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Google Wave's Massive Potential for Business Users. Howard Greenstein is a Social Media Strategy and Marketing consultant, and President of the Harbrooke Group.

Google Wave's Massive Potential for Business Users

He’s also a national board member of Social Media Club. Google Wave is an innovative new way for people to communicate and collaborate. But as Gina Tripani, author of The Complete Guide To Google Wave, noted in her recent keynote at the recent Web 2.0 Expo in New York, Wave is designed for power users. Wave is hard. There are a lot of features, all bundled together, and it can be intimidating for anyone to just look at it and decide “this is a great project management tool” or “this is the way we’re going to manage our notes about the proposal.”

But taking the time to understand Wave and how it works might be a worthwhile investment for business users. One App to Rule Them All Wave is already being used for projects and collaboration among many small groups and organizations around the world, in large part because of its strength in combining familiar communication platforms. Wave France - Tout sur Google Wave. Wavera bien qui wavera le dernier. « Attends, je termine ce blip.

Wavera bien qui wavera le dernier

Dès que j'ai fini, je te wave ! » Bientôt, si ce n'est demain, peut-être est-ce le genre de phrases que l'on prononcera -- en fait, pas vraiment mais c'est pour l'accroche -- dans une parfaite indifférence. A la condition d'intégrer le vocabulaire de Google Wave , nouvelle application du géant du web. Enfin, une application, c'est beaucoup dire. Dans les faits, pour l'instant, Google Wave n'est qu'un forum légèrement évolué.

En pratique, c'est vraiment moins accessible que ça, mais une innovation tape à l'œil dès la première utilisation : le temps réel. Travailler ? Dans une société où tout se dématérialise, les outils de communication interactifs pourraient permettre en théorie -- c'est l'objectif que se fixe Google Wave -- la collaboration instantanée et réciproque sur un ou plusieurs documents à la fois. Chaque blip présent dans la wave peut être ainsi modifié ou supprimé par tous ceux ayant accès à la wave. Collaboration limitée Manuel RAYNAUD. 4 Surprising Google Wave Uses. Now that Google Wave has opened up to one million users and there are countless unused invites floating around, just about anyone who wants to take Google's new collaboration tool for a spin can do so. Sure, some users are disappointed with the platform, but if you're among them you'll have to admit that whether it's going to catch on or not, it's been used for some neat stuff.

Four uses in particular have stood out for their cleverness and high fun factor, and you probably didn't see any of them coming. Each has gotten a lot of press, so if you've been following Wave closely you might have heard of them. Extensions List (Google Wave Extensions List) Google Wave Introduces Read-Only Wave Access. In its current state Google Wave is decidedly not ready for the masses, but two just-launched features — read-only participants and restore from playback — will certainly make it more appealing to business users.

Google Wave Introduces Read-Only Wave Access

Should you create a wave, you can now grant either full access or read-only access to participants you invite to join. You can make the change by clicking on the user's avatar at the top of the wave panel and using the drop-down menu to adjust his read/write status. Thankfully read-only privileges extend to groups, which means you can now finally make a public wave read-only as well. This should help eliminate the chaos that public waves tend to create, and make them all the more useful to businesses and power users looking to share their always-updating waves, without compromising wave quality.

Google Wave - Communicate and collaborate in real time. As we announced in August 2010, we are not continuing active development of Google Wave as a stand-alone product.

Google Wave - Communicate and collaborate in real time

5 Ways to Use Google Wave for Business. Sharlyn Lauby is the president of Internal Talent Management (ITM) which specializes in employee training and human resources consulting.

5 Ways to Use Google Wave for Business

She authors a blog at Remember Google Wave? Clearly, Google Buzz has recently overshadowed Google's other hotly anticipated social communication platform, but before you ditch your Wave account, give it a second try. There are many useful business applications for Wave, especially in situations that call for collaboration with a group or managing a project. Wave can easily allow users to dispense with the formalities (and expenses) of meetings, phone calls, travel, etc. and instead make it easy to collaborate across time and space.

Here are five examples of common workplace activities that Google Wave can support. 1. This one probably seems obvious. For example Chris Hoyt, author of the blog The Recruiter Guy, set up a Wave for the human resources and recruiting community during last year’s Social Recruiting Summit. 2. 3. 4. 5. How To Use Google Wave for Live Blogging. Last month we wrote a short post about using Google Wave for live blogging.

How To Use Google Wave for Live Blogging

Today, during Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook privacy press conference, we decided to put this theory into practice and live blogged the event with Wave. The reaction to our experiment was overwhelmingly positive, so we decided to share how we it up for our live blogging session today.