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Thrilling wonder stories covers. Barber Shop Comic Strip. Storytelling. 20 Comic Favorites of 2015. I’m lucky.

20 Comic Favorites of 2015

I get to share with you some things I like. Your list will be be different, no doubt. Far from a definitive, representative list of anything (least of all the “best” of 2015), here are some of my favorite comics-related publications of 2015, in no particular order. You are about to encounter a very personal, quirky, opinionated and biased selection that in no way attempts to cover all, or the highlights of what was published in 2015. It’s what I’d put in your hands and talk excitedly about if you came over for coffee. Comics White Boy in Skull Valley by Garrett Price, edited by Peter MarescaFor me, this is the book of the year. It turns out the series is actually three strips.

The Wild Piano and The Suspended Castle by Fred (The Philémon Adventures)I’d never heard of Fred until a friend showed me these books. The backbone conceit of the series is that Philémon keeps entering a strange, alternate world through the letters on the map. Commentary/History. Fotos: Viajeros bajo tierra.


Storytelling. COMIC IS ART. 10 Essential OEL Manga That Belong in Every Comic Collection. Xkcloud. Amazing Screw-On Head. Science Fiction Comics And Books (Page 1 of 2) The origins of science fiction comics can be traced back to the superheroes who launched the whole industry.

Science Fiction Comics And Books (Page 1 of 2)

One in particular, Superman, holds all the key ingredients that would later spawn the whole genre. Amongst the major titles here are two long runners Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds and Planet Comics. Rod Hathaway, AKA Space Detective was not so fortunate, but is well worth a browse. It is not all serious stuff. For a bit of fun we have Fatman the Human Flying Saucer, Jetta and the rocket travelling rodent Space Mouse.

This section also has examples of spin-offs from early radio and TV shows with Tom Corbett Space Cadet, Space Patrol and Captain Video. Strange titles that are must read include Space Western. Navidad. El otro Especial navideño de Star Wars Todos han oido la mala reputacion que tiene el Star Wars Holiday Special, pero les aseguro que este es mil veces mejor Me gusta: Me gusta Cargando...


Wanted: Santa Claus Dead or Alive de Denny O’Neil, Frank Miller y Steve Mitchell Archivado bajo Batman, Comics, dc comics, Denny O'Neil, Dibujantes, Frank Miller, Navidad. Comic Creator. The Comic Creator invites students to compose their own comic strips for a variety of contexts (prewriting, pre- and postreading activities, response to literature, and so on).

Comic Creator

The organizers focus on the key elements of comic strips by allowing students to choose backgrounds, characters, and props, as well as to compose related dialogue (shown at left). This versatile tool can be used by students from kindergarten through high school, for purposes ranging from learning to write dialogue to an in-depth study of a formerly neglected genre. The tool is easy to use, made even easier with the Comic Strip Planning Sheet, a printable PDF that comic creators can use to draft and revise their work before creating and printing their final comics.

After completing their comic, students have the ability to print out and illustrate their final versions for feedback and assessment. Grades K – 3 | Lesson Plan | Standard Lesson Word Study with Henry and Mudge. 21 Ways to Use in the Classroom. How to Play with How to Play: For Educators Click here to watch a video of students at City College, New York, talking about how helps them learn English.

21 Ways to Use in the Classroom

Their instructor, Tamara Kirson, was named The New York Times 2009 ESOL Teacher of the Year. To see her lesson plan click here. 10 Ways to Create Comics Online. Creating cartoons and comic strips can be a good way to get reluctant writers writing.

10 Ways to Create Comics Online

While creating comics you and your students can work through the elements of fiction in a context that is fun and familiar to them. Witty Comics provides a simple platform that students can use to create two character dialogues. To use Witty Comics students just need to select the pre-drawn background scenes and the pre-drawn characters they want to feature in their comics. Writing the dialogues is the creative element that is left to the students. Artisan Cam is more than just a comic creator, it is a comprehensive collection of online art activities.

The Super Hero Squad invites kids to create their own super hero comic strips and comic books. Pixton is a drag-and-drop cartoon creation tool which allows anyone regardless of artistic ability to create comics. Strip Generator allows anyone, even people who claim they can't draw, to create a good-looking black and white comic strip. Storm’s comin’ Short Stories. New Study Group publication: VILE by Tyler Landry #1 in the new Study Group Sketchbook Series: VILE by SOCIETY’s Tyler Landry. 12pp + covers, blue riso on blue & orchid paper. $4 Edition of 150 Vile 2013 – by Tyler Landry Tyler Landry serves up one new vile image every day leading up to Halloween. – VILE 2013 END - EDNA II – by Sophie Goldstein David chose to live his life outside the domed city, giving up medically-maintained eternal youth in his search for God.

Short Stories