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My English/Language Arts Collection

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This is a collection of my favorite English/Language Arts tools, tips, websites and blogs.

Play online, learn online and feed the hungry. Security Check Required. Popular Special Education Books. All Special Education articles. VocabularySpellingCity | Build Literacy Skills with Vocabulary and Spelling. The Learning Network Educator Review | Common Sense Education. How Can Teachers Use It? For teachers in states that have adopted the Common Core standards, the site provides a reliable place to make connections with reading, writing, and content-area topics from social studies and science. Kids and teachers can search articles according to content area as well as by keywords, and there is a Common Core link, too. In many ways, The Learning Network could be a valuable place to begin class each day, either by flashing it on an interactive board for class discussions or by providing links to individual students. Educators don't have special access to an internal dashboard at the site, but there are plenty of helpful areas located right off the homepage.

Read moreRead less What's It Like? The Learning Network is a blog-style website that features New York Times news content for teacher use. Is It Good For Learning? The Learning Network is a place built for student voices, with an entire area dedicated to inviting student responses. Reading Worksheets | Free Language Arts Printables. The Solution to Reading Comprehension. Differentiated Instruction Solutions | Achieve3000. Teacher Resources, Children's Books, Student Activities for Teachers | Scholastic.