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eLearning Solution Case Study on Discount Store Retail Training. Highlights Development of eLearning programs for all major work areas such as Store Procedures, Machine Management, Driving Practices, etc.Learning content simplified to address different capability workforce such as drivers, mid-level store workers, assistant store managers and technicians.Course features – Learning Avatars, Contextual Interactions, interactive content design but without Narrations.

eLearning Solution Case Study on Discount Store Retail Training

Requirement Profile Discount store involves uniform operational processes performed by very large members of a retail store team. It is an everyday challenge for all the workers to execute their tasks adhering with stipulated procedures and in perfect coordination with other teams. This makes imperative for each worker to understand their role-based work processes. To realize the seriousness of understanding these processes, please review the following two examples from discount store Warehouse Operation Management: Proposed Solution Business Impact. Custom eLearning Development: Printable Quiz Data in Storyline 2 with JavaScript. Among all the eLearning authoring tools, I love the adaptability of Articulate Storyline 2 and its ability to relinquish the default options for a really customized quizzing in order to create a better eLearning experience.

Custom eLearning Development: Printable Quiz Data in Storyline 2 with JavaScript

Be it custom eLearning or rapid eLearning development, the blend of JavaScript in Storyline creates endless prospects to make best eLearning courses. Case Study: One fine day, a client approached us with a unique requirement – We were asked to implement the following: Case Study – Custom eLearning Interactivities using Articulate Storyline 360. When we develop customized eLearning courses, we always make sure that client satisfaction is the ultimate success.

Case Study – Custom eLearning Interactivities using Articulate Storyline 360

In this case study for eLearning, we would like to share one of our recent achievements. About Client: Our client is a leading electronic and electrical devices manufacturer in Canada with more than 10,000+ employees globally. As a top manufacturing company, our client manufactures high-quality resistors and capacitors. Trivantis’ CenarioVR: 360 Degree Virtual Walkthrough eLearning Courses. Virtual Reality will be the next biggest thing in the arena of eLearning.

Trivantis’ CenarioVR: 360 Degree Virtual Walkthrough eLearning Courses

Organizations are gearing up to catch the current trend to create innovative and immersive eLearning courses. Well, there are many eLearning authoring tools and software applications to develop 360-degree virtual tours. But our recent observations in creating virtual reality courses shown us the better results when it was developed in Trivantis’ CenarioVR online authoring tool. As in the need of a virtual reality course, one of the clients from the Hospitality Industry approached us to develop a virtual tour of their newly constructed hotel. The key idea to develop such a course is to provide a 360-degree virtual tour of a hotel room, suite room, lounge, amenities that the hotel is providing, etc., to the tourists.

A visitor or a user can explore and engage in the digital environment which is nearer to real-life scenarios. Articulate Storyline 360 Tutorial Videos, eLearning Design. Is Elucidat Right Authoring Tool for Responsive eLearning? The Elucidat is a simpler and faster cloud-based eLearning authoring tool that can help you deliver high quality responsive eLearning courses – 50% faster. Elucidat makes eLearning development incredibly easy for the developers with a little or no training required. Given the technical constraints, creating HTML5 multi-device / mobile learning has never been so easy. Features of adapt authoring tool for responsive elearning development. Features of Adapt: Unique Structure: Adapt has a unique “single page application” structure which reduces the number of HTTP requests to the server which would drastically bring down the load time of the pages.

Features of adapt authoring tool for responsive elearning development

Design: It’s “mobile first” design approach that allows the users to keep scrolling the mobile to view content in a page, thereby giving a continuous visual flow down in a page. Configurable:The flexibility in providing configurable styles for layouts, styling and functionality, makes Adapt a very attractive and powerful content authoring tool. Output: Adapt output would work perfectly well across all modern browsers and operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows.

The course output is HTML5 which is supported by all latest browsers. Plug-ins: Adapt is completely extendable through plug-ins and is built on a modular structure. Navigation:Adapt allows you to define the flow of the content. Rapid eLearning Approach to Convert University Courses into Web-Based eLearning Programs. Highlights Long list of PowerPoint presentations are converted into eLearning modulesConsistent instructional design approach is adopted to enhance learning impact and reduce costDetail-oriented science education is simplified using creative interactions and relevant media elementsThe eLearning authoring tool chosen for this project – Articulate Storyline 2 Requirement Profile One of the top 30 universities of Australia tasked Swift (an eLearning solutions provider from India) with the challenge of converting their large number of Vision Science – Optometry material into engaging online learning modules.

Rapid eLearning Approach to Convert University Courses into Web-Based eLearning Programs

In regular practice, the training materials were supplied to students besides their classroom education as reference material. It includes PDFs, charts, videos, etc. University also wanted these eLearning modules to be accessed from multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablet along with PCs – a requirement of mLearning. Best Authoring Tools For Rapid eLearning Development – Comparison. Way of learning needs lead to create various authoring tools to meet the learner requirements and the training models.

Best Authoring Tools For Rapid eLearning Development – Comparison

Though there are various best authoring tools and each tool has its own identity to stand in the race of technology by integrating the components that are required for the learners so as to enhance the learning experience and retention. Let’s see some of the tools that are tailored to meet the learner needs. iSpring Suite: iSpring is one of the rapid elearning authoring tools which is integrated with Quizmaker, Dailogue simulations, Interactive Templates, screencasts, etc. Even a novice can create an intuitive course with these features in iSPring toolkit. Steps to Choose Right Authoring Tool For eLearning Content Development.

Choosing the right authoring tool gives you the ability to design amazing eLearning content quickly and cost-effectively. So, let’s look at the criteria of choosing the rapid eLearning authoring tool. 1. Make sure your familiarity in the tool Before making any decision, check the familiarity of authoring tool, because without competency it’s not possible to make the best and efficient use of features. Research the vast range of rapid authoring tools in the market or review the technical support offered through online tutorials. Familiarity results in giving interactive and effective courses by using appropriate tools at appropriate place. 2.

No doubt, every rapid authoring tool possess plenty of features, with which interactive, attractive and Rapid eLearning courses can be delivered. 3. Steps to Choose Right Authoring Tool For eLearning Content Development. Mobile Learning Challenges in corporate training - elearning. Mobile learning is turning out to be the most preferred cup of tea in the eLearning industry.

Mobile Learning Challenges in corporate training - elearning

Mobile learning or mLearning when blended with ingredients like microlearning, social learning and personalized learning can be the most effective corporate training strategy. Proliferation of mobile devices and the fact that it is apt to the current generation has added a fuel to this popular eLearning trend. Despite its heavy acceptance, mobile learning is facing some real time challenges to prove its worth. In this blog, we’ll explain you the 3 common challenges you need to consider before implementing mobile learning in your organization.

Need of the hour - Cybersecurity for Your Remote Employees Due to Coronavirus. There are various cyber threats that you should be aware of Using personal devices without proper anti-virus application: Most of the personal devices which are used at home are without secured applications and firewall setup.

Need of the hour - Cybersecurity for Your Remote Employees Due to Coronavirus

Due to this reason hackers can easily access the device. Custom eLearning Development Solutions For Retail Sales Training. In the Retail Industry, custom eLearning offers massive benefits as opposed to the traditional instructor-led training in terms of retail employee training.

Custom eLearning Development Solutions For Retail Sales Training

Training the sales staff pose industry-specific challenges such as restricted training budgets, dispersed workforce, high turnover rates, etc. Embracing custom eLearning for product knowledge, onboarding, compliance and sales skills would help retailers overcome these challenges. With the rising trends like Microlearning, mobile learning and gamification, eLearning is now more powerful and can address retail sales training needs like never before. It helps retailers address employee retention eliminating time and place constraints while providing a positive training ROI. Custom eLearning: 4 Fundamental Ingredients to Set Your eLearning Content Development on Fire. Skilled Instructional Designers are similar to Master Chefs!

They cook the dish of quality eLearning in all formats – custom eLearning content development, rapid eLearning, mobile learning or microlearning. Whichever may be the eLearning format, the core ingredients they use determine the learner’s appetite for learning. Keeping these ingredients handy can help instructional designers create effective eLearning content that promotes in-depth learning which brings behavioral changes as well as improves on-job performance. There’s no space for bad eLearning design. (Don’t let your learners struggle to retain the information. Best Practices for Successful Custom eLearning Development.

Looking to implement custom eLearning development solutions in your organization? This blog will provide you the best practices for custom elearning content development that fits your organization’s culture and context! Elearning is really impactful when it sticks! It lets the learners apply the knowledge in the real-world environment. But, when does it actually stick? It sticks when it is learner-centered and customized to meet the client’s specific business requirements. 1.

Before developing ‘learner-centered’ eLearning, we need to understand who the learners are and what they need. Why You Should Invest in Custom eLearning Content Development. If you are looking to invest in custom eLearning solutions and unclear whether to invest in custom or off-the-shelf e-Learning, then this post is for you.

Custom eLearning is the eLearning that is adapted or customized to specific learning needs to bring improved performance with desired learning and business outcomes. Custom eLearning if designed well can have edge over classroom training. This is because it is specific – Tailored to your corporate training needs, branding values, learner styles and preferences, providing a personalized learning experience. Template-based eLearning or off-the-shelf courses can be inexpensive and easy to develop. Whereas creating custom eLearning takes time and efforts to develop, but the returns are worth the investment and could be cost-effective in the long run.

Contract Management Online Training Certification Course. Course Overview: Simply put, Contract Management is ‘Forward Thinking’ and Bill Gates for one, would never be able to appreciate it enough! Call it seeing the right opportunity at the right time and then executing well on the concept. Contract management is the process of managing contract creation, execution and analysis to maximise operational and financial performance at an organisation, all while reducing financial risk.

Organizations encounter an ever-increasing amount of pressure to reduce costs and improve company performance. Perhaps the best case in focus would be of the IBM PC that presents how Microsoft ended up with the contract for the operating system, which would eventually make Microsoft’s MS-DOS the standard and set the stage for Microsoft becoming the leading PC software company. Articulate Storyline Interactive eLearning Quiz Templates. Is it Necessary to Implement Blended Learning? Corporate training programs have been implemented by most companies as a matter of investment. But, with technology advancing at such a rapid rate, it is not enough if you just leave all the training sessions in to just classroom training. It may not fulfil all the goals completely. Today, we see BYOD, next generation cloud computing, and all other pervasive technology. E-Learning E-Templates are current trend? Rapid e-learning courseware development is a current trend; the demand and the keyword for ultra-rapid is in near future.

It is difficult to guess the relationship between increase in e-learning demand and no. of developers; but one is for sure that the demand is for lesser time and cost with better quality are up. It is a challenge as well as a beauty of the game. Today e-learning developers are mushrooming on an individual basis, in groups and as an organizational structures; but still it seems that the demand is unmet. Compare to groups and organizations, there is unprecedented increase in individual e-learning developers.

Emotional Intelligence eLearning Course. This eLearning course on Emotional Intelligence will help teams to work together more effectively by identifying, evaluating, and managing emotions. Retail Management Training eLearning Course - Preparing For Retail Management. Interview skills training course. Rapid eLearning Development Solutions. Mobile Learning Solutions. E-Learning Service Providers.

Legacy Course Conversion Services. Custom E-Learning Services.