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Mobile App Survey Report. Introduction to GfK Mobile Insights. GfK Mobile Insights The Real and Virtual High Street. Mobile Statistics - It’s official: Mobile devices surpass PCs in online retail. 55% of time spent with e-retail in June occurred on a mobile device, comScore finds.

Mobile Statistics - It’s official: Mobile devices surpass PCs in online retail

The mobile revolution has reached another milestone: Consumers now spend more time interacting with online retailers on smartphones and tablets than they do on desktops and laptops. 55% of all time spent with online retail in June 2013 occurred on a mobile device, finds web and mobile measurement firm comScore. 45% occurred on desktops and laptops. Specifically, smartphones accounted for 44% of retail Internet minutes while tablets accounted for 11%, comScore says. “Since U.S. consumers now spend more than half of their time on retailers’ web sites using their smartphones and tablets, mobile can’t be viewed simply as an ancillary device or action, it now epitomizes how consumers think and act when they interact with retailers,” says executive director Vicki Cantrell. is the National Retail Federation’s online division.

The comScore mobile commerce report also finds that: Welcome to Forbes. History of Ecommerce. One of the most popular activities on the Web is shopping.

History of Ecommerce

It has much allure in it — you can shop at your leisure, anytime, and in your pajamas. Literally anyone can have their pages built to display their specific goods and services. History of ecommerce dates back to the invention of the very old notion of "sell and buy", electricity, cables, computers, modems, and the Internet. Ecommerce became possible in 1991 when the Internet was opened to commercial use. Since that date thousands of businesses have taken up residence at web sites. How People Spend Their Time Online. On our blog , we have previously written about an infographic that illustrates how social networking accounts for a huge amount of time spend online and relates content sharing to brands, but this new infographic from Go-Gulf takes a slightly closer look at how people around the world split their time across different online activities.

How People Spend Their Time Online

It also predicts the most popular online activities and trends of the future. To pull out just a few interesting facts: 30% of the world’s entire population is now online, and the global time spend online per month is equivalent to 3,995,444 years. Mobile Phones 2014. SMARTPHONES TO ACCOUNT FOR TWO THIRDS OF WORLD’S MOBILE MARKET BY 2020 SAYS NEW GSMA INTELLIGENCE STUDY. September 11, 2014 Press Release Smartphone Connections to Reach Six Billion by 2020, Fuelled by Growth in the Developing World and Supported by Mobile Broadband Rollout London: Smartphones will account for two out of every three mobile connections globally by 2020, according to a major new report by GSMA Intelligence, the research arm of the GSMA.


The new study, “Smartphone forecasts and assumptions, 2007-2020”, finds that smartphones account for one in three mobile connections1 today, representing more than two billion mobile connections. History of iPhone: Apple reinvents the phone. Leading up to the iPhone 6 event we're updating and expanding our series on the history of the iPhone, starting with the original!

History of iPhone: Apple reinvents the phone

On January 9, 2007 the late Steve Jobs put sneaker to Macworld stage to give one of the most incredible keynote presentations of his life — a life filled with incredible keynotes — and in the history of consumer electronics. There, he said he would be introducing a wide-screen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough internet device. But it wasn't three products.

It was one product. We got it. It was rare enough, Jobs said at the beginning of his keynote, to revolutionize even one product in the history of a company. iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone. Technology alone isn't enough The iPhone software, under the auspices of Scott Forstall, was equally impressive. The History of the Smartphone. Oh memories.

The History of the Smartphone

There’s nothing quite like writing something like this where I get to walk down the path of the past and remind myself of what it was like the first time that I held any number of the devices about which I’m getting ready to write. We’re talking about the history of the smartphone, so sit back, grab a drink and let’s reminisce. Smartphone or Feature Phone? Here’s where we have to start, because the line is blurry. Before IPhone and Android Came Simon, the First Smartphone. In the 1995 techno thriller, The Net, Sandra Bullock plays a software programmer who unwittingly uncovers a plot to gain access to the world’s most sensitive computers.

Before IPhone and Android Came Simon, the First Smartphone

The bad guy, played by Jeremy Northam, tries to kill Bullock literally and virtually—by stealing her identity. (For a hacker, Bullock’s character is remarkably dim; when she finally catches on to what’s happening, she whines: “Our whole lives are on the computer.”) Apple (AAPL) gets the customary product cameo as the movie imagines a world in which ordering pizza online or accessing a database from a laptop computer in a car is commonplace. UK Retail – Technology Priorities. Messaging Apps How Brands Use Them. Image Recognition Apps. Key Insights Mobile Life. Trend Setters - Fashion M-retail: App, Mobile Site or Both? - Behavioural Research Consultancy. Native app or mobile site?

Trend Setters - Fashion M-retail: App, Mobile Site or Both? - Behavioural Research Consultancy