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Moroccanoil, Moroccan oil, moroccanoil Hair Products. How to Stop Blaming Everyone & Everything Else for Your Problems. “Whenever something negative happens to you, there is a deep lesson concealed within it.”

How to Stop Blaming Everyone & Everything Else for Your Problems

~Eckhart Tolle The most common conversation I have with other people includes the blame game. The one where your job, your wife, your dog, your mother-in-law, your neighbor six doors down, the media, the government, the receptionist at your doctor’s office, or the dress maker who measured you wrong is somehow responsible for the problems you’re having. I too played the blame game. I intentionally left a marriage that I was very unhappy in and then blamed him for everything. It was then I had that an “aha” moment. I sat down, took a long deep breath, and thought about the ways I’d contributed to my own unhappiness. In that moment, I realized I was blatantly ignoring vital life lessons.

I believe we are here to learn lessons. Isn’t it weird that the woman who can’t leave her old unhappy relationship without starting a new one is always in an unhappy relationship? 1. 2. 3. 4. Photo by Mendhak. The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom (9780465028023): Jonathan Haidt. Card of the Week: Letting Go - Soul Navigations. Definition: relinquish your hold; allow to move; let go of; release; detach When we let go of something we relinquish our grip and our attachment to whatever it is we have been holding onto, be it a belief, idea, person, or thing.

Card of the Week: Letting Go - Soul Navigations

Sometimes, we need to let go of that which no longer serves our learning or our growth. Letting go can be as easy as a leaf falling from a tree. It seems easy, because there is often a hidden process at work all along. When the process develops naturally, the release can be seamless. The first attachment of human life is in the womb.

Letting go can bring the joy of release of moving into an new phase of your life, or work, or finally realizing that you had been carrying another’s burdens that were not your own. Have you been holding onto something that is no longer serving you? Ellen Frankel, Author & Speaker. I promise, this will be the last blog entry about graduation, moving on and letting go.

Ellen Frankel, Author & Speaker

Really and truly, this is it. I swear. Get Organized. Work Life Balance. Grief - PubMed Health. 10 Life Lessons Learned From Yoga « Stay Active and Live Life Fully. Just a generation ago, devoted yogis had to travel to India or help organize the occasional visit of their master teacher.

10 Life Lessons Learned From Yoga « Stay Active and Live Life Fully

Today, yoga classes can be found virtually anywhere people can meet and throw down a mat: in yoga studios, health clubs, recreation centers, churches, schools, and parks. One of yoga’s enduring strengths is its ability to repackage itself for the contemporary world. Although traditionalists may disagree, I think this is admirable – and also essential for its survival in an increasingly (like it or not) commercial world.

Yoga’s stress-busting and anxiety-relieving properties have never been more needed then they are today. While most of us are aware of the physical benefits of yoga postures and training, yoga entails much more. Life Lesson #1 Establish a solid foundation The base of support in yoga postures refer to the body parts that are receiving your body’s weight and transferring this weight onto the earth to create a sound foundation. Inclined plane pose. Daughters & mothers: making it work - Dorothy Firman, Julie Firman. The mother/daughter relationship is one of the most intense relationships a woman will ever experience-it is strong and primary.

Daughters & mothers: making it work - Dorothy Firman, Julie Firman

101 Short Stories that Will Leave You Smiling, Crying and Thinking - StumbleUpon. Post written by: Marc Chernoff Email Since its inception eighteen months ago, our sister site Makes Me Think (MMT) has truly evolved into a remarkable online community.

101 Short Stories that Will Leave You Smiling, Crying and Thinking - StumbleUpon

Every day, users share their thought-provoking life stories and vote on stories that other users have shared. Some are happy, some are sad, and others twist your emotions, pulling them in several directions at once. As stated on the MMT About page, sometimes the most random everyday encounters force us to stop and rethink the truths and perceptions we have ingrained in our minds. I believe the 101 stories listed below perfectly fulfill that description. What do you think? The Study of What Goes Right in Life « Stay Active and Live Life Fully. Everyone’s life involves peaks and valleys.

The Study of What Goes Right in Life « Stay Active and Live Life Fully

What is good in life is as genuine and as significant as what is not good and therefore deserves equal attention when working with clients attempting to modify lifestyle behavior patterns. The field of psychology has focused much of its efforts on human problems, pathology, and how to remedy the condition. Furthermore, psychology has evolved to embrace the disease model of human nature where people are seen as flawed and fragile, casualties of tough environments or bad genetics, and if not in denial, then in recovery.

Positive Psychology proposes to correct this imbalance and to challenge the pervasive assumptions of the disease model.