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Life Hacks. Modèle standard (gluon) tasse de Zazzle. LA MÉCANIQUE QUANTIQUE T-SHIRTS de Zazzle. Chemise - le modèle standard t-shirt de Zazzle. New Stuff : Simply Clever Toys, Simply Awesome. MindCrack. Biscuits damier / livre de cuisine de Marion. Für die Kekse Mehl mit kalter Margarine, Zucker, Eigelb, abgeriebener Zitronenschale und Zitronensaft verkneten. Zu einer Kugel formen. Abgedeckt ca. 30 Minuten im Kühlschrank ruhen lassen.

Für die Kekse Teig in 3 Teile teilen. 1 Teil mit entöltem Kakao und Zucker verkneten. Zu einem 1/2 cm dicken Rechteck (20 x 10 cm) ausrollen. Mit Hilfe eines Lineals in 2 cm breite Streifen schneiden. The Hobbit - Full Production Video Blogs 1-6 - Lord of the Rings - HD Movie. Etho beats Minecraft. EBM is back ! Tell your friends, tell your family, you can even tell your ostrich (because ostrich are great, yup) I know it’s tuesday, not monday, and there is only one strip, but that f*cking shoulder of mine is going crazy again ^^’ Anyway, inspiration is back (even if I don’t think this strip is the best, but I have some pretty neat ideas for next week ), and I have some talky to do ! First of all, I would like to thank you, I received a lot of really nice comments last week and some good ideas, helped me a lot while going through this difficult phase.

You’re awesome.