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Using default views in your module. Views can be stored in the database, which is typical of smaller sites and hobby sites.

Using default views in your module

However, Views may also be stored directly in the code as "default" views, (which simply means they're available by default). Modules often come with views that are specific to the module data, but it's also possible -- and highly recommended -- that sites which have separate "development" and "production" sites export their views into default views in a site-specific module. This makes it very easy to transfer views from dev to production without making database changes. Creating a module First, create a directory in sites/all/modules for your new module. Tutorial - Building a multi-language site. The following steps are for those who want to have a simple site available in different languages.

Tutorial - Building a multi-language site

The goal is to have content translated to two or more languages and the visitor to be able to choose any of them. Also, the menus must follow the selection. I have tested the result with content types page and story. I don't know what happens with forum, for example. I hope this helps you. Swffit - Smart Flash Resize Script.