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The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Learning Management System (Small Business Edition) Feroze Mistry started The Misty Tree Café a decade ago.

The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Learning Management System (Small Business Edition)

With each passing year, his business expanded and today he is the proud owner of 20 cafes employing over 200 employees. Understandably, Mr Mistry’s training across his 20 cafes leaves room for improvement. Expanding the business created new challenges for Mr. Mistry, such as: Training new employees across different locationsUpdating existing employees’ product knowledgeKeeping all employees up-to-date with the local compliance lawsSustaining a standard level of service across all cafes Mr. There is no Feroze Mistry, or Misty Tree Cafes, but for many this scenario is all too true. Reason 1# Cost and Time Savings Traditionally only huge corporations could afford the cost and complexity of maintaining an LMS.

Even if a small business has a small training budget, then can still enjoy the benefits that an LMS has to offer. How to Develop Character Illustrations in Role-Play Scenarios. Proposal Submissions!

How to Develop Character Illustrations in Role-Play Scenarios

Prototypes! eLearning: Developing a Learning Culture– Key to Business Performance. According to recent Gartner Research, each hour of information technology training increases an employee’s performance by 5.75 hours.

eLearning: Developing a Learning Culture– Key to Business Performance

It also states that: It takes an untrained employee twice as long to do it by themselves through experimentation.Every hour of training reduces help desk support time by a quarter of an hour.Every hour of training reduces review and fixing errors by one hour. From “The ROI on Learning” by Gary Boomer, CEO of Boomer Consulting, statistics show a direct relationship between training and performance.

Similarly, for an organization to consistently perform at high levels of business performance, it has to understand and manage performance drivers. Measurable indicators provide feedback about the business performance, but results are delivered by the key drivers. Our Clients - InfoPro Learning. At InfoPro, we focus on partnering with every customer.

Our Clients - InfoPro Learning

We have developed a highly experienced, global team of top performers with deep experience in a wide range of industries. Our award-winning team is ready to help you develop the right custom learning and training solutions for your organization to help you deliver learning for performance and achieve successful outcomes. When our customers succeed, we succeed. InfoPro has developed meaningful, long-term relationships with a large number of customers across numerous industries. Training and Learning Development. E-Learning White Papers. Top Training Outsourcing Companies. InfoPro Learning was greatly appreciative to learn rated them in the top 20 for outsourced learning companies.

Top Training Outsourcing Companies

President at InfoPro Learning, Sriraj Mallick had this to say, “We had very aggressive goals laid out for 2014 and every single employee at InfoPro Learning pushed for 12 months to help us reach those goals. Although we work hard for the admiration of our customers above everything else, this is one award we work towards achieving every single year. It is an honor to be on the same list as so many other great companies in our industry and I look forward to being there again next year.” This marks the third year in a row which InfoPro Learning has received this award. From “This year’s top 20 training outsourcing companies shows the dominance and staying power of some of the core brands in our industry,” said Ken Taylor, president, Training Industry, Inc.

HTML5: What’s the Buzz? – Mobile Learning Solutions. What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a-happening?

HTML5: What’s the Buzz? – Mobile Learning Solutions

Do you care to know? Well, it’s from Flash to the future with HTML5!! What is HTML5? HTML5 is the fifth major revision of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the core language of the Web. Corporate Training Video Production. If I can watch it, why read?

Corporate Training Video Production

There is a video on the Internet for learning almost any skill, in most languages of the world. Training Solutions for the Transportation and Logistics industry. In today’s world of global businesses, robust and agile Transportation and Logistics solutions play a crucial role in enhancing the economic growth.

Training Solutions for the Transportation and Logistics industry

The challenges that face the Transportation and Logistics industry include competitive prices, critical delivery deadlines, effective customer service, seamless operations, and reliable processes. The competence, skills, and adaptability of teams can create a competitive advantage in such a situation. Training plays an important role in creating industry-ready workforce and catering to skill gaps in the existing workforce. eLearning Solutions for Telecom Industry. It is a new era for the Telecom industry today.

eLearning Solutions for Telecom Industry

With increasing usage of smartphones, demands of high speed Internet connectivity a new wave of competition has taken over the industry. This presents huge growth opportunities for the industry. However, the rapid pace of technological change and volatility within the telecommunications industry requires fast solutions to complex problems. Technology Training Solutions. With rapid expansion of the IT sector and severe consolidation resulting in the rise of new IT players, the need for human resource development has increased significantly.

Technology Training Solutions

According to a recent HBR report, there is a direct link between the training investment of companies and market capitalization. Those companies with a higher training investment had higher market capitalization. Product Training Solutions and Services. Why does 40% of the times even greatest products fail in performance? Poor knowledge transfer and ineffective product training methods are the answer. InfoPro develops bespoke product training solutions can empower your customers and employees to gain just-in time product knowledge. Our training solutions can help you shift from conventional training and long-winded presentations to truly interactive learning that is easy to use, yet closer to real-life situations. Our product trainings designed using cutting-edge multimedia and web technologies help you: Lay the foundation for successful product launchesInspire reps to sell your product—and your brandGive your salespeople the edge they needIncrease sales & boost profits per saleEncourage customer loyaltyAchieve never-before product positioning Our Offerings.

Business Simulation Training. It is a virtual world we train in. Simulations offer an alternative to real-world environments where learners can learn the competencies needed for their jobs. It is particularly useful in aviation, medicine, and manufacturing where it may not be possible to let employees learn “on the job” as the cost and risks would be high. Elearning Services for Publishing Industry. InfoPro Learning has helped the world’s largest publishing companies solve their challenges of efficiency, volume, and quality production of digital content. InfoPro’s innovative solutions for custom e-learning, rich multimedia, and other digital asset production have empowered publishing companies to expand their horizons in digital publishing. Mobile Learning Management System. Leverage the power of GnosisConnect Mobile to enable your organizational learning on the go.

GnosisConnect Mobile is a platform that delivers mobile-friendly content to any mobile device. Mobile content is downloaded to the device to ensure high performance and can therefore be accessed on the go whether online or offline. GnosisConnect Mobile is the ideal solution for organizations wanting to empower a workforce on the move with up-to-date, product information, sales updates, certification or compliance training, performance support materials, and other types of critical information. Learning Management System. Collaborative Learning Platform. Based on a 3Cs architecture: Create, Collaborate, and Collate, GnosisConnect Collaborate provides an avenue for collation of information, which, otherwise, lies in silos – mostly with experts and top performers.

This diverse information is organized into structured content that can be easily referred by the entire community, forever. So, with GnosisConnect Collaborate, one doesn’t need to find new knowledge accidently, it is available within the online learning topics. A simple click of button opens access to all the information and experience available within the organization anywhere, anytime through various devices – laptop, PC, phone, or tablet etc. Performance Improvement Consulting Firms. Employee Training Program. Employees will decide within 10 days if they intend to stay with the organization or begin looking for a different job, states a research by Office of the State Personnel.

Pharmaceutical Training. Virtually all learning executives and managers within the healthcare industry, regardless of whether he/she is at a CRO, Pharmaceutical, Hospital, or Medical Device company, is faced with the monumental challenge of developing forward looking training within a framework of uncertain future regulatory, financial, and business strategies. The big question for CLOs today is “Where should I spend my time and budget in order to maximize the impact of our Trainings and produce the best return on investment?” Mobile Learning Solutions. Your on-the-go workforce will not train itself.

Organizational Learning Strategy – InfoPro Learning. Learning functions are responsible for improving the performance of mission critical business functions in an organization such as Customer Support, Supply Chain Management, Production Operations, etc. Learning Effectiveness Evaluation. Workforce Training and Solutions. Research shows that 45% of organization’s performance is dependent on the quality of its leadership team. Gamification Companies. You hired the best teams to create the content. Energy Training Solutions. The energy industry operates in a highly regulated and complex environment. With nearly half of the workforce in the oil and gas industry expected to retire in the next ten years, the “big crew change” is a major concern for companies in this industry.

Entry-level engineers, though digitally savvy, lack the machine operating experiences needed to troubleshoot problems specific to an aging fleet of machines. Government regulations are constantly evolving and doing business internationally complicates things even further. Customer Support Solutions. Delivering a better customer experience is a strategic imperative for forward-thinking firms in every industry. Delivering a differentiated customer experience creates an organization’s competitive advantage and dramatically enhances the top and bottom line results. With increasing complexities and customer participation in shaping business outcomes, there are multiple touch points that influence the customer experience.

Competency Based Learning. Classroom trainings. Benefits of Blended Learning. eLearning Case Studies - InfoPro Learning. Business Performance Management. Learning Strategists, ARISE to MODERNIZE. Corporate Training Providers. Change Management Strategy: Use Social Media. BFSI: Learning Solutions for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance. Gamification: Effective or Ineffective? Corporate Training Providers. Top Benefits of Learning Management Systems (LMS) Learning Strategists, ARISE to MODERNIZE. Scenario-Based Learning. Scenario-Based Learning. eLearning Engagement. Importance of Product Knowledge Training. eLearning: Developing a Learning Culture– Key to Business Performance. eLearning Courses: Tips to Spruce up Your eLearning Engagement Online. Developing a Healthy Leadership Development Strategy – InfoPro Learning. Key to successful learning projects- Understanding Unstated Problems.

Tips To Choosing Graphics For eLearning Development. Blended Learning Grows Up - InfoPro Learning. Achieving Section 508 Compliance in Elearning. Tips To Section 508 Compliance in eLearning. BYOD - Bring Your Own Device: To Stay or To Go? Developing Effective Sales Training. Sales Strategy - Developing Effective Strategies for Sales Training. Instructional Tech - Mobile Learning, eLearning or Classroom Training?