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OBSIDIAN. Yellow Obsidian - Properties - Associations - Uses. Color: Translucent yellow/gold.

Yellow Obsidian - Properties - Associations - Uses

Associations: Obsidian. Agata Negra (black agate) - misnomer sometimes used in the marketplace.


Apache tears - dark gray to nearly black, pebble-sized glass nodules, most of which have greatest dimensions ranging between two and four centimeters, that occur as remnants within or weathered out of light gray perlite. (Perlite, apparently derived from obsidian as the result of hydration involving meteoric water, is a light gray rock made up of concentrically fractured fragments.) Many apache tears in the marketplace are from Maricopa and Pinal counties, Arizona. Banded obsidian - the banding commonly exhibits a flowlike appearance; some roughly banded obsidian has been incorrectly designated onyx obsidian. Sedona Vortex Stone meaning. Crystal Healing Properties - Sedona Crystal Vortex. Crystal Healing - Holistic Healing. Crystal Vaults. Crystals Information.

CRYSTALS AND GEMSTONES - STROMATOLITE. Crystals For Healing - Soulful Crystals. Crystal Database - Crystal Healing, Metaphysical & Mineral Properties - Spirit Of ISIS Crystal Shop.


Healing Crystals For You, Crystal Pictures & Info On The Healing Power of Crystals. Ask Your Pendulum - How to Use a Pendulum. To jump straight to the Step-by-Step How To Use a Pendulum Guide below, click here.

Ask Your Pendulum - How to Use a Pendulum

Important NOTICE: The following information is copyrighted by Eva Browning, 2009-2015. Feel free to print them out for personal use or to share with a small study group. If you want to reprint (for anything other than personal or study group use) or republish these instructions - in whole or in part - you must first obtain my written consent. If you would like to link this page no permission needed. First of all, what exactly is a pendulum? A pendulum is a weight that can freely swing from a pivot point. Gemstonelore.pdf. Cleaning Gemstones. Moqui Balls The shaman stone. Moqui Marbles/Balls pronounced (Mo-Key) are essentially Ironstone and are found at the base of Navajo Sandstone formations.

Moqui Balls The shaman stone

They are found in sizes from small marbles to baseball sizes. Moqui Marbles have been used for centuries by the shamanic tribes of the continents. Although newly discovered in the United States, Moqui's have been found on several continents in the ancient archaeological excavations. Navajo Sandstone is a geologic formation in the Glen Canyon Group that is spread across the U.S. states of southern Nevada, northern Arizona, northwest Colorado, and Utah; as part of the Colorado Plateau province of the United States. Navajo Sandstone frequently occurs as spectacular cliffs, cuestas, domes, and bluffs rising from the desert floor. The wide range of colors exhibited by the Navajo Sandstone reflect a long history of alteration by groundwater and other subsurface fluids over the last 190 million years. Moqui Balls are a different sort of stone. Helps in meditation. Chakra Set, Mineral Collection items in Tumbled Stones Crystal Quartz Healing Gemstones store on eBay!

Shaman Stones Balance Male-Female Elements, Release Deep Seated Fear of Death. Shaman Stones come in pairs... one female and one male stone.

Shaman Stones Balance Male-Female Elements, Release Deep Seated Fear of Death

Three Steps of Crystal Healing. Three Steps to Crystal Healing - by Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy Therapist©, 2004 Healing with CrystalsThere are three steps to effective crystal healing:Cleansing, Harmonizing and Integrating, and Stabilizing.

Three Steps of Crystal Healing

When you wear a crystal, you are initiaing a powerful esoteric healing process that requires time to make adjustments to your energy vibration. Crystals should be worn next to the skin for best results, preferably as a pendant. The size of the crystal should be relative to your budget. There are many inexpensive semi-precious crystals such as Rose Quartz than cost less than $1 U.S. The Cleansing ProcessThe first step is the cleansing process. It is important to keep the crystal on you all the time (24 hours a day) for at least the first 21 days for this cleansing process to be initiated and completed. Sometimes a healing crisis occurs at this point, during the early days of wearing the crystal. Crystals and Gemstones Online. Discover Silver Metaphysical Properties And The Power Of Silver Natural Healing. CRYSTALS AND GEMSTONES - SILVER.

Almost all of my Pendants are set in Sterling Silver.


I thought you might be interested in seeing what metaphysical properties Silver has. Silver can give you an advantage over others throughout your life. That Crystal Sites Guide: Metaphysical Properties and Crystal Meanings. Spirit Quartz increases both physical and intellectual fertility.

That Crystal Sites Guide: Metaphysical Properties and Crystal Meanings

The energy helps to stimulate group cohesiveness and a willingness to work together. It also assists in bringing the "group" energy of other crystals to the surrounding environment, enhancing harmony and peace within groups, in the family, and in other social and/or business environments. This crystal is a wonderful companion when one is experiencing the loss of a loved one, bringing understanding of the process and assisting in transition (for both). Metaphysical Directory: Summary. What stones do...list - Welcome to Chrystal Path. (electric turquoise blue w/cloudy opaque spots/tan) is one that will help you to accept situations that are constantly changing, invoking great inner strength.

What stones do...list - Welcome to Chrystal Path

It is beneficial to relationships that have become rocky, stabilizing and healing the home/personal interaction, helps improve communication but also helps you to know when to keep silent. Chrysocolla encourages self-awareness, inner balance, and gives you confidence with sensitivity. It reduces mental tension, helps you keep a cool head, speak with truth, and alleviates guilt. It draws off any negative energy that is harming you, calms and energizes all the chakras and aligns them. Physically it treats arthritis, bone diseases, muscle spasms and cramps (restless leg syndrome), soothes the digestive tract, soothes and heals ulcers, helps with blood disorders and lung problems, detoxifies the liver, kidneys and intestines.

Healing stones listed by property. GBP [Change currency]

Healing stones listed by property

Stones and Crystals.