas on questions?? Let’s open this up to the whole list. And let’s make this a contest too. Be generous! Questions, Questions and More Questions. Questions Day 2. Questions Day 3. Questions Day 4. Questions Day 5. Questions Day 6. Questions Day 7.