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Logistics and Customs Services, Inc.

Delivering shipments all across the Globe, specifically Canada and the USA. LCS offers the following services and more, we will ensure the on time and safe delivery of your freight at the most competitive rates.

How to Ship in a Heavy Haul. Heavy haul describes the transport of oversized loads, which, in turn, will need special permits and special equipment for shipment.

How to Ship in a Heavy Haul

It requires a special permit because these loads already exceed the guidelines for the legal width, weight, or length limits. Here are some ways you can make the process as stress-free as possible: Partner with the right company for trucking services Hire a competent and efficient company to assist you in the process. Make sure that the company you partner with already have had various experiences in handling and organizing this kind of oversized load transits before.Know the dimensions of your load This means the weight, height, length, and width of your goods. Let help you from the start to finish! Why Use Cold Chain Packaging for the Long Transit. Transporting temperature-controlled products does not require a mere transportation system.

Why Use Cold Chain Packaging for the Long Transit

Although refrigerated trucks from trucking services play a huge role in safely shipping the goods, there are still so many delicate products that if loaded out upon arrival, their quality will immediately be compromised. Temperature-sensitive goods will need the aid of an advanced packaging system, especially for food security. One of the most effective solutions for perishable goods transport is the use of cold chain technology. Specialized cold chain packaging typically uses cold gel products with insulated box liners to protect the products throughout the transit process, even if there may be transit delays among the provider of logistics services in Ontario, Canada. What Products Are Permitted by the Government. The import and export of products go through Customs Services in Canada.

What Products Are Permitted by the Government

The government makes sure that no illegal items will come in and out of our borders. That is why one must secure a Business Number (BN) for an import and export account. This is for the regulation of logistics and Trucking Services in the country. Below are the following items that the Government of Canada controls and restricts: Live animal and animal products.Importing terrestrial and aquatic animals, animal by-products, semen and embryos, endangered species.

These are only a few examples we can cite. In case you need a duly licensed and legitimate Logistics Services in Ontario, Canada, get our services at Established in 1996, we are offering transportation and customs brokerage services & solutions to clients all across North America & Worldwide. Why Logistics and Freight Forwarding Is Essential. Logistics, freight forwarding, and trucking services are essential to many businesses in the world.

Why Logistics and Freight Forwarding Is Essential

It is one of the factors that drive the economic growth of a city or a country. The sooner the goods reach their specific destinations, the faster businesses work—which generates a better profit. As a provider of Logistics Services in Ontario, Canada, we would like to cite some fields and industries where our services are needed and deemed essential nowadays. Check our list below. The Food and Retail Industry.The quality and freshness of food products rely on how fast they can be delivered. Understanding the Freight Carriers. In this day and age of online shopping and overnight delivery, freight carriers have never been more relevant.

Understanding the Freight Carriers

They transport or carry your parcels from one place (the shipper’s location) to another (the customer’s location) in the fastest possible way to ensure that your orders arrive at your doorstep on time and with the integrity you are looking for. in Ontario, Canada have the advantage over most companies to utilize different modes of transportation to move shipments locally or internationally. The mode of transportation used for shipments depends on the shipper, distance, and type of goods that are being sent out. These different services include In-land, rail, ocean, or air and sometimes a combination of these, known as multi-modal transportation. Here are just a few services we specialize in: Ocean FreightTruckingAir FreightRail FreightImport Customs ClearancesImportant Projects Always remember that Excellence can be your Brand too.

The Importance of Logistic Companies in your Business Growth. Logistics helps businesses create amazing offers by improving merchandise and ensuring the availability of products.

The Importance of Logistic Companies in your Business Growth

In order to provide more value, businesses either work on improving their own logistic activities or rely on professionals. You do not need us to tell you that there are different services involved from the time you check out your items until it arrives at your door. Unfortunately, many logistics services in Ontario, Canada take advantage of the rise of this industry and if you are a business owner, selecting the right carrier is important. Any organization, big or small, uses freight or shipping companies to grow their business. In addition to this growth is the emergence of pain in logistics that could affect your finances. Do not be alarmed by the amount of paperwork that you need to comply with as you also need to deal with the government and legal compliance.

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