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Long80 LLC

Long 80 LLC. is a collaboration between GAVS Technologies N.A. (GAVS) and Premier Inc., on a strategic joint venture. Long 80 will bring innovative, AI-driven Information Technology Operations (AIOps) and security operations to healthcare organizations in the US.

Cybersecurity Next – Long 80 LLC – Long80. Cybercrime is increasing at an appalling rate.

Cybersecurity Next – Long 80 LLC – Long80

Future cybersecurity must be smarter since new vulnerabilities mean new opportunities. Trends 2021 Per IDC, the global cloud services market spending is projected to reach USD 1 trillion in 2024, at a CAGR of 15.7% during 2020-24.AI in the cybersecurity market is projected to grow from USD 8.8 billion in 2019 to USD 38.2 billion by 2026 The cybersecurity talent crunch is expected to fill 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs by 2021Data privacy impact almost all aspects of an organization, from co-directing the corporate strategy to closely aligning with security, HR, governance, and procurement. Future of Cybersecurity solutions There have been multiple cybersecurity solutions.

Zero Trust Architecture Network security safeguards data outside the network provides unrestricted access to users and devices inside. Fundamentals of Zero Trust Architecture Key Factors Building a ZTA Implementation of ZTA Conclusion Like this: Like Loading... Best Artificial Intelligence Tools for Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry - Long80 LLC. Long80 - Cyber Security Services. Long 80’s end-to-end Cyber Security Solutions, helps to manage risk and build an effective cybersecurity program, catering to the full suite of cyber security services, be it assessment, operations, or strategy.

Long80 - Cyber Security Services

It delivers holistic, intelligence-driven cyber security services, helping enterprises prepare against, protect from, and proactively respond to threats. Leveraging extensive healthcare experience, our internal Security Center of Excellence (CoE), and AI & Automation-led services, Long 80 brings in the right set of business drivers which ensure seamless security operations, and deliver over 40% in cost savings. The Levers AI-enabled security operations Automation platform with response workflowsFollow-the-sun global delivery modelSOC analysts with deep domain expertise and rich consulting experienceOffensive & defensive security teamsSecurity CoE with standard templates & playbooks The Differentiators Client Success Stories. The Usage of ZIF in AIOps. The utilization of AI for ITOps (AIOps)… zDesk – The Best VDI Solution for Healthcare.

The pandemic started with the shutting down of workplaces to control the spread of the virus.

zDesk – The Best VDI Solution for Healthcare

Z-Desk ensured continuity of businesses of the clients via remote access to desktops, laptops or any other devices capable of RDP. Desktop Virtualization to many organizations is expensive as well as complex. AR in Healthcare by Sam Smith. AI for Clinical Application in Healthcare by Long80 – Long80. AI for Clinical Application in Healthcare are driven to: – Reduce the costs – Optimize health outcomes – Provide seamless integration of health Long80 offers services and products to healthcare that is transformative.

AI for Clinical Application in Healthcare by Long80 – Long80

It offers these products within and across the seven primary solution areas which are: – Supply Chain – Quality Improvement. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution for Healthcare - VDI AI in Healthcare z-desk long-80 Applications of AI. Emerging Threat of Ageing & Obsolete Devices in Healthcare. Healthcare provides ten times more valuable information in the black market than social security and credit card information’s because of: - The basis for information/credit fraud.

Emerging Threat of Ageing & Obsolete Devices in Healthcare

Advancement of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Industry. AIOps, RPA and AI in Healthcare. The ongoing global crisis has made us realise the importance of AIOps Tools in Healthcare Industry.

AIOps, RPA and AI in Healthcare

Technologies are helping the countries to cope up with the current situation. - South Korea’s government developed apps helped to track people during the quarantine - A biosensor has been developed recently by India’s National Institute of Animal Biotechnology, Hyderabad which helps in tracing virus in the saliva Apart from such technologies, AI for IT Operations, AIOps is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. - Smart Machines retrained by AIOps to read CT Scan images - It helps to evaluate the treatment and prognosis of patients. Identity Management for largest financial services institution in Oman.

Long 80 Corporate Brochure. Digital Transformation Solutions powered by AIOps. Best Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software Solution - Long80 LLC. In the highly regulated healthcare environment, compliance to legislations like HIPAA and CCPA mandate provision of robust security and data privacy for Protected Health Information (PHI), and sensitive patient and clinical data.

Best Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software Solution - Long80 LLC

The complexity of modern cyber attacks, growing popularity of mobile healthcare like telemedicine, increasingly mobile workforce, remote access needs for medical transcriptionists and medical billing/coding agents are some drivers that are escalating demands for secure remote access in the healthcare industry. Protect yourself from data breaches and safeguard remote access with zDesk – Remote, Secure, Desktop-as-a-Service (VDI+). zDesk is a next-level VDI solution that comes with AI-integration, personalized design, fabrication, implementation & support, and delivers a 40% increase in end-user productivity and 40% cumulative YoY cost savings.

Best Artificial Intelligence Tools for Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry - Long80 LLC.