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Nigel Slater's Very, Very Good Chocolate Brownies recipe Nigel Slater's Very, Very Good Chocolate Brownies recipe While this is an excellent recipe on the whole (I'd say it makes the best brownies I've ever tasted), there's an inaccuracy in the ingredients as listed here compared to the same one posted elsewhere on the web. This calls for 300 grams of 'soft brown sugar' as opposed to 300 grams of golden caster sugar. I noticed something wasn't quite right when trying to follow the instruction to beat the sugar and butter until 'white and fluffy'. Realising that no amount of beating was ever going to make that happen, I checked this against the recipe that I used last time on the Guardian website (posted by Nigel Slater himself) and noted the discrepancy, but pressed on so as not to waste an entire pack of butter. Thankfully the brownies still turned out very well, but I do strongly recommend that caster sugar be used. I found the brown sugar gave the brownies a malty aftertaste and a slight grittiness that I wasn't so keen on. - 09 Feb 2013
March 30th, 2014 • The meeting after the meeting sometimes has more impact that the meeting itself. In many organizations, that’s where people share their real opinions and where the real decisions are made. A team might agree around the conference table, but then express doubts in the “safer” environment of the hallway or coffee shop. Tom Fishburne: Marketoonist

Tom Fishburne: Marketoonist

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