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TV Network for Primetime, Daytime and Late Night Television Show. Chelsea Lately - Comedy Blog. Freddie Baez/ didn't get paid for her stint as fashion consultant with Emmanuel Ungaro. Lohan "signed on" as an artistic consultant, and her first range of designs were completely trashed by the fashion industry. I guess heart-shaped pasties and pink bikini tops really only go over well in places that Lindsay likes to frequent, not on the runway. But now the information is out that she wasn't even paid for the job she was so excited about. She just kind of showed up and started doing stuff then they gave her some free clothes.

The Late Night TV Page - Talk Show Guest Listings. Last update: 4/15/14 18:12 PT Get the day's lineups - updated Monday-Friday!

The Late Night TV Page - Talk Show Guest Listings

Get tomorrow's lineups - updated Monday-Friday! Get the lineups by date as an RSS feed The Late Night TV Page FAQ Late Night Talk Show E-Mail Addresses and URLs View the lineups by showMonday, April 14Tuesday, April 15Wednesday, April 16Thursday, April 17Friday, April 18Sunday, April 20Monday, April 21Tuesday, April 22Wednesday, April 23Thursday, April 24Friday, April 25Monday, April 28 Monday, April 14 Tuesday, April 15 David Letterman: Martha Stewart, Lady Gaga, Bill Murray (R 4/2/14)Jimmy Fallon: Jerry Seinfeld, Kristen Wiig, Lady Gaga (R 2/18/14)Jimmy Kimmel: Johnny Depp, Jessica Pare, Chuck E. Ellen degenres.

Is the Paley Center Trying to Kill the Emmys? Report: Paley, Sony chief Steve Mosko are trying to mount an alternative to the annual awards show Could the Emmys soon have some competition?

Is the Paley Center Trying to Kill the Emmys?

The Paley Center for Media and Sony Pictures TV chief Steve Mosko have had discussions about launching an alternative to the annual TV awards show, Variety reported Sunday evening. Multiple networks have been asked about their interest in such a show, the trade said. A spokesperson for Paley confirmed there's talk of a TV awards special but, according to Variety, denied that it was meant to be a rival to the Emmys. Yelp DITCHES Google Deal, Walks Away From Buyout Offers.

The View. Trump Network. Huff TV: Arianna Discusses Health Reform, State Of The Nation: ' Arianna was a guest on MSNBC's Morning Joe today to discuss the health care reform bill making its way through the Senate.

Huff TV: Arianna Discusses Health Reform, State Of The Nation: '

She criticized the degree to which the legislation has been twisted into benefiting industry more than the public. The lobbyists are winning, she said. ""You know who should have been on the cover of TIME magazine? The lobbyists. " She also discussed the waning enthusiasm for President Obama among progressives and if he's capable of making a course correction to get his agenda back on track. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy. Jack Bauer interrogates Santa.