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Hi I am an interior designer and professional blogger.

Low Voltage, LED, Solar Light. We never forget to leave a light on Light up your path with landscape lighting The outside of your home is often overlooked when it comes to decorating and setting up the space for functionality.

Low Voltage, LED, Solar Light

Considering your landscape and design elements outdoors creates better curb appeal and can set the space up to be more inviting to spend your time visiting with friends and family. Modern Ideas, LED, Low Voltage. Patio Furniture. Dress up your outdoor space with patio furniture Your outdoor space deserves to look as good as the inside of your home.

Patio Furniture

Great patio furniture and accessories can transform a boring deck, balcony, or patio into an outdoor oasis. Chandeliers. Light up your home in a wonderful way.


Homeclick’s selection of chandeliers includes contemporary, crystal, country/rustic, wrought iron and more with a variety of finishes, heights, brands and a wide price range. You can select from an extensive selection of colors and finishes, including basic blacks, bronze, nickel, or brass tones or more non-traditional blue, yellow, amber, burnt sienna or cinnamon. Whether shopping elegant chandeliers for a formal entry way or fairy tale inspired for a little girls room, Homeclick has the variety you need.

When browsing chandeliers for your living spaces, consider the height or length that you will need so that the chandelier hangs correctly in your space. Sometimes this is determined by the space you have, for example a low ceiling will require a short base or chain length while a vaulted ceiling might give you the flexibility of hanging the light in front of a high window or closer to the ground and will determine the length you choose. Home Office - from Cabinets to Chairs. The kitchen island is not a home office Create a home office for productivity with style Whether you work from home, need a space for students to do homework, or just need a place to take care of bills and household tasks a beautifully furnished home office gives you the organized space that you deserve.

Home Office - from Cabinets to Chairs

Choose from our variety of desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, book cases, storage cabinets, office accessories or office suites to outfit your home office. While your kitchen island may seem like a suitable place to work, it's so much nicer when you have a dedicated office space. Choosing a desk can be a lot of fun. Buy Cooling Fan Online. When you can't rely on Mother Nature Cool down your house with a stylish fan Fans offer a classic, time-tested method to cool your home.

Buy Cooling Fan Online

But classic doesn't mean old-fashioned -- not when it comes to the fans we offer here. Our ceiling fans, wall fans, and portable fans boast a wide variety of styles that can fit in with any home decor, from traditional 5-blade designs to modern pieces with artistically curved blades. Enjoy the latest in fan technology, too, like multi-speed units, remote control, and whisper-quiet motors. When deciding on a ceiling fan, account for the intended room placement. Our wall fans come in directional and oscillating design -- choose an option which makes the most sense for the room being cooled. Best Gas and Electric Grill. Humans are meant to cook outdoors Start cooking outdoors today Outdoor cooking is one of life's greatest pleasures.

Best Gas and Electric Grill

Modern Floor Lamps Sets. Get illuminated!

Modern Floor Lamps Sets

Lamps brighten every corner of your home Every room in your home needs illumination. Not only do you need lighting to see what you're doing once the sun goes down, but light also plays a role in how people feel. Kitchen & Dining Room Furniture Sets Online. Enhance the dine-in experience Cozy kitchens and dining rooms bring the restaurant vibe home There's nothing that says home-sweet-home more than a kitchen full of friends and family sharing good food and good times.

Kitchen & Dining Room Furniture Sets Online

Bedroom Furniture Sets Online. A better bedroom is just clicks away Find comfort and style in our wide selection of bedroom furniture.

Bedroom Furniture Sets Online

Living Room Furniture Online. What does your living room say about you?

Living Room Furniture Online

Show your style in your living room There is no better room in your house to let your personality shine through than in your living room. Whether you like a old world antique style formal living room or a soft and cozy crash pad for the family, the selection of living room pieces will not disappoint. Choose from sofas & sectionals, chairs & recliners, coffee & end tables, TV stands & entertainment centers, ottomans and more. Dinnerware sets, Glassware, Flatware. Next stop: Delightful Dining. Fireplaces - Electric & Gas, Mantels, Outdoor, Insert. Home Decor Online Shopping. Give your home a personal touch Let Project Decoration begin. Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, Fixtures. Quality lighting? Now there's a bright idea Indoor and Outdoor Lighting There’s no point in outfitting your home with the latest furniture, appliances, décor and paint if you’re not going to light it properly. Duvet Covers, Bed Sheets, Comforter.

Go to sleep in style Design your ideal bed It is not enough for a bed to be comfortable. It must also be inviting. The proper bedding can help you create an inviting bed and bedroom, where the right combination of sheets, comforter, pillows and cushions contrive to turn your ideal bedroom from dream to reality. Browse our extensive collection of bedding options and transform your bed into a comfortable and attractive bedroom centerpiece. Start with the mattress and work your way up. Outdoor Patio Furniture. Because "staying home" and "staying in" are two different things Outdoor living never looked so comfortable Extending our home’s living areas into the outdoors has long been a tradition in homeownership.

This outdoor section features everything that belongs under the sun, from patio furniture and dining sets to lawn décor and more. Be sure to account for the climate in your area when making outdoor product decisions and ensure that whatever you end up can stand up to the weather. There are countless ways to bring the comforts of the indoors outside. Home Decor and Improvement Online Store. Shop Island, Sinks, Cabinets, Faucets. Create a kitchen you'll never want to leave Create the kitchen of your dreams “Everything and the kitchen sink" would be the more appropriate saying here, for we have plenty of those and then some. Toilets, Cabinets, Decor, Faucets. Best Online Shopping Store. Give each room a memorable personality Outfit the home to suit your tastes Enjoy our wide selection of affordable furniture for the home and office.