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What's inside the pearl? Francois. PED. The Pearl’s Gazette. Hi editors and visitors!

The Pearl’s Gazette

As you have noticed pearltrees is back on the track and ready to welcome many more new members. We count on you to help them editing their first maps. Today’s first theme is quite big: the cosmos. I found two maps about our universe: In kiwis‘ map you will find most of the greatest websites about the galaxy (NASA, ESA…). Lamiben’s map chose some videos from hubblecast programs.

The next three maps are about cooking. Georges Saunier‘s map will give you useful tips (casseroling, prepared/healthy/traditionnal meals…) taken from the website “cuisineAZ”. Raphael chose cocktails and nice recipes from the website “cuisine du marmitton”. Aldaris’ map is a selection of the crazy show “mange mon geek”. Our last map is about poker! Enjoy! Elrring Peace Filed under: aide, Pearl's Gazette, Uncategorized by Pierre Gancel on March 11th, 2009. Meet Pearltrees: Bookmarks with a social twist. A French Web site, called Pearltrees, is developing a Web service that is trying to bring a social networking element to bookmarking - but with the connections based on content instead of people.

Meet Pearltrees: Bookmarks with a social twist

Think Facebook and Twitter mixed with one Amazon's recommendation system. You don't add friends in Pearltrees. Instead, you add links. As you come across something on the Internet that interests you, something that you might have otherwise bookmarked or tweet, you put it in your personal pearltree - which is really like a "main folder," that contain the links themselves, called "pearls.

" Here's the trick: if there are others on Pearltree who have also posted that same URL into one of their own pearltrees, you are now connected and can see their other links. The service, which is free, is still in alpha mode and has limited functionality and exposure. For now, it's a bit buggy but the concept is pretty solid. Some photos... Pearltrees: Bookmarking Program for Organization Lovers  (This review is part of the Traveling Geeks tech tour of Paris.

Pearltrees: Bookmarking Program for Organization Lovers 

David Spark (@dspark) is the founder of Spark Media Solutions and a tech journalist that blogs at Spark Minute and can be heard and seen regularly on ABC Radio and on John C. Dvorak’s “Cranky Geeks.”) For the first stop for the Traveling Geeks trip to Paris, we stopped by the offices of Pearltrees, a Web bookmarking, organizing, and organizing tool.

Sitting inside their offices I could have been sitting at any Web 2.0 company in Silicon Valley. Very open work atmosphere. I had met with Patrice Lamonthe, Pearltrees’ CEO, back in San Francisco. While I kept making comparisons to Delicious, I soon realized through my conversation with Patrice that my comparison was misdirected. I have one harsh criticism of the product that I believe is extremely fixable. I’ve never seen a successful deployment of a mindmapping-style program. Pearltrees: Visual Collaborative Web Browsing Interface. I am with the Traveling Geeks at Pearltrees’ headquarter in Paris, I already published about Pearltrees a few months ago when it was in pre- alpha, but the public beta will launch in two days at LeWeb.

Pearltrees: Visual Collaborative Web Browsing Interface

Pearltrees is a visual collaborative web browsing interface: users browse the internet visually using “Pearls” that represent websites and, by connecting them, they create a network of interest, I call it the “interest graph”. The social networking component, allows users to follow each other and use other people pearls to build their “interest graph”, they can collaborate to create a common tree with pearls shared among many people.

With the Pearltress-Twitter sync feature users automatically build pearls by tweeting urls on Twitter, and automaticallt tweet urls by creating pearls in Pearltree, it will launch in two days. Ewan Spence asked an interesting question: what about the mobile version? Livstream main stage. Livestream Startup & Deep discussion. Ustream © Search Log in / Sign up With Facebook (faster) Log in or sign up with Facebook See what your friends like and watch, get awesome recommendations Instant login, no passwords or With email or username.

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