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Desktop. Ajaxwhois 2.0 - fast domain name search and whois. IxEdit. CSS-Based Forms: Modern Solutions. Advertisement In Web 2.0 registration and feedback forms can be found everywhere.

CSS-Based Forms: Modern Solutions

Every start-up tries to attract visitors’ attention, so web-forms are becoming more and more important for the success of any company. In the end, exactly those web-forms are responsible for the first contact with potential customers. Let’s take a look, which modern solutions a web-developer can use, designing his/her next css-based form. Links checked: May/08 2008. Developing Forms Prettier Accessible Forms1 The Form Assembly – Form Layouts2 CSS Styling of forms, Stu Nicholls Semantic Horizontal Forms3 Trimming form fields4 Badboy Niceforms5 Functional Pretty Forms6 CSS-Only, Table-less Forms7 Accessible Forms Subtraction: Free Form for All – Standardkonforme Online-Formulare8 Accessible CSS Forms9 Form Layout Templates10 Style Web Forms Using CSS11 Form Help without Popups12 Fun with forms – customized input elements13 Styling Form Fields14 AutoSuggest – An autocomplete text field with Ajax15 Scrollable Checklists17.

Dragable RSS boxes. Demo Licensing This script is distributed under the LGPL open source license.Commercial licenses are also available.

Dragable RSS boxes

Some of these licenses also includes personal e-mail support for up to 1 year. Download files You can download the entire project from this zip file. Setup Server side script This script requires that you have access to PHP on your server. Files included in package. GetElementsByClass. » JavaScript Image Cropper UI, using Prototype & Details Support for latest versions of Prototype & (1.7.0 & 1.9.0 respectively) Tested with & added support notice for IE9 Added support for latest versions of Prototype & ( & 1.8.2 respectively). » JavaScript Image Cropper UI, using Prototype &

Changes provided by Tom Hirashima. No-longer package prototype & with the release Changed tests to use google ajax libraries api to load prototype & Added option to not auto include the cropper CSS file #00008 - Fixed bug: Dynamic include of cropper CSS expected cropper.js and failed when using cropper.uncompressed.js #00028 - Fixed bug: Doesn't work with latest - Fix by Tom Hirashima #00030 - Fixed bug: Doesn't work in Firefox 3.5 (CSS include issue) #00007 - Fixed bug: onEndCrop isn't called when moving with keys #00011 - Fixed bug: The image that is to be cropped does not show in IE6.0 -- included CSS fix Tidied up source code & fixed issues that jslint found so it will compress better Initial verison About. Designstudio - mooImageCrop - crop your images with AJAX and PHP. Ajaxload - Ajax loading gif generator. AJAX - MDC. The JavaScript Toolkit.

Scriptaculous : demonstration - Appliquer des effets spéciaux function tester1() { new Effect.toggle('div_1','blind'); } On va diminuer la transparence du calque (mais on peut aussi le faire dans l'autre sens) : calque 2 calque 3 avec du texte pour faire beau calque 4 avec du texte pour faire beau calque 5 avec du texte pour faire beau function tester6() { new Effect.Puff('div_6'); } function tester7() { new Effect.Shake('div_7'); } function tester8() { new Effect.Pulsate('div_8'); } Rendre une element du DOM déplaçable par Drag and Drop Cliquez sur "Tester 9" et cliquez-déplacer-déposer le calque : calque 9 function tester9() { new Draggable('div_9'); } Changer l'ordre d'une liste à puce par Drag and Drop CLiquez sur "Tester 10" et cliquez-glissez les élément de la liste : Element 1 Element 2 Element 3 Element 4 Element 5 function tester10() { Sortable.create('maListe'); } Utiliser une liste déroulante à autocompletion de texte via AJAX Cliquez sur "Tester 11".

Scriptaculous : demonstration -

Voici le script PHP du fichier "fluxAutocompletion01.php" : <? Calque 15. Argilla: aScroller. Accessible JavaScript Newsticker. Recently we had a forum post by Heiko in which he asked whether anyone knew a JavaScript or Java based newsticker.

Accessible JavaScript Newsticker

Actually I didn’t know any, so I decided to code one on my own. Personally I don’t like conventional newstickers because of several reasons. First of all they are quite questionable from a usability point of view — the scrolling text distracts the user from the actual content. Secondly most of the implementations are not accessible, since they either use Java applets or JavaScript that does not degrade gracefully. And last but not least most implementations take up an impressive amount of CPU performance. So I made up my mind and came up with a solution that more or less eliminates those downsides. <div id="newsticker"><ul><li>Newsticker text 01</li><li>Newsticker text 02</li><li>Newsticker text 03</li></ul></div> Note: Even though I’m quite familiar with JavaScript there is of course room for improvement.

Rico Forum - Remove borders from Accordion. - web 2.0 javascript. Dynamic Option List. Ajax demonstration.