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The Handbook of English Pronunciation. Notes on Contributors vii Introduction xii Part I The History of English Pronunciation 1.

The Handbook of English Pronunciation

Introduction: English pronunciation with My Fair Lady (1964) English with a Smile - Pronunciation of the vowel [ʊ] The psychology of accents. Let's consider the accent(s) that may or may not distinguish and endear Bostonians and New Yorkers.

The psychology of accents

This Brainstuff podcast considers their origins. This website shows how there are 8 significant dialects of English being spoken in North America. Warning: Lots of information here: Did you know that people with accents can experience bias based solely on the way in which they pronounce their words? In his 2016 TED Talk, Safwat Saleem shares why he keeps speaking up. In his talk, Saleem challenges the assumptions and biases that exist in people when they hear accents that are different than their own.

An article in Scientific American - Why the Brain Doubts a Foreign Accent tries to explain that the reasons behind accent discrimination are not only a function of intolerance or racism, but that cognitive fluency compounds a speakers chances of being believed. Interactive IPA Chart. Skills: teaching English intonation. By Jim Scrivener Many teachers find intonation difficult to teach.

Skills: teaching English intonation

As a result they may avoid it. But intonation can be fun to work with - and it can make other language areas such as grammar easier to teach. Here are some ideas. One word conversations Write a number of single words (e.g. yes, today, sorry, bread etc.) on scraps of paper. Intonation and grammar in English When you teach a new grammar item (e.g. superlatives) don't just teach model sentences as 'idealised' examples - try putting the grammar into realistic and memorable everyday sentences with some real feeling such as anger, excitement, amazement etc (e.g. English Poems Choose a short extract from a poem that you like (about 4 - 8 lines). Intonation arrows A simple, clear way to show intonation is to draw a little box over each stressed syllable.

Marking texts Ask learners to listen to a short dialogue while looking at the printed text. Teaching speaking - Unit 4: stress and intonation. The interactive and downloadable material asks you or your trainees to think about specific pronunciation problems with stress, rhythm and intonation.

Teaching speaking - Unit 4: stress and intonation

You will need to match techniques to improve stress rhythm and intonation to specific pronunciation problems and try out some pronunciation activities. The videos in this series express the view that “English language teaching has the same challenges the world over”, but that the solutions to these problems depend very much on the local context, and for this reason the approach taken focuses on tasks that enable the participants to relate the video to their own specific practice and experience. Interactive tasks and videoWatch the video below. It shows Montakarn, Pathumporn, Sumalee and Supote talking about how they help students be more aware of the stress, rhythm and intonation of English. Intonation. Introduction to Articulatory Phonetics (Consonants) Introduction to Articulatory Phonetics (Vowels) Stress in English pronunciation  Learn English Today. IPA Phonetic Transcription of English Text. Hi!

IPA Phonetic Transcription of English Text

Got an English text and want to see how to pronounce it? This online converter of English text to IPA phonetic transcription will translate your English text into its phonetic transcription using International Phonetic Alphabet. Paste or type your English text in the text field above and click “Show transcription” button (or use [Ctrl+Enter] shortcut from the text input area). Features: Choose between British and American* pronunciation.

Phonetic Transcription of English Words. IPA Translator. Your browser is not supported! Start here Free Webinar "Learning English pronunciation the smart way" (26 min.) Phonetic Transcription Can Help You Improve Your English Pronunciation English pronunciation can be very confusing. As you know, there are no strict pronunciation rules in the English language, so if you see an unknown English word, you will not know how to pronounce it. Linking Consonant to Vowel. BBC Learning English. Nursery Rhymes as a Teaching Tool. In my November blog post, I shared information about how speech and language developand also spoke about the importance of nursery rhymes.

Nursery Rhymes as a Teaching Tool

This month, we are going to continue the discussion about the teaching tools of nursery rhymes for young children. Sounds are one of the many teaching tools of nursery rhymes. They also teach word order, grammar, and rhythm. Each of the content words– Peter, Piper pickled, peppers, picked, and peck are repeated four times each. But to build an appreciation of the flexibility of word order, each repetition puts the words in a different position.

Interactive Phonemic Chart: The 44 sounds & symbols of English. Phonetic alphabet - London School of English. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a system where each symbol is associated with a particular English sound.

Phonetic alphabet - London School of English

DipTESOL: introduction to the phonemic chart. This is an introductory session on the phonemic chart for trainees taking the DipTESOL.

DipTESOL: introduction to the phonemic chart

I’ve designed this to supplement input given via distance learning courses, to be run in-house. It’s meant to help trainees give a basic explanation of the phonemic chart – something I was asked to do during my DipTESOL phonology interview. The first question I was asked in my DipTESOL phonology interview was (along the lines of…): Can you give me a brief description of the phonemic chart, and how it might benefit learners of English? Gulp. If I were a DipTESOL tutor the first thing I would do is get the chart into play. Disclaimer: my flipcharts don’t look good Session time: about an hour I encountered the phonemic chart on my CELTA course, so I’m guessing others will have too.

Let’s add a bit more challenge… can trainees complete this sentences? Practice for Consonant Contrast. These materials can be used as additional phonetic exercises for practicing contrasting consonant sounds in initial, medial and final position in short words and in useful phrases ranging from easy to difficult.

Practice for Consonant Contrast

(You can listen to similar words in Listening for Consonants (AmE) and Listening for Consonant Contrast (AmE) in the section Phonetics.) Эти материалы можно использовать как дополнительные фонетические упражнения на контрастные согласные звуки в начальном, среднем и конечном положении в коротких словах и в полезных фразах от легких до трудных. English phonetic exercises - words.