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Intellectual Property Research Services and Patent Search

Dry eye medicine is behind Allergan’s controversial patent contract - LogicApt. Breaking News: Patentability load of modified claims on Petitioner - LogicApt. Intellectual Property All Updates: LogicApt. Machine learning and artificial intelligence is going down: EFF. Logic Apt – Redefining Your Research. » Patent Infringement : German Court Rejects Broadcom Proposal to Stay Invensas Injunction. » UK, London: Patent infringement case against Huawei Technologies and ZTE. » Patentability Search. » $1.6M fee to Fitness organization for patent case to Supreme court.

» UnionPay Files Patent for Blockchain-based ATM Network. Freedom To Operate Services by LogicApt. Limited Power to jury Trial on Patent Fee Shifting, Federal Circuit Rules - Logic Apt. German court uncovers purpose behind broad patent framework solidify - Logic Apt. Patent shows increased reality glasses outline: Zuckerberg needs Facebook all over - Logic Apt. Freedom To Operate Services by LogicApt. Patent Infringement Search by LogicApt. Get Patentability Search Services by LogicApt.