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Trend Forecasting

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The music you listen to may be affecting your mental health. We all know that music has an effect on our mood.

The music you listen to may be affecting your mental health

It's why we put on Adele when we've been dumped, or Drake when we want to “dance”, or Lana Del Rey when our lovers have died under tragic circumstances. However, according to new research, music's mood-altering power may actually be a whole lot more than that – in fact, it may even be having a serious long-term effect on our mental health. According to new findings published in this month's Frontiers in Human Neuroscience journal, people with a penchant for sad or aggressive music may experience significantly higher anxiety or neuroticism than those who listen to happier types of music. The study – which took place at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Music Research at the University of Jyväskylä, Aalto University in Finland and Aarhus University in Denmark – tested the neural activity of participants while they listened to happy, sad or fearful sounding music.

Will Genderless Fashion Change Retail? (L-R) Raf Simons Menswear Spring/Summer 2014, Gucci Menswear Autumn/Winter 2015, J.W Anderson Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 | Source: Indigital LONDON, United Kingdom — Alessandro Michele’s womenswear debut for Gucci was, by far, the most anticipated show of Milan Fashion Week.

Will Genderless Fashion Change Retail?

How would Michele attempt to re-reinvigorate Kering’s ailing cash cow, after chief executive François-Henri Pinault said in December that the brand needed a fresh point of view and more daring shows? The answer: bookish, pussy-bow wearing boys and girls, sharing both the runway and the same tailoring, shoulder-length locks and cut-glass cheekbones. Indeed, the show eradicated the last vestiges of Gucci’s hyper-sexualized Tom Ford era, which had, at times, chimed within Frida Giannini’s vision for the brand. Instead, Michele’s outing was a celebration of an aesthetic that transcended gender differences. But will genderless work at retail? Perhaps not. “For decades, we've carried interesting clothes. “It’s the future. How does social media shape our perception of beauty? A male friend of mine who considers himself "big on Tinder" claims the winning five photo formula is this: front-on photo, side profile photo, photo showing teeth, body photo and height photo, involving a casual scale prop such as Kylie Minogue.

how does social media shape our perception of beauty?

If you're not better looking on Tinder than in real life, you have failed. It's the most gratifying, terrifying, humanity-destroying platform ever created. But then again it's responsible for actually quite a lot of nice loving relationships… While Tinder must be the worst offender, the impact of social media on perceptions of beauty is inevitably positive and negative, depending on which way you look. Q&A: What does Donald Trump’s Presidential victory mean for the economy?  The Marilyn Monroe Effect: Monroe Norms In Fashion And Beauty - All Clip. Trends… They are what defines us today.

The Marilyn Monroe Effect: Monroe Norms In Fashion And Beauty - All Clip

For last decades, it has always been the trends. Just have a look at Instagram. Look and see that the newest trend is grandma hair, silver-ish and grey. Young people dye their gorgeous hair in order to have the “grandma look” just for perfection. These are trends that are come and go. Mirror Scans Your Face And Prints The Perfect Makeup. Panasonic has built a device to help people find the ideal cosmetics for their skin Panasonic also happens to be a big beauty brand in Japan.

Mirror Scans Your Face And Prints The Perfect Makeup

With premium hairdryers, battery-powered face masks, steamers for the face and other stuff already in the market, it’s not just about home appliances for the company anymore. And as a nod to this newfound niche, it has built a smart mirror with a printer that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. The Panasonic Smart Mirror, unveiled as a prototype at CES 2016, scans the face. INTO THE FASHION: Cultural Influences On Trend Forecasting.

For everyone who works in the fashion business it is important to be able to recognize and to foresee social and cultural movements, in order to understand the fashion environment and to be able to operate in the direction in which the fashion industry will move.

INTO THE FASHION: Cultural Influences On Trend Forecasting

Being able to anticipate what will happen in the next future is what puts a fashion designer, a retailer or a fashion buyer in the position to make better decisions in their work. And in this, fashion is not at all an isolated industry but is connected to the rest of our life. Fashion reaches beyond clothing and into the way we choose to live our lives. How pop art influenced fashion. Creative industries typically need each other to survive - art feeds on music, music feeds on art, fashion feeds on both and advertising eats everything it can get its mouth around.

how pop art influenced fashion

The bond between fashion and art is currently as strong as ever as evidenced everywhere from Prada's Spring/Summer 2014 commission of six graffiti artists, Bottega Veneta's work with Ryan McGinley and the modern-art-museum-worth of Louis Vuitton collaborations with artists like Yayoi Kusama to Takashi Murakami and Richard Prince. This commercially fruitful partnership goes back to the first half of the 20th Century, when Salvador Dali placed a giant-sized lobster on a white Elsa Schiapparelli dinner dress.