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Lace Phone Case. Dumb Ways to Die.

DIY Plants

DIY Vases. DIY Jars. DIY Home Decor. DIY Chadeliers. DIY Lights. DIY Wreaths. DIY Awesome. NOT DIY. DIY Hostess. Food. DIY Paper Gifts. DIY Gifts. Relating to Books. DIY Helpful. Craft Websites. DIY Clothes. DIY Jewelry (See Anthro) DIY Makeup. DIY Anthropology. Crafts With Kids (Babysitting!) DIY Toys. DIY Christmas.

  1. maryflager Feb 27 2012
    ok sounds good! I just accepted your request. Sorry it took so long. Tough weekend.
  2. lizijk Feb 26 2012
    I think I may have figured it's called "team up"?
  3. maryflager Feb 25 2012
    hey, chic! you got some cool diy stuff in your pearls. I would like to friend you on here, but idk how! lol I am a noob. but i would like to friend you so I can pick through your stuff later and see what I might use for my project. According to my friends, I am a pretty cool friend to have as well. So there's that. ha! You are welcome to share any of my pearls you wanna! I got lots of diy, crafting, and home improvement projects. I am very interested in green projects, upcycling, and made from scratch things. So, when I figure out how, or if you already know how, lets be friends and share stuff. Thanks! :)