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Building With Natural Materials: Straw, Earth, Cob, Clay, Bamboo. Eco-Sustainable House / Djuric Tardio Architectes. AIA Names Top 10 Most Sustainable Projects in U.S. In honor of Earth Day, we have complied a preview of the top ten most sustainable exemplars of U.S. architecture selected by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and its Committee on the Environment (COTE).

AIA Names Top 10 Most Sustainable Projects in U.S.

Each project featured will be honored with a COTE Top Ten Award for “sustainable design excellence” at the 2014 National Convention in Chicago. View them all, after the break… Arizona State University Student Health Services; Tempe, Arizona / Lake|Flato Architects + Orcutt|Winslow The Arizona State University (ASU) Health Services Building is an adaptive reuse project that transformed the existing sterile and inefficient clinic into a clearly organized, efficient, and welcoming facility. The design imbues the new facility with a sense of health and wellness that leverages Tempe’s natural environment and contributes to a more cohesive pedestrian oriented campus. Bud Clark Commons; Portland, Oregon / Holst Architecture U.S.

Wayne N. Herreros . Benedito . Sanz. Autores: Juan Herreros Arquitectos SL, María Benedito Ribelles i Marti Sanz Ausàs . + Les Portes de Collserola Vivim en una casa industrialitzada.

Herreros . Benedito . Sanz

Tots els components són reciclables o fàcils de reciclar. Ens escalfem amb energia procedent d’una planta de biomassa que recicla els residus de la muntanya. Encenem els llums amb energia solar. Recuperem l’aigua i tenim un pla de tractament de residus que és part de la nostra forma de ser. Could A Sustainable Source of Energy Be Right Beneath Our Feet? The potential to generate energy is hidden in many places, from skyscrapers to ski-slopes.

Could A Sustainable Source of Energy Be Right Beneath Our Feet?

But new research is showing that a potent source of energy is hiding right beneath our noses, or feet to be more specific. Some of the first thinking on the subject came from London-based architecture consultancy, The Facility. The idea began over a decade ago when the group came up with a method of dampening the noisy rattle of parts of London’s aging railways, while harnessing the energy that created the noise to generate electricity. The initial idea eventually spawned a floor which can produce energy from the daily stamping of pedestrians.

Elii JF-Kit HOUSE. Infographic: Saving the Earth with Sustainable Cities. With Stockhom, Hamburg and Copenhagen leading the way, urban metropolis’ worldwide are beginning to rethink their infrastructure and envision ways to transform their city into an efficient, sustainable model of the future in an effort to preserve a high quality of life and stay competitive in the global society.

Infographic: Saving the Earth with Sustainable Cities

This shift is already being reflected in the education system, with the rapid growth of sustainability-focused academic programs and a sizable, projected increase in “green” jobs. Get an understanding as to how sustainable cities will save the earth with an infographic after the break. Collective Eco-Housing La Canopée / Patrick Arotcharen Architecte. Hotchkiss Biomass Power Plant / Centerbrook Architects and Planners. Architects: Centerbrook Architects and Planners Location: Lakeville, Connecticut, United States of America Architect In Charge: Jefferson B.

Hotchkiss Biomass Power Plant / Centerbrook Architects and Planners

Riley, FAIA Project Manager: Alan D. AIA appoints Mary Ann Lazarus to lead Sustainability and Health Initiative. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has appointed HOK’s green-building leader Mary Ann Lazarus, FAIA, to a consulting position as a Resident Fellow.

AIA appoints Mary Ann Lazarus to lead Sustainability and Health Initiative

In this position, Lazarus will help guide and influence a program heavily based in sustainability and health as the AIA implements its ten-year pledge to the Decade of Design: Global Urban Solutions Challenge, a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action. The purpose of the commitment is to document, envision and implement solutions that leverage the design of urban environments through research, community participation, and design frameworks. It is a commitment based in the interest of public health with special attention to the use of natural, economic, and human resources. More about Mary Ann Lazarus’s work and future at the AIA after the break. Exemplar of Sustainable Architecture: 1315 Peachtree / Perkins+Will. Understanding that environmental responsibility is an integral part of design excellence, Perkins + Will’s new Atlantic office, known as 1315 Peachtree, serves as an example on how current technologies can be used to achieve LEED Platinum Certification, meet the 2030 Challenge and help reduce toxic materials from our building products. 1315 Peachtree is an adaptive reuse of a 1985 office structure transformed into a high performance civic-focused building.

Exemplar of Sustainable Architecture: 1315 Peachtree / Perkins+Will

Located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta across from the High Museum of Art, the new building continues to house the Peachtree Branch of the Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library and introduces a new street-level tenant space occupied by the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA). The Perkins+Will Atlanta office occupies the top four floors with office space for up to 240 employees. Continue reading for more information on the highest LEED score building in the Northern Hemisphere. Atelier Ten - Environmental Design Consultants + Engineers. About the Aga Khan Development Network.

The agencies of the AKDN are private, international, non-denominational development organisations.

About the Aga Khan Development Network

They work to improve the welfare and prospects of people in the developing world, particularly in Asia and Africa, without regard to faith, origin or gender. Its programmes are designed to bring a critical mass of economic, social and cultural activities to bear on a given area. Its projects encompass many of the determinants of the quality of life, including the natural and built environments in both urban and rural areas, food security, health, education, access to financial services and economic opportunity, as well as the cultural areas of traditional music, architecture and art. Magazine for integrated high-performance building & sustainable design & construction. Masdar City. M&S: Cheshire Oaks Case Study.

HSDESIGN - Mostra espositiva itinerante architettura, design, edilizia, benessere - BIOMATTONE® in NATURAL BETON® di canapa e calce - EQUILIBRIUM. Transparency. What is this about?


It is our belief that products that are harmful to humans, animals, and the environment should not be used in our projects, and to that end, we seek to inform our clients of available alternatives so as to permit them to make informed decisions. The substances listed all have been classified by multiple regulatory entities as being detrimental to the health of humans and the environment. These lists are evolving documents that will be updated as new relevant data emerges. Rather than use products which contain these substances, we will seek out alternatives, in keeping with the precautionary principle, in an effort to be responsive to reported health effects, and thereby to protect our health and the health of future generations too. David Baker on Hedonistic Sustainability. David Baker will lecture this coming Wednesday on the topic of ‘Hedonistic Sustainability’ specifically referencing the LEED certified h2 Hotel .

David Baker & Partners green design for the hotel, along with the challenges and opportunities of building a design business with a social commitment, will be the focus of the discussion. The lecture will be held at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and is free and open to the public David Baker recently received the 2012 AIACC Distinguished Practice Award . Highlighting Baker’s career which has shown a dedication of commitment to the built environment, the award is given annually and recognizes significant contributions toward a specific building type, responses to challenges, ability to collaborate, innovation and design excellence.

Earth Architecture. “sustainable Architecture” Sustainability Scrutinized: Criticism Arises in Academic and Professional Discourses. According to George Baird of Architectural Record, skepticism of sustainability is on the rise.

Sustainability Scrutinized: Criticism Arises in Academic and Professional Discourses

Architectural historians, theorists, practicing architects and even construction lawyers and risk managers are warning designers about the risks associated with the “going green” ambition. Sustainability takes many forms. From the recycling and reusing of materials to new technological innovations, “green design” can be humble: sourcing natural and passive solutions energy needs; and it can be extravagant: using customized and computer-enhanced systems that detect environmental conditions and respond accordingly to the building’s needs.

Home - Matrec. HOME - Ecological Footprint - Ecological Sustainability. Victor Civita Plaza – Open Museum of Sustainability / Levisky Arquitectos Associados & Anna Dietzsch, Davis Brody Bond. Adaptive Reuse: 20 Brilliant Recycled Buildings. Adaptive Reuse: 20 Brilliant Recycled Buildings Article by Urbanist, filed under Offices & Commercial in the Architecture category. Recycling discarded materials into new buildings and adapting disused structures to new uses is not just about sustainability – it is also about savvy innovation and stylish adaptation. Some architects build modular wonders from existing units (such as shipping containers).

Others draw from recycled, found and local materials (or entire old buildings) to create aesthetically amazing designs that brilliantly blend old and new. Spiral island (shown above) is just one such example: an incredible mobile private island floating on 250,000 recycled plastic bottles off the coast of Mexico. News Blog. The Solar Decathlon is proud to announce the newest member of its global family: Solar Decathlon Latin America and Caribbean. On Monday, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman, Colombia Minister of Energy and Mines Amylkar Acosta, Mayor of Santiago de Calí Rodrigo Guerrero, and Director of Planning of Colombia Tatyana Orozco signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate on the development of Solar Decathlon Latin America and Caribbean. “President Obama’s Climate Action Plan calls on the United States to work with other nations to lead the world to a cleaner, more prosperous future.

By working together with partner nations like Colombia, we can increase global energy security and confront the challenges of a changing climate,” said Poneman. “Building on successful international Solar Decathlons in Europe and China, the U.S. HDL Sustainability Studio Recap. Really sustainable? An abbreviated version of this article was originally published in Domus 967 / March 2013. Sustainable City.

Video: UBC Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability. The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver is on track to open in the summer of 2011. CIRS aims to be the most innovative and high performance building in North America, a “living laboratory” where professors, students and partners demonstrate leading-edge research and develop sustainable design practices, products, systems and policies. The building will push the frontiers of sustainable construction materials and building techniques.

Unnecessary #041. Michael Sorkin. Sidewalks of New York. Masdar Sustainable City / LAVA. The future well being of cities around the globe depends on mankind’s ability to develop and integrate sustainable technology. Solar Oval Cob Plan. BC Hyrdo Energy Experiment. To promote their Power Smart month of October, BC Hydro has launched an interesting public campaign for energy efficiency by converting two shipping containers into live experimental spaces in Vancouver.

Lea Katz Reality Group. Solar Decathlon: Lumenhaus / Virginia Tech. Sustainable Town Houses / C.F.Møller Architects. Jonathan Segal Documentary // 13mns. Competition for Exemplary Sustainable Construction Projects and Visions. Super Sustainable City Exhibit / Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture. Competition for the Sustainable Development of Gadeokdo. Low2No Competition: Helsinki’s sustainable future. BIArch presents “Energy Seminar” Contemporary Design in Detail: Sustainable Environments. 3rd Advanced Architecture Contest, The Self-Sufficient City. 3rd Advanced Architecture Contest: The Self Sufficient City. FARO wins sustainable design competition with residencial tower. Eco Boulevard in Vallecas / Ecosistema Urbano. The ARCHITECT 50: Top 50 in Sustainability - Architects. Attempting to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle in St. Louis. Nepalese Teen Invents Cheap Solar Panel Using Human Hair.