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Feng-Shui. Adopting Feng Shui in Web Design. Feng Shui, pronounced fung-SHWAY, is an ancient Chinese practice of aesthetically placing things in a specific way in order to allow positive Qi to flow through the environment.

Adopting Feng Shui in Web Design

Qi, also referred to as chi or ch’i and pronounced in English as CHEE, is the Chinese word for that active principle within all living things. The literal translation of Qi is air or breath. has been hailed " Feng Shui has been hailed as the Environmental Science of the 21st Century. Feng Shui was historically used to orient buildings during construction, especially those of great importance such as temples or tombs. A building’s purpose could be determined by how it was placed according to the bodies of water or the stars. Practitioners use what they believe to be the laws of Heaven and Earth. Feng shui has actual “laws” that govern such things as placement and colour when arranging items.

Image credit: Ba-Gua Modern Feng Shui Feng shui today is different from the Feng Shui of centuries ago. Simplicity Placement. La Case Feng Shui Réunion - Les cinq éléments. La Case Feng Shui Réunion - Le Pa-Kua. Le Pa-Kua, que l'on peut également appeler le Ba-Gua, est le principal outil permettant d'entreprendre une analyse Feng Shui de l'habitat ou de l'environnement.Cet outil va déterminer l'emplacement des flux énergétiques de la maison.

La Case Feng Shui Réunion - Le Pa-Kua

Les huit trigrammes du Pa-Kua représentent symboliquement les cinq composants énergétiques fondamentaux de l'univers à partir desquels se structurent les huit principaux aspects de la vie. Ils sont disposés autour d'un centre qui symbolise l'énergie positive de vie : le chi (qu'on pourra également appeler le Taï Chi ou le Qi) et qui est souvent représenté par le symbole du Yin & du Yang. Visual Color Symbolism Chart by Culture - Cultural Color Symbolism Chart. By Jennifer Kyrnin, Guide Color is an important part of any design, but if you make a bad choice of colors your design can say something different than you intend it to.

Visual Color Symbolism Chart by Culture - Cultural Color Symbolism Chart

How colors are perceived depends a lot on the culture a person was born into, and with the below chart you can get a better sense of how the colors you choose affect your customers in various cultures. The below chart lists colors and meanings that various different cultures associate with those colors. Note that in some cases, the color is also associated with another “thing” such as a “white dove” in western cultures symbolizes peace. Also, sometimes it’s the color in combination with another color that creates the association, such as red and green symbolizing Christmas in the west. Return to Color Symbolism Information. Color Wheel Pro: Color Meaning. Red Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.

Color Wheel Pro: Color Meaning

Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. It has very high visibility, which is why stop signs, stoplights, and fire equipment are usually painted red. In heraldry, red is used to indicate courage. Red brings text and images to the foreground. The Meaning of Colour in Web Design. Blue : good fortune, communication, wisdom, protection, spiritual inspiration, calmness, reassurance, gentleness, fluidity, water, sea, creativity, peace, calming, higher thoughts, mystery, sky, formality, travel, devotion, progress, quiet wisdom, freedom. betterment of humanity, love, trust, loyalty, intelligence, reassurance, artistry, compassion, inner strength, devotion, depression, sadness, tranquility, stability, unity, truth, understanding, confidence, acceptance, conservatism, security, cleanliness, order, comfort, cold, technology, devotion, harmony, depth, faith, heaven, piety, sincerity, precision, intellect, sadness, consciousness, speech, messages, ideas, sharing, cooperation, idealism, sincerity, empathy, relaxation, affection, inspiration, friendship, patience, contemplation, infinity, harmony, non-threatening, dependability Some believe blue slows the metabolism and suppresses the appetite.

The Meaning of Colour in Web Design

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