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Culturepush - Art, Culture and Design in Singapore Culturepush - Art, Culture and Design in Singapore Born in 1989, Michael Timothy completed his BA(Hons) in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of The Arts in 2011. Besides painting, he also participates in group exhibitions and various art workshops. His recent exhibition “Looking for Space” is part of an independent art-incubation programme by seven emerging young artists and supported by NAC. “Recently I became very interested in approaching the activity of painting organically - I think I used to approach it very mechanically as I considered abstraction in painting as an inherently heavily ideological act. Right now when I’m working I start out with an idea of space – sometimes absolute, gridded, or representative – and pursue whatever presents itself at the moment.
Web Design Blog – WebDesignShock

Web Design Blog – WebDesignShock

There’s no doubt newsletters are one of the most important channels to keep an informed audience and engaged users. Back in the days when there were no social networks, email was the biggest way to deliver information, and nowadays, even though people spend most of their time in social networks, email still remains as a source of personal contact that seems to be not going away. We know this because of the personal and private connection people still keep with their inboxes, and when users gives you access to their email address, you know you have the biggest asset you can get: their trust. Our world is already connected in ways we didn’t even imagine a few years ago, and it’s going to be connected even more with the help the expansion of several technologies like the Internet itself (mainly in parts of the developing world), mobile adoption around the world and the implementation of cloud-based services, making our lives easier.
doodlage doodlage by LeO on 2011-02-24 Business is tough. Competition is brutal. The vast majority of small businesses fail within their first year of existence. You have to stand out in this crowd, think outside of the box. So much pressure… It’s making me hungry.
Cruzine Creative Illustrations by Tyson Murphy Tyson Murphy aka Murph3 is a character artist at Blizzard Entertainment, recent graduate from Brigham Young University in Utah. Let's take a look at some of his artworks. Continue reading … Photo Manipulations by Sara Helwe Sara Helwe is a digital artist, born and raised in Tripoli, Lebanon.


Free Pack of 12 Distressed Halftone Pattern Textures Halftone screen patterns are a key ingredient of retro design, but it can be difficult to find or create realistic screentone style resources. Photoshop and Illustrator can produce halftone effects, but the result is a series of perfectly formed circles which don’t look very antique at all and fail to capture that grungy rock poster vibe. I’ve manually created a collection of distressed halftone patterns by hand to achieve that authentic printed appearance. There’s 12 patterns in total, each varying in dot size and density to provide a range of texturing resources. How To Create an Easy Abstract Blur Pattern Design Blog.SpoonGraphics


Geek Sucks - Design Inspiration Blog Geek Sucks - Design Inspiration Blog Today, developing a site in manual format is just measured as old culture. It is the era of content management system. From the developer to novice everybody loves to use CMS based websites, because the invention of different CMS is to provide more user friendly interface for the owner and users. In some persons’ mind, there have been a wrong thought that the CMS based website designs are not so much gorgeous.
Interview With Khajag Apelian“Type Design Is Not Only About Drawing Letters” Having started his career studying under some of the best typographic minds in the world, Khajag Apelian not only is a talented type and graphic designer, unsurprisingly, but also counts Disney as a client, as well as a number of local and not-for-profit organizations throughout the Middle East. Even more impressive is Khajag’s willingness to take on work that most people would find too challenging.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

The Design Cubicle

The Design Cubicle Apple’s iOS7 is a great indicator that simplicity is hard. If you’re befuddled by that statement, check out these designers reactions complaints. Now that we’re caught up…
You may be a great graphic designer and you may be able to come up with breathtaking designs in a few hours and draw illustrations from scratch, but do you have the means to sell your skills online? Can you market your designs and acquire new customers every single day? Do you have the means to expand your business so that you can reach potential international clients? Do you know how to use SEO to help people find your business on search engines? You may be the only person holding yourself back. For all you know, you might already have been able to make it big in the design industry, if only you had known how to use SEO when you started out. Circlebox Blog | Design Articles, Freelance Advice, Blogging Tip Circlebox Blog | Design Articles, Freelance Advice, Blogging Tip
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