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Lifestyles of Typical Truckers and Their Impact on Economy - Truck Centre Australia. Driver's Recommendations When Navigating Around Trucks. Australia Trucks Tips and Deals: Viable Solutions on Saving Billions of Gallons of Diesel in the Trucking Industry. An estimated 1.7 million truckers drive their heavy-duty vehicles around 256 million highway miles on a daily basis in order to transport necessities ranging from fresh produce to truck supplies to household furniture and other cargo to their required destinations. Frequently, they haul goods across great distances for several days , making their issued vehicles a veritable 'home away from home', so to speak. On trips that span through the night and during their breaks, drivers take time out to eat, sleep and check in on their respective families.

To do all of this, truckers require a source of power; and the most common practice is idling their engines. Generally, trucks consume approximately 0.8 gallons of fuel while idling, which often lasts as much as 8 hours a day, and on a yearly basis- 300 days. However, newer technologies aim to make the practice of idling a thing of the past and save a tremendous amount of diesel. Environmentally-Friendly, Long Lasting and Durable Aluminum Bodies for Trucks | Hallam Truck Centre Blog. Standard eco-friendly offerings for trucks for sale feature service vehicle bodies that are popularly comprised of repurposed high-grade alloy aluminium, which, after being replaced by newer models in a service line up, may be recycled again for other uses. Being naturally resistant to corrosion and weighing significantly less than steel, aluminium, when incorporated in truck bodies dramatically increases savings on fuel and reduces wear and tear. Trucks made from aluminium offer the following benefits: Increase fuel efficiency by 8-10 percentReduces body weight by approximately 50 percentResists corrosionDecreases harshness, noise and vibrationUses less energy to produce Source: Reading Truck Body Like this: Like Loading...

50,000 Plug-In Pickups Annually by 2018? Posted by Mark Williams | January 29, 2015 Bob Lutz, chairman of VIA Motors' board, says that in the next several years more personal-use pickup truck customers will see the benefits of a plug-in hybrid powertrain. According to, Lutz thinks that VIA Motors — a privately held company that takes GM full-size vans and pickups and installs a range-extending powertrain that uses a gas small engine to charge a battery pack when needed — is likely to sell as many as 50,000 of the half-ton VTRUX models.

The VIA Motors pickup plant is located near GM's plant in Saltillo, Mexico, where it receives the GM pickups for modification. Once the new powertrains are installed, the pickups are shipped to the U.S. for sale and delivery. Current pricing for a modestly appointed crew-cab 4x4 VIA pickup can start around $65,000, so selling to private customers is difficult without a clear understanding of the long-term — meaning eight to 10 years — costs of ownership. Manufacturer images. High Quality New and Used Fuso Trucks, Truck Parts and Accessories for Sale | Hallam Truck Centre. The story of Elon Musk and GM’s race to build the first mass-market electric car. One of the hottest clashes in technology pits two pathmakers in the new era of electric cars—Tesla and General Motors. Both are developing pure electrics that cost roughly $35,000, travel 200 miles on a single charge, and appeal to the mass luxury market. The stakes are enormous. Most electrics have less than 100 miles of range.

Experts regard 200 miles as a tipping point, enough to cure many potential electric-car buyers of “range anxiety,” the fear of being stranded when their battery expires. If GM and Tesla crack this, sales of individual electrics could jump from 2,000 or 3,000 vehicles a month to 15 to 20 times that rate, shaking up industries from cars to oil, which were until now certain that large-scale acceptance of electrics was perhaps decades away.

It is a substantial gamble for both companies. The potential prize is not only profit, but outright technology leadership—the intangible aura that made Apple under Steve Jobs an outsized triumph. But the physics are daunting. The New High-Performance Mitsubishi Fuso Melbourne Trucks for Sale in Australia. Bayswater Truck Centre carries a comprehensive range of used trucks that can often provide a value for money alternative to a new truck and meet the transport needs of your business. Location Service We know how important it is to keep your truck on the road, and at Bayswater Truck Centre we take pride in providing the best customer service and quality workmanship.

All servicing done at Bayswater Truck Centre is competitive in price and carried out to the highest standard. Bayswater Truck Centre is a full service dealer for Kenworth, DAF and Fuso truck & bus ranges, as well as Cummins & Wabco. At Bayswater Truck Centre, we can carry out all truck and trailer repairs, and even tailor a fleet maintenance program to suit the individual requirements for your business. We also offer a 7 day per week/24 hour per day Roadside Assistance Vehicle to ensure your vehicle keeps on the move. Parts Used Trucks.