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Student life A°rhus

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Bycykelkort: Aarhus Bycykel. En cookie er en tekstfil, som lægges på din computer eller andet IT udstyr.

Bycykelkort: Aarhus Bycykel

Den gør det muligt at genkende din computer og samle information om, hvilke sider og funktioner, der besøges med din computer. Cookies indeholder oplysninger i anonymiseret form. Cookies anvendes af stort set alle websites og er i mange tilfælde en forudsætning for at websitet kan fungere. Students in Aarhus. Kløvergården. Grenåvej 681 • 8541 Skødstrup Locate this residence on an interactive map.


Please take time to carefully read this information about your accommodation. By signing the contract you confirm that you have read and understood all the information. Google Tradutor. AFD_vedligeholdelsesreglement_UK__juni_2011.pdf. Kløvergården. Kløvergården. Kløvergården. Kløvergården. Kløvergården EN. RENT - how to pay, if rent is not paid, rent increase etc. The rent must be paid on the 1st working day of each month at the latest.

RENT - how to pay, if rent is not paid, rent increase etc.

If you pay later than that, a fee of DKK 273 (2014 standard) will be included in next month’s rent. You may choose between the following three methods of payment: 1. Nets (payment service). We recommend that you use this method of payment, as it is the cheapest and easiest for all parties. 2. If you do not receive a monthly paying-in slip or if the slip is lost, it is your responsibility to make sure that the rent is paid on time. 3. 4.

No respite of paymentIt is not possible to apply for respite of payment. Practical information. Paying the rent. Paying your rent Your housing reservation will not be finally confirmed before we have received your payment for the first monht’s rent.

Paying the rent

This payment must be made no later than two days after receipt of your housing offer. If your contract starts on the 15th of a month, you will be charged a half month's rent only. The deposit will be charged together with the payment for the second month’s rent. Invoices from Student Housing Aarhus As an exchange student who has received housing through the International Centre in one of Kollegiekontorets (Student Housing Aarhus') dormitory rooms, you will receive monthly invoices exclusively from the International Centre.

Nerdy humor and help with exam writing. Lame, I know.

Nerdy humor and help with exam writing

But make sure you’ve got some reliable “sauces” for your exam papers! Ever find a site after you’ve written a paper/are about to hand a paper in and thing “dang if only I’d known about that before….”? Intro Week 2013. Preliminary Intro Week dates More information regarding actual events during the Intro Weeks are in the process of being finalised.

Intro Week 2013

Prelimiary dates for the Intro Weeks are as follows: Exchange Faculty of Health and Arts: Intro Week activities will begin on 1st September 2013 Science & Technology and Political Science: Intro Week activities will begin 19th August 2013 Business and Social Sciences: Intro Week activities will begin 26th August 2013. Travel grants. IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the AU Travel Grant is limited to exchange students from selected partner institutions.

Travel grants

Description The Travel Grant is a reimbursement of travel expenses up to 1000 € for students from selected partner universities. Please check with your university or on our website to see if you are eligible to apply for this grant. Practicalities. Intercãmbio Estudantil. Informações para pedido de visto através de intercâmbio (ROTARY ou AFS) - a entrega da solicitação deve ser feita pessoalmente. - para estudantes menores de 18 anos, a solicitação poderá ser entregue: 1º - Quando há guarda legal conjunta: por um dos responsáveis + estudante (não obrigatória a presença) + autorização para viagem com firma reconhecida em cartório por autenticidade - pode ser a mesma autorização que será feita para a criança viajar para o exterior por um ano (Autorização de Viagem para Exterior de Menor) para a Policia Federal Brasileiro.

Studenterrådet ved Aarhus Universitet. SU Indlæg af Pernille Melander Thorsen Lad mig starte med at slå én ting fast: det er dyrt at være studerende.

Studenterrådet ved Aarhus Universitet

Study in Denmark. F you are sensible and follow local habits – such as cycling to university and eating at home – life in Denmark shouldn’t blow your budget. Read about living expenses and how to open a bank account Denmark is an expensive country – but the standard of living is among the highest in the world. Secretaria de Relações Internacionais. AU: Selvbetjening. Search Course. About housing. Read this first Aarhus University does not own any student accommodation.

About housing

In order to be able to offer accommodation to international students, the International Centre has reserved rooms with a number of different housing organisations and private landlords in Aarhus. International students offered housing through the IC must sign a leasing contract between you and the housing organisation/private landlord and it is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with the rules applying to your particular housing organisation or landlord. Perguntas mais frequentes -Site Oficial da Dinamarca. Student Residences. Ruby - The ad portal - best rent offers in Scandinavia. Costs, money and banking. Living expenses Living expenses for the average student in Aarhus are estimated at DKK 5,000 per month, including travel expenses.

Costs, money and banking

However, expenses vary depending on your own spending habits and your living situation. The prices of housing, food, transport and leisure activities are relatively high in Denmark in comparison with many other countries. However, salaries are also relatively high, and many services such as medical treatment and schools are paid for via taxes and the Danish welfare system. You can keep expenses down by borrowing school books from the library, cooking your own meals, shopping at discount supermarkets and looking out for sales and student deals.

Click here to see a budget and sample prices. Currency and Taxes The currency in Denmark is the Danish Krone (DKK) and one krone equals 100 øre. Budget and sample prices. Prices overview. Estudante. Expediente. Tabela de taxas. New to Denmark - How to apply. If you wish to apply for a residence permit as a student, both you and the educational institution in Denmark must supply information for the processing of your application. The application form contains a detailed description of how you and the educational institution should complete the form, and which documents you must attach. The educational institution in Denmark begins the application process by completing its part (part 2) of the application form and attaching the required documents.