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How to Build Industrial Shelves - Beneath My Heart. How to Make A Jewelry Box from a Cigar Box. I have always been a very messy person, and my jewelry situation is no exception.

How to Make A Jewelry Box from a Cigar Box

Typically it’s scattered across the top of our dresser and on my nightstand, not to mention the bathroom, my car, in the crevices of my purse….etc. As I was staring at the jungle of our dresser the other day, I decided I needed to check my egregious clutter habit and tame my jewelry once and for all! As it so happened, an old cigar box my dad gave me was conveniently positioned amongst the various odds and ends. Problem + solution all in the space of five minutes! The Lovely Drawer. I love miniature patterned bowls!

The Lovely Drawer

When I first started seeing them take over shop shelves, I was drawn to them and it got me thinking up a DIY version. That’s just how my mind rolls at the moment! Once baked these are dishwasher proof, so you can use them as dipping bowls or for snacks as well as for storage and decoration. To make… Mix together the paint colours you want. As with most projects, these would make sweet gifts. DIY Butterfly Rice Tosser by Posh Paperie + Jackie Wonders - Style Me Pretty. 12 Strangest Objects You Can Turn into Apartment Furniture. Some DIY projects are “obvious”.

12 Strangest Objects You Can Turn into Apartment Furniture

You can obviously change the colour of that table you like so much, for instance. However, there are other DIY projects that are a bit more original and unexpected. Here are 12 examples. 1. 33 Awesome Inspirations for Your Dream Home. Each of us probably have an idea about what our individual dream homes would look like.

33 Awesome Inspirations for Your Dream Home

Maybe your dream home would have a hammock ... or maybe an indoor slide that leads outside into a pool filled with Jell-O. You can have whatever you want, after all, it's YOUR dream home. But if you need some inspiration, here are 33 awesome things you might want to include in the house of your fantasies. 1. A ping pong table door 2. Vitor Penha. What is it about Brazillian design that makes it so hot?!

Vitor Penha

It's bold and brash, brave and beautiful. It's never precious but always fun. This is the portfolio of São Paulo architect Vitor Penha. The texture, the mix of modern and midcentury, wood and brick cheek and jowl with plastic and metal. How to Build Your Own Floor Lamp. Trampoline Uses - Recycle Trampoline. If your trampoline was damaged beyond economic repair in the recent storms you might have some imaginative ways to recycle the trampoline and the parts that are undamaged.

Trampoline Uses - Recycle Trampoline

This photo shows an innovative idea which makes use of the trampoline frame ring, the trampoline bounce mat and trampoline springs. The trampoline frame has been covered in soft padding and the whole trampoline mat is covered with a sheet. The frame is suspended from the ceiling by strong rope to make a large suspended swinging bed or relaxation area. God Save The Pallet! Reclaimed Pallets Revamped. Used in the shipping industry, wood pallets are typically a low end commodity.

God Save The Pallet! Reclaimed Pallets Revamped

Usually, pallets will get reused a few times and then they will either be scrapped as trash or used as firewood. Most often made from inexpensive junk species of lumber (whatever is most widely available), wood pallets are the perfect candidate for upcycling. Check out these creative examples of upcycled pallets and I think you'll agree! DIY garden pallet fence (above and below) from Camelot Art CreationsA great way to hide trash cans or air conditioning units!

Painted wood wall art by Inspired by Charm Pallet headboard Wonderful wine storage in the kitchen pallet stairs lead to loft. DIY Photo Coasters {tutorial} DIY Project: How to craft a twine-ball light garland. Time for another DIY craft project and today I’ll be showing you exactly how you can make this twine-ball light garland yourself.

DIY Project: How to craft a twine-ball light garland

It’s one of those projects that’s a little bit messy and does take quite a bit of time, but it is so much fun. Plus you have a really cool piece of decor at the end of it. Perfect for parties or around the home, you can paint it up in any colour you want to match your design scheme, and when lit, it looks so pretty, casting lots of patterned twinkly light everywhere. Mine is now taking pride of place in my office. How-to make a Twine Ball Light Garland I’ve seen twine balls used for all sorts of purposes, from chandeliers to dining table decor, so I thought I’d have a go at making a light garland using this idea.

I chose to use coloured twine, alternating between pink and purple twine balls. {You will need} {Four} This is the really messy part. {Five} Leave to dry overnight. Folded leather basket. I love minimalism, as I truly believe less is more.

Folded leather basket

I have always loved geometry. I love figuring out how things are built. Lately I have been drawn into building shapes, going from something flat to something three dimensional and functional with the least steps involved. The teddy bear key chain is one example. 5 Cool DIY Crafts Of Scrabble. Scrabble is a game that many of us love but could you imagine that scrabble may be used at your wedding?

5 Cool DIY Crafts Of Scrabble

Here are some ideas how to do that. You can make coasters, napkin rings, magnets, some table signs, thumb tacks. You’ll need scrabble tiles, scrabble trays, beacon multi-grip glue, magnet dots, thumb tacks, napkin rings, cork or bamboo coasters. To make napkin rings just place some glue on the back of your tile press onto the napkin ring, let dry, and you’re done. Do the same with the thumbtacks. DIY Serving Tray : a little sunshine to brighten up a winters day.