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Logesys is leading Business Intelligence (BI) Solution Providers in India. BI tools for your administration that combines a broad set of data analysis applications.

How to create a dashboard in power BI? Are Dashboard Building Are Considered As One Time Projects? Designing a dashboard, and not sure whether you are going in the correct direction?

Are Dashboard Building Are Considered As One Time Projects?

Your team is working hard but has no idea if the features would fit well into the requirement? How are you going to keep all your stakeholders happy with a complex dashboard? Because most of your stakeholders come from various departments and have diverse views. All we can suggest is go for an iterative process. With the number of benefits an evolutionary dashboard offers, you can rarely miss meeting the over-the-top expectations. The answer is an iterative design model. Trust us, we will explain why dashboard designing is an iterative process. Data Analytics A Sure Steps Towards Your Omnichannel Retail Success. Which is better Microsoft Azure or AWS. What is Microsoft Azure and how does it work. About Data Literacy in Your Organization Through Augmented Intelligence.

Microsoft Azure Cloud PC Services Logesys. Qlikview or Qliksense best foe a business intelligence tool. Explain types of analytics you do with retail data. Technologies to Make Work From Home More Productive. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, the world came to a standstill.

Technologies to Make Work From Home More Productive

While many businesses were left in the lurch, others buckled up to make way for the New Normal. Remote working became the only working mode. That being said, the workforce of various organizations are finding ways to telecommute effectively, using the right tools and technologies. Offered by some reputable firms across the globe, these come to the rescue of virtual teams who have to collaborate to wrap up their projects. And in the process, they need to maintain efficiency. On that note, let’s dive into the list of the top tools and technologies for being more productive while working remotely. Technologies and Tools to facilitate Work from Home Productivity Let’s face it. With just the right blend of tools that help you communicate, collaborate, and share resources, you might chalk out your work from home solutions. AWS Storage Is Important For Cloud Data Protection.

Get Begun With Data Visualization Using Power BI for Better Business Understanding. Imagine this situation.

Get Begun With Data Visualization Using Power BI for Better Business Understanding

Maria had plenty of data from her mid-size retail business. She shifted a major chunk of work online this year after the pandemic struck. And now consolidating the data from all the channels—emails, e-stores, physical shops, social media, CRM, and texts—is posing a big challenge. Data has blown out of proportion, and analyzing it is a nightmare. During the quarterly review, when she dives deep into the spreadsheets, she loses the focus and lands up with bewildering figures. Queries On Business Continuity Plan. Data Analytics is Vital for Your Business Growth in 2020 Know Why? Those images and infographics your company posts on social media, those thermostats turning red and green and sending data about water heaters, and all the telephone calls you receive at your reception are just a few instances of data your company is collecting on a typical day.

Data Analytics is Vital for Your Business Growth in 2020 Know Why?

Imagine how much information only you are generating every day, every hour, every minute and every second! With 2 Billion active Facebook users and 1.5 Billion on YouTube, as noticed in 2017—a monthly number, growing every year—we are at the brink of data explosion. Thanks to IoT devices, mobile searches, and numerous apps connecting you to people and devices, data never rest, cease, and sleep. In these limitless oceans of data, there is a small fraction relevant to you and your company too. This small segment brings in uncooked information about your employees, products, services, and customers. However small these statistics are, they are crucial to growth. Comparison Of IBM Cloud vs Microsoft Azure Cloud. The Earth is not growing any bigger, or is it?

Comparison Of IBM Cloud vs Microsoft Azure Cloud

Why did we ask? Because by 2025, around 463 exabytes of data will be created each day. That is equivalent to 2.13B DVDs daily, according to The World Economic Forum. What are the top solutions for Cloud Data Management? How can I compare these solutions? Why is AWS still the largest cloud even though Google and Microsoft both have far superior internal infrastructure and technology compared to Amazon. Rohit Jain's answer to Why is Microsoft Azure the fastest-growing cloud platform around? Cloud Computing Helping Out The Companies To Sail Through The Covid-19 Industrial Situation? When the pandemic wreaked havoc in the first quarter of 2020, various organizations and enterprises had a unique set of challenges to deal with.

Cloud Computing Helping Out The Companies To Sail Through The Covid-19 Industrial Situation?

They needed to operate their businesses through Covid-19 while their workforces telecommunicated. This is where cloud computing came to their rescue, helping them sail through the difficult times. Tech giant Microsoft noted over a three-times surge in the usage of Windows Virtual Desktop. The usage of Power BI shot up by 42% as a dashboarding tool by the government agencies. Which BI tool will be in demand in 2020, Tableau or Power BI? Get Best Microsoft BI Reporting Solutions - Logesys.

Health Services Management. Why Microsoft Power App Logesys. Microsoft Azure Services - Azure Cloud Services... Rohit Jain's answer to What is Microsoft PowerApps? What is the future of Amazon Web Services? Rohit Jain's answer to Why a Company Needs Stylumia? What are the benefits and Complete Features? Retail Industry Solutions - Retail Analytics and Management Solution - Logesys. Procurement is one of the critical functions in the retail space as it has a direct impact on the top and bottom lines.

Retail Industry Solutions - Retail Analytics and Management Solution - Logesys

Data complexity increases when multiple SKUs span across various distribution centers and stores. Adding to the complexity are the ever-changing needs and demands of the consumers. To solve the complexity of sourcing in retail management, these are the key metrics we customize in the dashboards: Supplier performance Order visibility Open PO aging Turnover ratio. Digital Transformation Services - Analytics - Cloud Computing - Automation. Get Best Big Data Advanced Analytics Services by Logesys.

Traits of a Good Business Intelligence Specialist. After working in core languages in development projects, you are looking to shift your career.

Traits of a Good Business Intelligence Specialist

Data related roles intrigue you and you have been lurking for a position of Business Intelligence specialist in your organization for a year now. But all you receive from the concerned project managers or hiring teams is a NO. Did you get a chance to sit and analyze the skills you are lagging for the role? You might wonder to know that roles in the field of data such as BI specialist, Data Analyst, Report Designer need specific skills without which the progression would be stalled.

However, these skills also encompass some common expertise, which is required for career growth. Before we discuss the skillsets, let’s explain who a Business Intelligence Specialist is. Get Business Intelligence Tools and Software. Retail sales and Store Management, Data Analysis Software. Store Management Software Provider. What is the Supply Chain Management System? Analytics and Digital Transformation Services by Logesys.

Manufacturing Inventory, Finance, Sales Management Software. Raw material and sub-assemblies are crucial inputs for any manufacturing process, ensuring that there are sufficient amounts at any given point for smooth plant operations.

Manufacturing Inventory, Finance, Sales Management Software

The demand of this function is not only to ensure that there is no lack of supplies but also that these are procured at the right price, right time, from the right supplier and that the sourcing risk are mitigated by creating a pool of suppliers for any given category of goods. Some of the key metrics for this function are: Total purchase value Monthly purchase price variance Vendor analysis Item category analysis Material type analysis Spend analysis Supplier analysis Inventory in case of manufacturing has two streams, upstream which deals with raw materials & sub-assemblies, and downstream which deals with finished goods.

Best Retail Store Manager Solutions by Logesys. Best Transport Management Company.