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Lo que hay que saber sobre el cerebro. Design Thinking: Tools to help make thinking visible. The British science, technology and arts research organisation Nesta, along with European social innovation experts, have pulled together their top 30 tools for social innovation.

Design Thinking: Tools to help make thinking visible

Many of them have immediate uses for helping plan and structure design thinking activities in the classroom. We explain some of those that have the most immediate value for learning. The Why Design thinking is not rocket science, but when a school is trying to bring a concerted approach to thinking differently, it helps for people to have a common set of tools and language on which to pull or things can appear complicated quite quickly. The DIY toolkit provided by Nesta's programme provides a good overview of some of the top social innovation tools that help those making a difference through innovation.

The Experiment Today without any prompting, students employed these skills and I was wishing that my camera was on hand to record their questions but I was too busy being blown away. 5 Chairs Exercise. Goal: To encourage students to gain confidence iterating on designs based on human needs, while working with different materials.

5 Chairs Exercise

Design Thinking Modes: Empathy, Define, Prototype, Test Difficulty: IntermediateDuration: 45 minutesGroup Size: Groups of 3-4 working individually and in groups, up to 40 participants WHAT is it? The 5 Chairs activity encourages students to design models of chairs based on design principles they pull from user profiles.

This activity also encourages students to iterate on their designs and practice using different materials. WHY teach it? This exercise is a great way to push students to build, test and iterate while keeping their designs grounded in a human’s needs. Lesson Plan. Design Thinking, Deconstructed. At the Nueva School in Hillsborough, Calif., design thinking is built into students’ and teachers’ everyday lives.

Design Thinking, Deconstructed

The process, which is an approach to learning that includes considering real-world problems, research, analysis, building by hand, and lots of experimentation, is documented and shared among staff. The infographic (click on the image to see the full PDF) was created by Kim Saxe, director of Nueva’s iLab, and one of the champions of design thinking. A Librarian's Guide to Makerspaces: 16 Resources. Makerspaces, sometimes also referred to as hackerspaces, hackspaces, and fablabs are creative, DIY spaces where people can gather to create, invent, and learn.

A Librarian's Guide to Makerspaces: 16 Resources

In libraries they often have 3D printers, software, electronics, craft and hardware supplies and tools, and more. Here are some excellent resources for anyone thinking about setting up a makerspace in their organization. Articles & Blog Posts Libraries, Hackspaces and E-waste: how libraries can be the hub of a young maker revolution “…there’s another gang of information-literate people out there, a gang who are a natural ally of libraries and librarians: the maker movement. Clustered in co-operative workshops called “makerspaces” or “hack(er)spaces,” makers build physical stuff. What is a Makerspace? From Stacks to Hacks: Makerspaces and LibraryBox The makerspace movement is gaining momentum in the library world. Events Maker Faire Events The Maker Faire is a festival of invention and celebration of the Maker movement. Makerspace Resources and Programming ideas. (Updated post from my Podbean Site) Summer 2014 I was asked to present a webinar to Ohio School Librarians for InfOhio.

Makerspace Resources and Programming ideas

The recording is available here. I also created a resource list (adapted from a collaborative presentation with LISD librarian, Leah Mann) and year long programming ideas that I will continue to update on this page. WEBINAR RECORDING: Invent to Learn by Sylvia Martinez and Gary StagerScript Changers: Digital Storytelling with Scratch by Kylie PepplerSoft Circuits by Kylie PepplerShort Circuits by Kylie PepplerArt of Tinkering by Karen Wilkinson and Mike PetrichMakerspace Playbook by Maker MediaWorlds of Making by Laura Fleming Diana Rendina has a great post and pinterest board on this topic! Good for Upper ES- HS. Introduction to Logic Sample Quizzes. Guia-actividades-mejores-relatos-latinoamericanos.pdf. Cuentos%20breves%20latinoamericanos_WEB.pdf. Luis López Nieves - Ciudad Seva - Escritor Latinoamericano.

Taller de Lectura: BLOQUE II.- PROCESO DE LECTURA Y ESCRITURA. Estrategia.pdf. Estrategias%20de%20lectura%20-%20Isabel%20Sol%E9. P2JALAPA.pdf. Cuentos cortos de terror, suspenso, acción, intriga, amor... Cuentos breves recomendados (1-200)Narrativa Breve. Mujer leyendo (1998), de Fermando Botero.

Cuentos breves recomendados (1-200)Narrativa Breve

Óleo sobre lienzo. Cuentos para adolescentes. Cuentos infantiles. Recursos educativos. Cuentos Cortos Para Jovenes. Encuentos. Comprension lectora - Fondo lector. Banco de Textos: Recopilación de lecturas para Educación Primaria y Secundaria. Últimas aplicaciones didácticas asdfasd sfsa Dasf Dsafdsa.

Banco de Textos: Recopilación de lecturas para Educación Primaria y Secundaria

Texto argumentativo. 323 lecturas desde el 2015-12-28. 06_03_Izquierdo.pdf. Estrategias de lectura. > ¿Cómo crear estrategias para fomentar la lectura y la escritura?

Estrategias de lectura

Algo que parece preocupar a una buena parte de los coordinadores de los círculos de lectura es la cantidad de estrategias que conocen para trabajar con sus lectores. Hay que decirlo claramente: nunca serán suficientes, porque los lectores y los textos son una diversidad en movimiento. Existen muchos manuales de estrategias de lectura y escritura. Aunque algunos pueden ofrecernos algunas ideas que nos servirán en la práctica, por lo general no se corresponden con los enfoques de promoción de la lectura. Por eso, en lugar de ofrecerles un compendio de actividades, queremos compartir con ustedes una propuesta que podría ayudarlos a crear sus propias estrategias. Estén tranquilos. m3_ejercicios_de_pensamiento_critico.pdf.