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Home Page - Accelerator Academy. 3-pager.pdf. Effectuation: Society for Effectual Action. General Overview Effectuation is an idea with a sense of purpose - a desire to improve the state of the world and the lives of individuals by enabling the creation of firms, products, markets, services, and ideas.

Effectuation: Society for Effectual Action

Effectual reasoning is a type of human problem solving developed from a cognitive science based study of 27 founders of companies ranging in size from $200M to $6.5B. Effectuation articulates a dynamic and iterative process of creating new artifacts in the world. Effectual reasoning is a type of human problem solving that takes the future as fundamentally unpredictable, yet controllable through human action; the environment as constructible through choice; and goal as negotiated residuals of stakeholder commitments rather than as pre-existent preference orderings. Effectuation is a logic of entrepreneurial expertise. Context Effectuation is an idea born of a unique look at an age old problem - what makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial?

The Worldview Effectuation vs. Causation. Equity basics: vesting, cliffs, acceleration, and exits. As a cheatsheet, the “normal” equity structure is: Founder terms: 4 year vesting, 1 year cliff, for everyone, including youAdvisor terms (0.5–2.0%): 4 (or 2) year vesting, optional cliff, full acceleration on exit Getting equity structures right.

Equity basics: vesting, cliffs, acceleration, and exits

Rob Fitzpatrick. How to Fund your Million Dollar Idea: Equity, Debt, Unfund. When I explain funding mechanism, I like to help people think about what I called mindsets.

How to Fund your Million Dollar Idea: Equity, Debt, Unfund

If you are able to put yourself in the mindset of debt, equity or unfunding you will be much better prepared to target the ideal partners. Now, let's talk about the type of funding mechanism that hardly anybody knows about: unfunding! Think about a time when you didn’t need money. How To Build a Team with Volunteers. Business Plan Template: To Super Charge Your Business Idea! Boomy Tokan is a small business consultant, speaker and author.

Business Plan Template: To Super Charge Your Business Idea!

He has helped over 1000 enterprises to go from the "idea stage" to Startup. Boomy Tokan holds an honours degree in Business & Finance from Greenwich University. Before I tell you more about myself; here are some of the benefits of working with me. You will get: How to Turn Your Idea Into a Money Making Business Right Now. Do you have a great business idea that you want to turn into a profitable business?

How to Turn Your Idea Into a Money Making Business Right Now

Then this class is exactly what you need to get your idea off the ground and to begin to make money right away. There are a lot reasons that business ideas don't get off the ground, or business startups don't make it over the long haul. But the biggest reason, is that people don't test to see whether customers even want their product or service. EU Grants - An Introduction to EU programmes. How to Write a Business Plan Like a Venture Capitalist. In these 8 lectures you will learn;

How to Write a Business Plan Like a Venture Capitalist

Crafting a Funding Strategy. I am an international expert in creating wealth from innovations and help people live a live with passion, purpose and wealth.

Crafting a Funding Strategy

This is the leadership of the future, and expands beyond business and entrepreneurial mindsets. My career started as a young scientist and professor on Agronomy before becoming involved in product development for a Bayer-Shell joint venture and eventually turning into an entrepreneur and angel investor after attending Babson College's MBA program. (I received the Armando Travieso fellowship) How to Find an Angel Investor: Angel Investor Supercharger. The first time Andrew went out to raise money for his first product idea, he burnt through months, making every mistake it was possible to make, trying to get investors to say "Yes" while working 18 hour days to pay the bills.

How to Find an Angel Investor: Angel Investor Supercharger

It really wasn't very pretty... How to Write Business Plan: Business Plan Course. Lean Canvas Course. We live in an age of unparalleled opportunity for innovation.

Lean Canvas Course

With the advent of the Internet, cloud computing, and open source software, the cost of building products is at an all-time low. Yet, the odds of building successful startups haven’t improved much. Most startups still fail. When entrepreneurs get hit by an idea they either rush towards building out their solution or rush towards finding investors. Entrepreneurship Training - Lessons from an Entrepreneur. Drupal courses. Practical Drupal 8 for the Beginner. Baisc & Advanced Training with 3 Live Projects. Beginner PHP and MySQL Tutorial. HTML Lessons - HTML Video Tutorial. Free Way Of Making, Monetizing&Promoting Mobile Apps&Website. Dear Appreneur!

Free Way Of Making, Monetizing&Promoting Mobile Apps&Website

Free Way Of Making, Monetizing And Promoting Mobile Apps Training is design to show you how easy and at the same time free, mobile apps development can be. We will take you step by step through the easy processes of creating a mobile app either from already made template or we will show you how to build your own mobile app template. Do not miss out on these valuable information related to Monetizing and Promoting your mobile apps and mobile websites. A Must see section about How To Set Up Own Mobile Apps Business will open your eyes on this huge opportunity of creating monthly residual income.

Publishing own Newsstand apps like Magazine and Newspapers is another money making opportunity showed in this training. This training has been prepared for you by the team from the best online apps and mobile website maker there is. Welcome to Mobile Apps Revolution Mobile Apps Creation were once limited to techie individuals who had extensive knowledge about such topic. Branding like a professional in 11 days. Efficient & reliable Business startup trainer with 3+ years of experience supporting executives, sales and managers to improve internal operations for small businesses as strategic planer and marketer .sales manager at PIK company . with degree in marketing from Pennsylvania university and fellowship degree in entrepreneurship from Ball state university. as a teenager interested in graphic design , I have 7 years experience in this field with lots and lots achievements and virtual graphic and web design company named pause, In the age of 20 I started my own business (triangle) virtually. on the ground currently I'm in second stage dental student. with some interests in nonprofits I'm strategic planner at IFMSA , speaker's coach in TED conferences and Interviewer at USEP In Iraq.

Create idea, name and logo for your Start-up. Business development and Owner at business education and consultancy company in the field of Marketing and Sales, Management, Finance, Business development, Human development. Business development and Owner at e-Learning company - powerful and cost effective online training system designed to share knowledge and skills by professionals for professionals. In partnership with thousands international business consultants, trainers, e-learning authors, speakers. Trademark Law for Entrepreneurs. Dana Robinson is a founding partner of TechLaw, LLP, where his practice focuses on trademark prosecution, trademark licensing, copyrights, and business transactions. Previously, Dana managed the trademark practice at the Las Vegas intellectual property firm Quirk & Tratos (now Greenberg Traurig). Dana has served as general counsel to three companies, including, most recently, L1 Technologies, Inc. which operates the website and golf GPS data service.

Dana is adjunct professor of law at the University of San Diego School of law, where he is involved in the law school’s new IP Law Clinic. Dana has taught a variety of seminars and moderated panels on intellectual property and technology law since 1999. Entrepreneur's Survival Guide to Trademarks, Patents, & More. Trademarks, patents, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property (IP) can mean the difference between life and death for any entrepreneurial exploit.

This course is your survival guide. By combining real-life case studies, and quick, practical “How-To” videos, this course will give any aspiring entrepreneur the knowledge they need to ask the right questions and act with confidence. It covers six different types of IP—copyrights, patents, trademarks, and more—including the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of each. All are illustrated with real-life examples, from Google’s decision to patent its pagerank algorithm, to Taco Bell’s costly “crazy chihuahua” settlement. For any entrepreneur, though, time is money. The course is taught by attorney and Chapman University law Professor Tom W. The Unconventional Entrepreneur. Steve Blank's Online Course: How To Be An Entrepreneur. Steve Blank is a retired serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in high technology companies and management. He is a Consulting Professor at Stanford in the Graduate School of Engineering STVP Program. Steve has been a founder or participant in eight Silicon Valley startups since 1978.

His last company, E.piphany, started in his living room. His other startups include two semiconductor companies (Zilog and MIPS Computers), a workstation company (Convergent Technologies), a supercomputer firm (Ardent), a computer peripheral supplier (SuperMac), a military intelligence systems supplier (ESL) and a video game company (Rocket Science Games). Entrepreneurship Course: How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur. Web Hosting Ninja: An Entrepreneurs Guide to Website hosting. Css courses. Programming for Entrepreneurs - HTML & CSS. As an entrepreneur have you experienced any of the following symptoms? Spending too much money in development and you don't even understand what the developer is talking about.