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Control Your Camera's White Balance. From Wired How-To Wiki Do your photos have a strange bluish-green tint to them?

Control Your Camera's White Balance

Or maybe tinges of magenta? If you've ever wondered why your otherwise awesome camera sometimes produces off-color pictures, the answer can probably be found inside your white balance settings. White balance usually needs to be adjusted every time there's a change of scene, or else those strange tones can creep into your photos. That's a pain in the neck, which is why most cameras ship with a bevy of white balance presets, and why most of them default to "auto white balance" (often listed as AWB in menus). The presets work most of the time. Figuring out how to change your white balance will require a look at your camera's manual, but fortunately, once you've found the menu item, adjusting white balance to suit the scene in front of you isn't difficult.

Build a Photo Light Box. From Wired How-To Wiki A home-made light box with a DSLR ready to shoot. Photo by Bill Ward's Brickpile/Flickr/CC We've all seen perfectly lit product photos -- jewelry, watches or other small objects in glorious detail, floating on a flawless white background. How do the pros do it? They use a light box -- also known as a light tent -- to produce close-ups with soft, uniform light and virtually no shadows. Take Better Flash Photos. From Wired How-To Wiki A flash diffuser made using a 30 cent plastic box.

Take Better Flash Photos

Photo by Nick Wheeler/Flickr/CC. You just spent $500 on a fancy digital camera, so why do your pictures of your kids make it seem like they're playing in the Carlsbad Caverns at night, rather than frolicking in your living room? The answer is: that cheap flash setup that came with your fancy camera. These flashes are notorious for giving you the "in a cave" look, the harsh shadows, pale blue-white skin, shiny faces and other artifacts. We always recommend avoiding the flash when possible (see our tutorial on shooting better low-light pictures for more details), but sometimes there is no other option.

Top 15 GIMP Tutorials From Around The Web. Imgur: The Simple Image Sharer. 10 Free Web-based Alternatives to Photoshop. I’m fed up with Photoshop and its one billion rarely-used features.

10 Free Web-based Alternatives to Photoshop

How about a simple photo-editor that’s quick, easy, and doesn’t cost a thousand dollars. Fortunately, there’re tons of web-based photos editors popping up. Most are crap, but some are promising. Check out these free web-based Photoshop alternatives: Arguably, Picnik is the most popular web-based photo editor. Very polished interface. Part of the Aviary suite of creative apps, Phoenix also offers layers and compositing. Adobe was a little late to the web-apps game, but this is a pretty good first try. Nice, simple, and clear interface, with no ads at all. flautR offers a cornucopia of image tools, boasting thousands of photo effects. Another ad-free editor. Hmm… looks like Pixenate was “inspired” by Pic Resize. Another simple interface. An example of how ugly these apps can get. Let me know if I’ve missed any other good ones. FotoFlexer - The world's most advanced online photo editor.

Zombieland: Zombify Yourself. 100 Best Free Photography Tools on the Web - Photography College. Just as technology has changed the way we get news, entertainment, and communicate, it has also changed photography.

100 Best Free Photography Tools on the Web - Photography College

Becoming a shutterbug is now easier and cheaper than ever. Things like wasted images, film developing, and expensive editing are now a thing of the past. All you need to begin or encourage love of photography is a camera, something to shoot, and the 100 best free photography tools on the web. They can help you do everything from choose your equipment to display your impressive work like a pro. Best Photography Sites on the Web These photography sites have loads of help and hundreds of tools to help your craft. : This comprehensive site is full of articles, equipment and camera reviews, stock photography, and loads more. Best Historic Photography Viewing on the Web Take a look at some of the most impressive and artistic images the web has to offer for free at these sites. 35 Online Photo Editors To Help You Editing Photo Online.

As our generation is changing, tools for image editing and enhancers have improved and has multiplied.

35 Online Photo Editors To Help You Editing Photo Online

Editing photo online has become easier with the help of innovative and creative online photo editors. Back to few years ago, Adobe Photoshop is the king of photo editor. But there are quite a number of Free Photoshop Alternatives around us, which we can perform the photo editing without paying any single cent for the application! Now, we even have websites that allow us to edit photo online. One advantage of the online image editor is, it doesn’t consume the memory size of your laptop or desktop, since you edit photos online. Here, we share 35 useful Free Online Photo Editing Websites which we think it may be very helpful as one of your photoshop alternatives. Picnik This online tool makes your photos look beautiful in just one click.



Panorama Creation and Stitching Tools.