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<title>jQuery UI Dialog - Modal form</title> password = $( "#password" ), allFields = $( [] ).add( name ).add( email ).add( password ), tips = $( ".validateTips" ); Dialog Demos Dialog Demos
Collection of some code snippets 7. Custom title formating - lightbox style JavaScript Example 6. +++Fancy lightbox alternative| Tips & Tricks +++Fancy lightbox alternative| Tips & Tricks
Labs - GreyBox A pop-up window that doesn't suck. Introduction GreyBox can be used to display websites, images and other content in a beautiful way.

Labs - GreyBox

tricks: using Greybox + form plugin for a modal dialog box tricks: using Greybox + form plugin for a modal dialog box I was looking for a replacement for the Yahoo UI library's dialog widget (here's the demo I was studying). Specifically, I wanted something where I could write a simple CGI with form and error checking, and put that in a dialog box I could call from different pages in my application. Preferably something that could be added with unobtrusive javascript to an existing view. Back in the day of Internet Explorer 3 and Netscape 4, you would just use for this. But for some reason, the kids today are all excited about AJAX, DHTMLish gizmos; just looking at the plugins available for the cool JQuery library, you've got Thickbox and Tweenbox and Slightly Thickerbox and Greybox Redux.
Login form using Jquery Light Box | WebTrickss