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Go Hasegawa

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Realarchitektur. Realarchitektur . photos: © Beatrice Pötschke Realarchitektur designed the conversion of a traditional Berlin apartment for a young Norwegian artist.


After having removed the internal walls that used to house the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and a small bedroom, we were able to work with a large well lit space. Communique 2011: Go Hasegawa of Go Hasegawa & Associates, Tokyo - Body Sense Architectural Language. 新建築2010年12月号 WEB連動企画 森のピロティ. Go Hasegawa & Associates - apartment. Go Hasegawa & Associates - apartment . nerima. Go Hasegawa & Associates - house in gotanda . tokyo. House in Gotanda .

Go Hasegawa & Associates - house in gotanda . tokyo

Tokyo Go Hasegawa . wadis . photos: bruno nihon . Samuele Squassabia below photos by Samuele Squassabia. Go Hasegawa - townhouse in asakusa . tokyo. 新建築12月号「浅草の町家」長谷川豪建築設計事務所. 新建築12月号「駒沢の住宅」長谷川豪建築設計事務所. GO HASEGAWA & ASSOCIATES. Go Hasegawa - house . kyodo.