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Lloyd law college offering Masters degree of law, LLM course in international and criminal law. LLM Admission 2020 in India. Lloyd law college is one of the Best college for LLM , Master degree in India.

Political science, Informative, Subjects. Supreme Court in India: Importance, Functions, and Powers. IntroductionThe Supreme Court in India was established through an enactment passed in pre-independent India, with the introduction of the Regulating Act, 1773.

Supreme Court in India: Importance, Functions, and Powers

The 1st Supreme Court started its function as a court of record at Calcutta, and the 1st Chief Justice Sir Elijah Impey was appointed. All about legal drafting - Rohit Kumar - Medium. Lawyers draft legal documents on a daily basis in the process of client handling.

All about legal drafting - Rohit Kumar - Medium

A document may be, for example, a pleading, an affidavit i.e., litigious matters and may be certain documents like a contract, a will or may be terms of settlement i.e., non- litigious matters. It is actually the art of writing legal documents, which requires continuous practice in order to become an expert. The main objective is to provide the facts of situation or the issues in brief to the reader, with the basic aim to provide accuracy and truth. A lot of skills and patience is involved for a properly drafted document. Drafting is based on a two-fold concept: - ConceptualVerbal It is important not only to choose the right words but also to seek right concepts. It is a basic document providing the outline of everything that needs to be done.

Read Also — Law course Admission 2020 1) Remember your audience: — Always remember that every write-up has different readers. Upcoming Updates related to BA LLB and LLB admission 2020. Indian Legal System: An Overview - Rohit Kumar - Medium. The Constitution of India was adopted on 26th November 1949.

Indian Legal System: An Overview - Rohit Kumar - Medium

It is based on the Government of India Act, 1935. The Constitution of India is the bulkiest in the world and a product of the aspirations of the people. It is not a parliamentary creation but “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” qualifying it as the largest democracy in the world. The Preamble to the Constitution establishes India as a “Sovereign, Socialist, Democratic Republic.” Most Demanding Law Specialization in India 2020. The law courses offered in different specializations include corporate law, criminal law, human rights law, tax law, some of the most common law specializations that students can choose from their college of law.

Most Demanding Law Specialization in India 2020

Law is a career that requires a lot of patience. Law is one of our most successful professions. A career in law provides a wide variety of work prospects that include litigation attorneys, law firms, legal assistants, and many other legal executives. If we wish to make a successful career in law, we must begin from an undergraduate degree like B.A. LL.B, BBA LL.B, B.COM LLB, BSC LL.B, and then the postgraduate degree for example LLB, LLM. Here are some different law specializations which are gaining popularity in India today: Most Demanding Law Specialization in India 2020. Highest paying Law jobs in India 2020. “learn to balance a dream and a jobuntil your dream becomes your job.”

Highest paying Law jobs in India 2020

Law, as a profession, is a very vast option for the present generation. Best minds and fresh graduates choose this field and put their mark in society. The legal career may start from an advocate in district court to an associate in a law firm. Salaries can be from minimum to higher income, depending on your experience and skills as well. So let’s take a look at the highest paying law jobs in India: List of Law courses in India. Have you ever thought about what is so common between Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama, and Margaret Thatcher?

List of Law courses in India

As surprising as it can be, they are world leaders who studied Law. We are well aware of their journey. As an aspirant is preparing to give wings to his dreams, it is essential to know about the course, and alternative courses which can be taken up by a candidate relating to their interest areas. Undoubtedly, Law is one of the oldest academic discipline in the world, which has been meeting the demands of changing times and has been promising great careers to all who strive to work for pursuing a comfortable career in the field. Various aspects ofsocial, political life are incorporated into the field of study. Legal Career in India – A Complete Guide. A profession that requires grit and hard work needs no introduction.

Legal Career in India – A Complete Guide

Law as a career is chosen by many, delivered with utmost honesty, few. A career in Law is indeed, a dream for many. Lawyers and advocates are held with high regard in societyas they work through all segments of the civil society by making people aware of their legal/constitutional rights and duties. Employment and labor law in India. Introduction India faces an extensive labor community.

Employment and labor law in India

Before independence, the country had a restricted set of labor laws, but soon after independence, the community emerged as one of the most important sectors of the country. To provide this community i.e., the labor class, freedom and several rights various laws were enacted, collectively known as Labor laws, and those advocated it are known as Labor law advocates. COVID-19 Impact on Education - Rohit Kumar - Medium. As the corona virus pandemic spreads across the globe and in India.

COVID-19 Impact on Education - Rohit Kumar - Medium

Many countries have confirmed school closures by mid-March 2020. However, School closures are an essential step in an attempt to prevent the community spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. It appears to be a logical solution to enforce social distances within community but prolonged closures tend to have a negative impact on students.Millions of learners world-wide are affected by the closure of educational institutions. List of Law Entrance Exams Cancelled due to COVID-19. With the recent outbreak of the deadly COVID-19, there has been unrest amongst the law aspirants and their parents.

List of Law Entrance Exams Cancelled due to COVID-19

While the Central Government has announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown, there is a self-speculation amongst the law aspirants and their families that all the competitive exams will now be cancelled like those of other minor tests. However, that is untrue. Although keeping given the precautions as advised by the World Health Organization (WHO), to promote social distancing and to be quarantined to avoid further spread of the COVID-19, several legal entrance exams, interviews, events, etc. stands postponed. Still, there is no notification/circular of any law entrance tests to be cancelled anytime soon. The law aspirants have been preparing for a while now to appear for CLAT and other law entrance Exams. Laws Related to Covid-19 in India. The entire world is going through a pandemic which had never happened or even thought of before. With the outbreak of the pandemic causing, Corona Virus a lot of chaos can be witnessed globally.

The deadly virus that originated from China spread to the world with the blink of an eye and did global destruction. Since the death toll is rising at an alarming rate, the panic amongst the general public is increasing also to make it very difficult for the government around the world to handle. It is well known that since we don't have any vaccine to cure COVID-19, we can only practice precautions as advised by the World Health Organization (WHO) to stay away from the virus. Self-isolation, being quarantined, maintaining social distancing, practising personal hygiene are the only ways as of now to prevent the spread of the virus.

Cyber Law (IT law) in India – Course, career all about it. The Internet plays an important role in today's world; since technology is boon to people at the same time, it's also; a curse. Due to increased technology and easy internet availability, cybercrime is increasing day by day. Thus, Cyberlaw was enforced against cybercrime. This law deals with the issues related to cyberspace. Cyber law was implemented to deter such cybercrime. International Law - Subjects, Course details and Career. Introduction International Law is legal rules and regulations based on ethical principles. International Law acts binding on to those countries which are international actors. International actors are those who are sovereigns. They also have been recognized as a state under the United Nations by other states. Best Law Specialization In Demand. Law as a field has been on rising, especially in the current scenario.

Today, in this field, there are multiple options to choose from. Law is more of a career-oriented course. There are the following degrees of legal education in India. These are legal courses for graduate students who want to pursue law. The LLB course is of 3 years and can be pursued by anyone, and has completed graduation with any stream. Master of Laws (LL.M.) — one /two years Master’s degree available in law course, course duration of one-two yearsSince law as a field is all about specialization, LLM provides you with that specialization.Your earning potential can significantly increase if you completed your LLM from a prestigious institute They also provide you with vast exposure to the research field.

BA LLB or BBA LLB - Which one is better? As the education system is developing, the integrated courses have emerged as the most demanding course for the students who do not want to spend more time thinking about the next step they need to take after completion of their under-graduation courses. Civil Law - All About It. Definition, Type of Criminal Law. All about Moot Court. All about Business Law Career and scope - Rohit Kumar - Medium. Course and Career in corporate law. Consumer Protection Act 2019 - Rohit Kumar - Medium. All about Integrated Law Courses In India.

Distance law education in India. Distance education is one of the most common yet not so common phenomenon in our growing country. In today’s time, everything is available at our doorstep according to our needs and similar is the situation for education. The opinion regarding the distance education has changed in our country, since earlier it was thought that students could not be educated outside a disciplined classroom whereas here we are generously giving out knowledge and information by using the World Wide Web.

CLAT 2020 Syllabus, Exam Date and registration. CLAT 2020 Syllabus, Exam Date and registration. Best Law Colleges in Delhi NCR. Career opportunity after L.L.B - Rohit Kumar - Medium. Best subject for Law. Emerging Field of Law in India. Course and Career in corporate law. LLB Entrance Exam Question Paper. BA LLB Entrance Exam 2020. LLB and BA LLB entrance Exam process after 12th and Graduation. Law entrance Exam 2020. Law entrance exam after 12th and Graduation. Best Subjects for LLM course. Know the scope of law and career after law course in India. Best Law college in Delhi NCR - Lloyd Law College. Best LLB college in Delhi NCR and Noida, Greater Noida.

Find the Best 5 year Law college in India. LLB Admission 2020 in Top Law college in Delhi NCR. BA LLB course admission 2020 In Delhi NCR. Top Law college in Delhi NCR, Noida , Greater Noida. Top LL.M. Colleges in India. International Law & Commercial Law.