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Musharraf denies 'US secret deal' reports. World | NDTV Correspondent | Updated: May 10, 2011 19:46 IST Via his Facebook page, General Pervez Musharraf has denied that he had agreed in 2001 for America to conduct a unilateral operation in Pakistan to kill Osama Bin Laden if the terrorist was located in Pakistan.

Musharraf denies 'US secret deal' reports

The Guardian newspaper reported this morning that after bin Laden managed to escape from the Tora Bora mountains, the General, who was then President of Pakistan, had struck a secret deal with then US President George Bush. (Read: Musharraf allowed US operation against Osama in Pak?) Mr Musharraf said today, "The accusation of my having allowed intrusion into Pakistan by US forces chasing Osama Bin Laden is absolutely baseless. Never has this subject even been discussed between myself and President Bush leave aside allowing such freedom of action that would violate our sovereignty.

" جمعة الصمود - سوريا - Google Maps. Israeli weapons In Libya? How @acarvin and his Twitter followers debunked sloppy journalism - Libya’s Campaign To Discredit Eman al-Obeidi After Rape Allegations. Update: Amnesty has issued an Urgent Action for Eman al-Obeidi (PDF) Libyan-American women demonstrate to show solidarity with Eman Al-Obaidi in front of the White House March 30, 2011.

Libya’s Campaign To Discredit Eman al-Obeidi After Rape Allegations

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) The scene was chilling. A woman bursting into a Tripoli hotel room to tell foreign reporters she was raped by Gaddafi’s troops only to be forcibly dragged away by security officials and effectively disappeared. Online Dictionaries - Arabic Dictionaries Online. Qaddafi Forces Hold Strategic Town as Allied Attacks Continue.

Moises Saman for The New York Times Tracer bullets fired from anti-aircraft guns left light trails in the sky above the Libyan capital on Monday night.

Qaddafi Forces Hold Strategic Town as Allied Attacks Continue

More Photos » A New Arab Generation Finds Its Voice Video interviews with more than two dozen people under 30, from Libya to the West Bank, talking about their generation’s moment in history and prospects for the future. But the firepower of more than 130 Tomahawk cruise missiles and attacks by allied warplanes have not yet succeeded in accomplishing the more ambitious demands by the United States — repeated by in a letter to Congress on Monday — that Colonel Qaddafi withdraw his forces from embattled cities and cease all attacks against civilians. Arab League condemns broad bombing campaign in Libya. “What is happening in Libya differs from the aim of imposing a no-fly zone,” he said in a statement carried by the Middle East News Agency.

Arab League condemns broad bombing campaign in Libya

“And what we want is the protection of civilians and not the shelling of more civilians.” Moussa’s declaration suggested that some of the 22 Arab League members were taken aback by what they have seen and wanted to modify their approval lest they be perceived as accepting outright Western military intervention in Libya. Arab League criticizes Western strikes on Libya. 20110320-U-OP_ELLAMY_briefing slide-DMCSO2OpsPlansAfghan. Libya: Who's who in Gaddafi's inner circle. 'Where are the Arabs?' It was August of 1982.

'Where are the Arabs?'

For seven weeks, Beirut had been sealed off, under attack by Israel from land, sea and air. Water and electricity supplies were cut. The Israelis had secured the airport and much of the southern suburbs. The Syrians had been defeated, their air force wiped from the Lebanese skies. Chairman Arafat and the PLO were seemingly at the mercy of their enemies, utterly dependent upon the international community to arrange an evacuation of their fighters which would bring an end to the carnage. In January of 1991, a nominally extensive international coalition of armed forces, led by the US but including many of the Arab countries, stood poised in northern Saudi Arabia to drive Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. Rick's Middle East Update.

Tensions simmer at funeral in Bahrain. Factbox: Military assets in play in Libya crisis. Libya Alhurra. Libya Says It Will Release Times Journalists. Europeans say intervention in Libya possible within hours of U.N. vote. Obama spoke after the Libyan government declared an immediate cease-fire Friday in a bid to head off Western military intervention on behalf of rebels seeking to overthrow Gaddafi, hours after the U.N.

Europeans say intervention in Libya possible within hours of U.N. vote

Security Council authorized a no-fly zone and the use of “all necessary measures” to protect civilians in Libya. Despite the declaration, Gaddafi’s forces continued pummeling areas of eastern Libya with artillery and airstrikes well after the cease-fire was supposed to take effect. The attacks targeted the areas around Zuwaytinah and Ajdabiya, more than 90 miles south of Benghazi. Jets streaked across the sky firing at targets, at least one helicopter flew low across the desert, and artillery bombardment could be heard for several hours Friday afternoon around Zuwaytinah.

Residents and rebel officials said the assaults continued well after Gaddafi’s government announced a cease-fire Friday afternoon local time. “Where is the international community?” Four New York Times journalists reported missing in Libya. Missing journalist husband's appeal The Libyan government says it has no information on the fourOne of the missing journalists e-mailed Monday about the danger in LibyaThe New York Times has been in touch with the Libyan governmentThe missing journalists include one who was kidnapped by the Taliban in 2009 (CNN) -- Four journalists for The New York Times, including two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Anthony Shadid and MacArthur "genius grant" recipient Lynsey Addario, are missing in Libya, the newspaper said Wednesday on its website.

Four New York Times journalists reported missing in Libya

We call upon the world for help. ملتقى البحرين - Powered by vBulletin. Egyptian state security disbanded - Middle East. Egypt's interior minister has disbanded the country's feared state security agency, which was accused of torture and human rights abuses during the 30-year rule of former president Hosni Mubarak.

Egyptian state security disbanded - Middle East

Major General Mansour el-Essawy, a former Cairo security chief and the new interior minister, announced the dissolution of the security apparatus in a statement on Tuesday. He said a new agency in charge of keeping national security and combatting terrorism will be formed "in line with the constitution and principles of human rights". Officers for the new agency will be chosen in the coming few days, the statement said, adding that the new agency will "serve the country without intervening in the lives of citizens while they practice their rights and political life".

YouTube - ‫شبكة برق : ليبي استشهد وهو يصور أحد الشهداء !‬‎ The Guardian in Arabic. Erdogan speaks out against UN sanctions on Libya. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has spoken out against the United Nations imposing sanctions on Libya, warning that the Libyan people would suffer most, not Muammar Gaddafi's regime.

Erdogan speaks out against UN sanctions on Libya

Erdogan also suggested Saturday that the international community was acting out of concern about Libya's oil reserves and not its people. RecommendedObama: Gaddafi's gov't must be held accountablePro-Gaddafi militias fire on protesters in Libyan capital Erdogan spoke hours before UN Security Council members were to meet again to discuss ways to punish the Libyan leader for his violent attacks on anti-government protesters.

Crowdsourced Documentary Project Yields Footage Out of Libya. "One Day On Earth," an online project designed to capture video footage of life around the world on a single day — October 10, 2010 — is now turning into a host for videos and photos documenting current events in Libya.

Crowdsourced Documentary Project Yields Footage Out of Libya

The country, which has become a hotbed of violence amidst a revolt against leader Muammar Gaddafi, is largely closed off from foreign media outlets, meaning submissions from Libyan members of the "One Day On Earth" community provide unique perspectives of what's taking place within the country's borders. Executive producer Brandon Litman says those behind "One Day On Earth" reached out a couple of weeks ago to community members in areas of conflict, asking them to report back with any information they could provide.

"Literally within 30 minutes of engaging the community, we heard back," Litman says. "And we started getting information in within a couple of hours. " Feb 17 voices (feb17voices) Defiant Gaddafi vows to fight on - Africa. Watch the first 20 minutes of Gaddafi's speech Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, has vowed to fight on and die a "martyr", calling on his supporters to take back the streets from protesters demanding his ouster, shouting and pounding his fist in a furious speech on state TV. Gaddafi, clad in brown robes and a turban, spoke on Tuesday evening from a podium set up in the entrance of a bombed-out building that appeared to be his Tripoli residence hit by US air raids in the 1980s and left unrepaired as a monument of defiance.

"I am a fighter, a revolutionary from tents ... I will die as a martyr at the end," he said. "Muammar Gaddafi is the leader of the revolution, I am not a president to step down ... "I have not yet ordered the use of force, not yet ordered one bullet to be fired ... when I do, everything will burn. " He called on supporters to take to the streets to attack protesters. Gaddafi said "peaceful protests is one thing, but armed rebellion is another". Gaddafi: 'I will not give up', 'we will chase the cockroaches' Qaddafi vows to “die a martyr,” orders revolt crushed. Libya's Moammar Qaddafi ordered his followers Tuesday to crush an uprising against his 41-year rule and vowed a fight to the death as he swatted away growing outrage over a bloody crackdown on protesters.

As the UN's Security Council held emergency consultations and its top human rights official said crimes against humanity may have been perpetrated, the longest-ruling Arab leader appeared on state TV to denounce his critics. "This is my country, my country," he shouted, in an often rambling and angry speech. McCain slams Mubarak, calls to quit. US Senator John McCain has condemned Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's "deeply unfortunate and troubling" refusal to step down immediately and urged him to heed his people's calls to quit power. "President Mubarak's announcement that he will remain in power is deeply unfortunate and troubling," McCain said in a statement shortly after a televised speech by the longtime US ally in which he stopped short of resigning. "I urge President Mubarak to begin listening to and trusting his people. The stability of Egypt and the wider region increasingly depend on it," said Senator McCain, who has called before for the Egyptian leader to leave power immediately.

Egyptian protesters: What I'm fighting for. Possible Exile in Germany: Clinic Near Baden-Baden Considered For Mubarak - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International. The United States government's scenario for an end to the political chaos in Egypt appears to be this: President Hosni Mubarak travels to Germany for a "prolonged health check" that would offer the 82-year-old a dignified departure. Over the weekend, the New York Times reported that secret talks to that effect were being held between the US government and Egyptian military officials. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL ONLINE, plans for a possible hospital stay in Germany are far more concrete than had been assumed so far. Talks are already being held with suitable hospitals, particularly with the Max-Grundig-Klinik Bühlerhöhe in the southwestern town of Bühl near Baden-Baden, SPIEGEL ONLINE has learned from sources close to the clinic.

The hospital management declined to comment. Dream TV شاهد البث المباشر قناة دريم مباشرة بث المصرية Live TV Free Streaming Web TV Station. 29,283 views Published: 4 years ago Category: Egypt Description: عزيزي المشاهد, في حالة عدم ظهور البث المباشر فيرجى اعادة تحميل الصفحة If the live broadcast did not show up then please refresh the page. ‘My friend, Mahmoud Maher, a doctor, was killed at Tahrir Square’

At 1:15 am Cairo time on Saturday morning I spoke to my friend Ghassen. His friend was killed at Tahrir Square during the 24 hours of horrific violence we all saw on Feb 1st and 2nd. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time someone has been able to put a name and back-story to a person killed by the regime during this unfolding revolution. English is not Ghassen’s first language so I have taken the liberty of creating complete sentences from our fragmented conversation, partially in Arabic, to enable easy reading.

I have no way to confirm the details of this death, but I know Ghassen revealed his friend’s name after some hesitation. Egypt: Why 25 January will be a date forever enshrined in the country's history. Despite a technology blackout, the voice of protest was heard worldwide. Samar Dahmash Jarrah: Yfrog Photo : Reading material on Egypt. How #Egypt and #Jan25 have been tweeted over the past seven days. Crisis Group Statement on the Situation in Egypt. Cairo/Washington DC/Brussels | 3 Feb 2011 The past several days have brought both hope and fear to Egypt. As Wednesday’s and Thursday’s tragic and wholly unacceptable events illustrate, risks of worse bloodletting continue to mount. Free call-return service. Dean Pintak’s Blog - The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication.

Mubarak intensifies press attacks with assaults, detentions. SIPA Press agency photojournalist Alfred Yaghobzadeh is treated by anti-government protesters after being wounded during clashes in Cairo. (AP) New York, February 3, 2011--Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak unleashed an unprecedented and systematic attack on international media today as his supporters assaulted reporters in the streets while security forces began obstructing and detaining journalists covering the unrest that threatens to topple his government. "This is a dark day for Egypt and a dark day for journalism," said CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon. Press/Blog. Foreignlobbying. Toby Moffett PLM Group Egypt Meeting Member Price, David (Representative) Price, David with the following Members of Congress to discuss the legislative status of the proposed U.S. foreign aid program for Fiscal Year 2008.

Broadcasts. Bambuser lets you broadcast live and interactive video from your mobile phone, webcam or DV camera — and it's free! Twitter. Twitter. Voice Message from speak2tweet. Speak To Tweet (speak2tweet) Middle East Protests: A Country-by-Country Look - Interactive Feature.