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- It begins! I won’t spoil the concept for you.... Prague Race - Start. Lackadaisy Calinda. Archive. Tubey Toons. Tales of Pylea. Hi, welcome to Tales of Pylea.

Tales of Pylea

I’m Chris, the new writer. As some of you may know, this is the comic’s second reboot and hopefully, the last. Humbug and I are quite excited at the potential of this new Tale and rest assured, it is filled with visceral action, ambitious immortals and boundless lechery! Well, Humbug and I’ve been mates for about 4 years now and I still remember the day I found out the original ToP was her work. So as luck would have it, she asked for my assistance and as I’d some meagre experience as a writer working in narrative and dialogue for computer games, I was happy to oblige.

Firstly, because I’d always wanted to write a fantasy story, but my own questionable attention span made such an endeavour difficult, if not impossible. Secondly I am by nature extremely verbose and long-winded (and upon reviewing this post I would like to point out how that last statement exemplifies that) and as a result I tend to ramble. …What was my point again? In the Beginning.

THE FIRST DAUGHTER. Monster Pulse » Page 1 Chapter 1. Legend of the Toadrider: The Farmer's Wife » Scattered Counties. Pearls of Mer - Saturday , May 19 , 2007. Angry Faerie - Welcome to the forest. Welcome to the forest 7th Feb 2010, 8:22 PM Average Rating: 4 (1 votes) Rate this comic Author Notes: bbedlam 7th Feb 2010, 8:22 PM edit delete Welcome to Angry Faerie.

Angry Faerie - Welcome to the forest

Post a Comment Comments: Sleight of Hand. Key - Fantasy Adventure Webcomic. The Bright Side - Beginning P1. Dire Destiny - Fantasy Webcomic - Dire Destiny. Fanboy follies. Geist! - Geist! Chapter One. Beyond Reality Media. Page 1 *Welcome!* *Comic Page edited on 10/13* After years of work “Forgotten Order” is finally launched.

Page 1 *Welcome!*

Thanks to those who supported the effort and pressured me to get this online. As a new reader here is what you can look forward to. A weekly update. Forgotten Order will always have a new page up every Monday! So who ever stumbles upon this site, I hope you give the comic a chance. -C. Sebastian & the Beast » Sebastian & the Beast. By Ramón Pérez » Archive » one. The story you’re about to read updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

by Ramón Pérez » Archive » one

As a reader you have a variety of options as to how you can receive updates… Subscribe to the RSS FEED, which can be done by clicking the RSS button in the url bar or the RSS icon at the top of the left sidebar.Utilize the TAG COMIC widget atop the right sidebar. It works as follows: to return to the last page visited at a later date, click the “tag page” button at the appropriate page to bookmark it, and on your next visit click “goto tag” to pick up where you left off. click “clear” to erase the bookmark.

Epic Chaos! WebComic. Darkstar Studios - Horray Webcomics! Chaos Grimm - E01. Even in Arcadia - Volume 1. “Wait” you might be saying to yourself at this moment, “why isn’t this comic in colour anymore?”

Even in Arcadia - Volume 1

Well, dear reader, Even in Arcadia will be going black and white from now on. If you have taken to reading the comments, my twitter or the blog section of this website, you will know that colouring every page takes far too long to be able to regularly update this comic. So, for now it will be in black and white. Will this mean more updates? Probably. But, don’t despair. I hope this doesn’t put you off too much, it was a difficult decision to come to, but in the end it was make a change or stop making the comic unfortunately. Olympus Overdrive - Book One. Venus Falls 1: Big Bang - Contagion Comics: home of Infection Queen. Neon Glow. Lumia's Kingdom - Updated Tuesdays and Fridays. Picture 268 « Read. Lost Nova. HotelSoul on The Duck : +For First Time Readers+

Comics - Crimson Rebirth. Doomsday, My Dear. A turn-of-the-20th century webcomic drama about a modern day plague, the political turmoil that follows in its wake, and the lives of the people it touches.

Doomsday, My Dear

New Job I somewhat abruptly started a new full-time job on Monday, and adjusting to that has kind of thrown a wrench in updates (as I might have expected). For the foreseeable future I will be dropping to one update a week, and continuing to update every Saturday. Book stuff is on hold since the new gig means I don’t have a work hiatus as previously thought. It’s a good thing for the ol’ career, not so much for extra stuff! Thanks for your patience, and for reading, as always! Cami. Maggot Boy. » welcome » seven seas entertainment. In the Beginning. Run Lil Jared » Archive » Confront1. Wizard School Issue #1 Page #1.