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The Spanish Flu

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Audience. Spanish Flu. Deadliness of the flu.

The Spanish flu is able to overwork your immune system and make it go against itself this shows just how deadly the flu is. Only people between the age 20-40 have got infected by the Spanish flu, infants and children seemed to be immune to the virus. – lnschray


The Spanish flu is influenza, influenza is a virus which is very contagious to mostly elderly people. Around average there are 36,000 deaths from influenza The best way to prevent influenza is a vaccine. – lnschray

"The Influenza Pandemic of 1918"

The aftermath of this disease has caused India to lose 4% of its population, Alaska 8%, and the South Seas death rate was 20%! The disease has struck almost every major U.S. city. – lnschray

Treatment. Influenza Ward.

This ward is in France, armies came here to rest when they had the flu illness. Many of the troops carried the flu to France or other places with them during WWI. Troops came here to rest in hopes of getting better. Rest in peace. – lnschray

Influenza Info.

Homeopathic medicines best help when you have the flu. The best way to not get the flu is to prevent it by staying healthy and getting a vaccination. The flu virus can mutate each year so it's best to get a vaccination yearly, you will most likely get the flu during the winter time then any other season. – lnschray


Careless spitting, coughing, and and sneezing would be able to spread the influenza and other diseases. This poster raised awareness about the Spanish Flu and gave warnings to less risk the spread of the disease. – lnschray

How it spreads. Pandemic Of The 1918 Flu.

World War One mainly helped spread the Spanish flu, with soldier a traveling to different countries and states they soon became infected from them. Troops traveled to Europe, Asia, Africa, and other countries creating a worldwide crisis. – lnschray

Dangers of the 1918 flu.

During the Spanish flu outbreak, we had little defense of the flu. Experts have still not been able to create a cure for a flu like the 1918 one. We have learned so far that the disease can only kill by a process called cytokine storm which is proven to cause infections in the immune system. – lnschray

Symptons. 1918 Flu Pandmeic.

The 1918 Flu has recently broke out because of the war, but after 18 months it had just mysteriously disappeared. Experts are still trying to figure out what the virus was and what caused it, but will we really know what the flu was about? Because of how contagious the flu was it infected around 1/3 of our world's population. The virus killed around 50-100 million people. The second wave of the flu was more dangerous than the first killing a larger amount of people. It's best to keep healthy during this time as we don't want anymore diseases breaking out. – lnschray