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Booming bamboo: The next super-material? 3 April 2012Last updated at 05:10 ET By Mike Wooldridge BBC News, Nicaragua Bamboo is being hailed as a new super material, with uses ranging from textiles to construction.

Booming bamboo: The next super-material?

It also has the potential to absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, the biggest greenhouse gas, and provide some of the world's poorest people with cash. Bamboo's image is undergoing a transformation. Some now call it "the timber of the 21st Century". Today you can buy a pair of bamboo socks or use it as a fully load-bearing structural beam in your house - and it is said that there are some 1,500 uses for it in between. There is a rapidly growing recognition of the ways in which bamboo can serve us as consumers and also help to save the planet from the effects of climate change because of its unrivalled capacity to capture carbon.

"In the last decade, bamboo has become a major economic crop," Abadie continues. The developing world is now embracing this potential growth. Continue reading the main story Fast-growing grass. "La Maison du Bon Sens®" La maison ronde en bois qui tourne avec le soleil. BONE Structure™ - Because perfection is in our bones. Attend one of our information sessions to discover, understand and adopt the BONE Structure® system. + Register Today Cost: free.Duration: approximately 2.5 hours.

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