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leah buechley - LilyPad Arduino - introduction

Get a LilyPad Kit LilyPad modules can be purchased from a variety of electronics and craft retailers including SparkFun Electronics in the USA, the Arduino Store in Europe, Seeed Studios in China, and SwitchScience in Japan. See the Arduino Buying Guide for more purchasing options. The LilyPad E-Sewing Kit and the Simple LilyPad Development Kit are good introductory sets. Learn How to Use LilyPad leah buechley - LilyPad Arduino - introduction
A Toy Piano embedded on a T-shirt. It has 8 keys from Do to Do (1 octave). You can play simple music by wearing the shirt and pushing the fabric button on the shirt. All the components from the toy piano (batteries, speaker, circuit board) are placed on the shirt and connected with poppers. Wearable Toy Piano Wearable Toy Piano