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Green design will save the world. Hybrid2 public bike concept promises to help power city buses. Hybrid bikes are one thing, but designer Chiyi Chen looks to have something far grander in mind for his Hybrid2 bike concept, which he says could one day help power fleets of city buses.

Hybrid2 public bike concept promises to help power city buses

To do that, the hybrid part of the bike (a regenerative braking system) wouldn't be used to help power the bike itself at all, but would instead store the energy in an ultracapacitor that'd then feed the energy back into the grid when its parked at a special bike stand, which would in turn be used to help charge the hybrid electric buses. Not one to overlook an ingenious little detail, Chen has also devised a special card RFID card that would not only be used to unlock the bike, but keep track of the energy that each rider generates -- build up enough credits and you can ride the bus for free. Intrigued? U.S. Agency for International Development. DC's Hacker Space. Welcome to - Imagine. Connect. Act. Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Read the Report and Comment.

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