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Logan Milligan

Logan Milligan is an author and researcher, graduated from Connecticut state university. Currently, helping online users and businesses to adopt technology to better operate and troubleshoot technical issues in Computer, PC, Laptops, Notebook and Mobile, etc. Follow him on Google+, Facebook and Twitter to learn more!


How to Detect Spyware Infection in Your Computer. With the rapid involvement of information technology in our daily life, the threat of information theft has also increased.

How to Detect Spyware Infection in Your Computer

There are several software programs known as malware that intrude without the acknowledgement of the users and infect their computer systems, resulting in critical information loss. What are Spyware? Spyware are one kind of the malware that monitor the user’s activities on the computer and spy on the crucial information like passwords, credit card details etc. How to Get Rid of Worm.VBS.Dinihou.b. Worm.VBS.Dinihou.b is a very sneaky worm which mutates in swift speed so that security tools couldn’t manage to remove it thoroughly.

How to Get Rid of Worm.VBS.Dinihou.b

The worm is infiltrated into computers through USB flash drive, fake program update, spam email attachment and popup ads. Impact of Worm.VBS.Dinihou.b on your PC It exploits the backdoor access.It blocks security firewall to bring in menacing infections.It mutates at high speed.It secretly hides in system files which antivirus programs can’t remove once for all.It could also enable other malware to download into computer furtively. Tips to remove Worm.VBS.Dinihou.b Step 1: Boot up your PC in Safe Mode with Networking On Windows XP, Windows 7 & Vista. 4 Simple and Effective Ways to Speed up Mac System.

It is very necessary to optimize PCs and laptops time to time.

4 Simple and Effective Ways to Speed up Mac System

Slow speed Mac or Windows, both are equally frustrating and annoying. How to Remove Zapp Virus from the PC and Internet Explorer. What is Zapp?

How to Remove Zapp Virus from the PC and Internet Explorer

Zapp is a PUP (potentially unwanted program) that gets installed in a PC or any other device via freeware. Zapp usually captures computer users who click too fast or uncheck custom setup while installing free software or application from an unknown website. Besides, Zapp can also be spread through emails and hijacked websites. Scamming on the Rise, Beware ! In recent years, there have been a lot of discussions and news over phone scam that claims to be from certified technicians like Microsoft or Uber.

Scamming on the Rise, Beware !

During these calls, the consumers are fooled by saying that their computer or any other device needs upgrading as they are out of date. The whole idea behind these scams is to take remote control of their devices and then ask for their credit card and other bank details. Recover or Permanently Delete Files from the Cloud. Cloud services are all same, as you could upload and store your files which sync to other connected clients.

Recover or Permanently Delete Files from the Cloud

At times, you could delete wrong files in the cloud. However, deleted files aren’t always lost forever. Now you can do a lot of stuff with cloud storage which wasn’t possible few years ago. You could also move special folders to cloud, so that they could be easily synced across various devices. Why Google+ is better than Facebook. Facebook might have emerged as a social media king, but in terms of privacy and user interfacing, its structure is bit complex.

Why Google+ is better than Facebook

On the other hand, just 3 years old Google+ is getting more popular due to its enhanced features and better security options such as- 1. Integrated with Google services: -It includes all existing features of Google such as- documents, PowerPoint, Excel, and YouTube etc. Users can use navigation bar of Google+ to monitor all Google+ events such as images, updates, messages etc.

Top 10 must have Android Apps in Year 2105. You can make your smartphone smarter by installing useful and the latest apps, but to search for desired and useful apps is a daunting task.

Top 10 must have Android Apps in Year 2105

In this article, we will give you list of top 10 apps of 2015. 1. Google Drive It is a cloud storage service of Google. It supports Microsoft office suite and by using this app you can easily share, create, excess and collaborate any type of file over the internet. 2. This mobile browser offers robust and fast services. 11 Most Useful Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts. Just like the other operating system, Chrome OS also supports a variety of keyword shortcuts.

11 Most Useful Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts keys reveal some extra functionality or simply speed up the repetitive tasks. In this article you’ll find some Chromebook shortcuts keys that will surely boost your Chromebook experience. 1.Caps LockIn Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices the search key replaces Caps lock. Tips to Remove Sweet Im Toolbar from Internet Explorer. What is Sweet Im?

Tips to Remove Sweet Im Toolbar from Internet Explorer

Sweet Im, often called sweetpacks, is the software designed to make instant messaging fun. It enables its users to use winks and smiley on MSN and Yahoo messenger. People get to install it as legit software and ends up installing a malware. What is SweetIM Toolbar? It is an add-on for the browsers that adds shortcuts to deal pages, game sites, and others so that you can access them easily. The uninstalling process of SweetIM toolbar is not an easy task; you need to manually remove it from the PC, Chrome and Firefox browsers. Class war. Inequality. Facing problem with webcam while using Skype.

Skype is a wonderful tool for instant messaging, file sharing, video and audio calling. Sometimes, while using video calling feature on Skype, users face problems in webcam. Here is the guide to troubleshoot that problem. Before the troubleshooting is started, first ensure that you have proper lighting in the room you are sitting. So that, the people you are calling can receive no dark screen during call. Also, avoid USB webcams if possible. 1. Sign into you Skype account.Go to menu bar and click on Tools > Options.. Under the General tab, select the Video Settings option. Quick Steps to Prevent the Computer from Safe Finder. What is Safe Finder?

Safe Finder is a PUP (potentially unwanted program) that is used for hijacking the browsers without user’s consent. When it gets downloaded in the PC, it changes the settings of the search engine to search,, and after that all the results will be replaced by the advertising content (pop-ups, coupons, banner ads etc) displayed by Safe Finder. The purpose of Safe Finder is to collect user’s personal information and then disclose it to third parties.

Steps to remove or prevent the computer from Safe Finder: Step 1: To Uninstall from computer. 4 Essential Tips to Speed up Windows 7. The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system has been designed for the users to give better user-experience, of which fast speed is an integral aspect. But as the time goes, the speed up Windows 7 OS also gets slower, making the user feel irritating. In this article, steps to boost the performance of your Windows 7 are discussed: 1. Update Windows with the latest definitions It is very important for the computer to have an updated version of Windows OS so that the user can work tension free. The users can also install update by themselves. 2. The computers often run software that may no t be needed to run all the time you work on the PC. After that navigate to the “Startup” tab, and then deselect the programs that are not mandatory: How to change your keyboard settings in Windows 8.

Probably we have seen a standard English QWERTY layout in our PC, but that does not mean you have to stick only with it. Switching language of your keyboards in Windows 8 is an easy task; you just have to add the keyboards you want to toggle between. This article will help you to add additional keyboard layouts in Windows 8, so that you can easily switch up your language or try an alternative layout. Tips to Scan & Fix Hard drives with CHKDSK in Windows 8. Microsoft’s hard disk repair utility and utility, CHKDSK (“check disk”), was launched over 30 years ago and still is useful. It is also accessible on latest Windows OS. It helps to examine hard drive for errors and repair them.

Remove Youtubeadblocker Virus from PC (Virus RemovalGuide) Youtubeadlocker virus is a PUP (potentially unwanted software) categorized as an adware, spyware, and browser hacker. 5 best uses for open source software in the business world. Open source software is making its way into your business most of the time. With so much influential technology, open source has become the savior of tech, in many cases. Protect your info on Windows 7 PC using Windows Firewall. Why business listing is valuable in online marketing. Through online business listing, you can give details about your company, like, Company's name, Address, Contact no and other important details.

Benefits of Paid search marketing In digital media. 5 Quick ways to help Speed up Windows 8 Smartphone. Windows 8 phone users are increasing these days. Steps to Remove unchecked startup items from msconfig. Have you ever come across any obsolete startup entries which unnecessary flood your MSConfig list? You can easily remove these through the tips mentioned in this blog. Press Start button.Open Run.Type msconfig and press OK.Select “Startup or services tab”.Untick the services or startup programs.Close the tab.Open the registry editor by typing “regedit” in Run from Start menu.Choose “My Computer”, under the list in Registry Editor.Select Edit > Find (or Ctrl+F).

Tick on “Keys” while un-tick everything else, and hit Enter search for “msconfig”. Internet security tips to keep your Mac safe from online threat. How to enable hidden super administrator account in Windows? Windows operating system has many features that are still to be explored or better known: the Super Administrator account is one of them. How to Add Logo Watermark on Videos in VLC Media Player.

Remove or delete unwanted apps from your Android Device. Without thinking, people tend to install many apps in their mobile and tablets which are not actually needed. These unused apps stay in memory of the device and slowly decrease its performance. And when they need space for other apps that they really wanted to use, they can only have it by deleting the others. Users always get confused between uninstalling apps and deleting apps. How to Clean out Windows Hosts file if malware has tampered with it.

Virus attacks not only affect the system’s performance but also cripple the basic functions of PC. Eventually, presence of virus prevents users from basic functions, such as surfing the websites chosen by the user. At times, viruses install a Proxy Server into the web browser or insert unwanted IP addresses into the network settings. If you doubt that you are being watched through the proxy server of some kind, you should investigate Windows feature called the Hosts file. Optimo AV Blog about Antivirus Software to Remove Virus,Spyware,Rootkits,Malware. Internet Protection Software is enough to Deal with Cyber-attacks and Viruses.

How to Remove ZeroAccess Rootkit Virus Manually from Your PC. Four Benefits of using Online Backup Services. Advanced Features in Corporate Virus Protection Security Tool. Remote Tech Support, Online Computer Software & Hardware Repair Services - Quick Tips to Block Malicious and Unwanted Websites. Awesome Utility Tools and User Friendly Features of Google + Tips to Boot to the Desktop in Windows 8 & Windows 8.1. Steps to Install Windows Drivers Manually for Windows 7 and 8. UberTechSupport Blog for Online Technical Support and Solution. How to Decrypted Files Encrypted by CoinVault... How to Fix Some Common iOS Safari Problem on iPad/iPhone. Tips to Troubleshoot Bluetooth Connectivity Problem of Windows 8.1 OS. How to Defragmenting and Cleaning Your Hard Drive. How to Use Electronics at Bedtime Without Affecting your Health? What is the Difference Between Antivirus and Antispyware Tools.

What is Trojan Horse and How to Remove it from PC. How to fix three most common problems while upgrading Operating System. UberTechSupport: Technical Support Blog for Desktop, Computer Repair, Laptop and Mobile Diagnosis: What are the best online data backup tools to keep data safe? Optimo AV Blog about Antivirus Software to Remove Virus,Spyware,Rootkits,Malware. Why are Software Updates Important for the System. 5 Easy Tricks of Hackers to Enter in your Business. Easy Way to Troubleshoot Disabled Antivirus Software.

Optimo AV Blog about Antivirus Software to Remove Virus,Spyware,Rootkits,Malware. How to Remove Trojan.Gen.2 Virus from Your PC. Tips to Select the Best Online Backup Service. Easy Way to Remove Junk Files from Your PC. Nine Prevention Tips to be More Secure Online. Tips to Prevent Cyber Crime to Enjoy Internet as it is! Rombertik : A Complex Piece of Malware. Cyber Extortion and Their Prevention Tips. Hackers are Evolving New Techniques to Target GPU of the System. The Growing Role and Security Advantages of UEFI Secure Boot. Advantage of choosing open source software for your business. UberTechSupport Blog for Online Technical Support and Solution. Remote Tech Support Services & Blog for Online technical Query Related to Mobile, Laptop, Desktop & PC.

How to Synchronize Yahoo Email on iPhone. UberTechSupport: Technical Support Blog for Desktop, Computer Repair, Laptop and Mobile Diagnosis. How to Detect and Delete Virus without Using an Antivirus Software. Rooting an Android Phone. Know the Reason and Solution for Your Slow. Some tips to diagnose and improve MacBook battery status. Some Useful Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life. Best 4 Ways to Extend Your Laptop’s Life. How to use VLC media player for screen recording and screen capturing? Setting up VPN on Windows phone 8.1. Click4Support Reviews & Technical Blogs for Online Solution.

IPS/ IDS systems Vs Firewall: Which is better for network security? How to hide drive partition in Windows? How to implement disk quotas management in windows 7 and Windows 8.1? How to Use Free Dropbox on Windows Phone? Click4Support Offer Hassle and Scams Free Online Tech Services. Click4Support Scam Warnings: How to Avoid Online Tech Support Scams. Keep Secure Your PC from Any Technical Problems & Viruses with Click4Support. Why You Need Computer Diagnosis. Click4Support - Online Tech Support Services. Click4Support: Campaign against Tech Support Scams! Click4support Scam Alert - A Brief Discussion to Avoid Scams.

Click4Support Complaints: Raise a Ticket. Click4Support Reviews – Click4Support Never Pissed his Consumer. Click4Support Scams: Valuable Tips to Avoid Tech Support Scams? Click4Support - An Scam Free Online Tech Support Company. Click4Support Reviews. Click4Support Blog & Reviews About Computer, PC Technical Support Services. Essex, CT 06426 - (888)884-0006. Click4Support. Computer Services. Click4Support. Business Services in Essex, Connecticut.