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Medford furniture - by owner - craigslist. $60 Air mattress $60 pic map Armoire & Matching Shelves $750 (E.

medford furniture - by owner - craigslist

Medford) pic map $100 Adjustable bed $100 map Filing cabinet $40 (East Medford) pic Beautiful Dining Room Set $1300 (Medford) pic map Drafting Table $250 (Eagle Point) pic map Coffee Table $40 (White city) pic Mission Entertainment Armoire $250 (Medford/Central Point) pic. Charming Vintage Kitchen Prayers, Recipes & Stories. These sweet kitchen prayers, simple stories and old-timer words of wisdom were frequently found in old community cookbooks and vintage homemaking magazines.

Charming Vintage Kitchen Prayers, Recipes & Stories

They were clipped and pasted into recipe scrapbooks, done in cross stitch to be framed and hung on kitchen walls or given as bridal shower gifts. Some bring a chuckle while others a soft smile and sadly, we don’t see much of them anymore in today’s publications. I’ve moved all of these charmers here on one page and I’ll add new ones as I come across them. Enjoy! My Kitchen Prayer. Open Forum - Coin Laundry Association. This would be neat on the wall. # Pin++ for Pinterest #

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Open Forum - Coin Laundry Association. I recently raised my WDF price by .15 and I haven't lost any customers yet - DARN!!

Open Forum - Coin Laundry Association

I raised it because we have hit capacity - AGAIN - and I was hoping to thin the herd. I am the highest in my market by at least .26 cents a pound but we do a stellar job. I refer to our drop off service as crack. Once they try it they just can't get off of it. I was hesitant to raise the price as we were already well over the competition, but our customers value service over cost and I will continue to push the envelope. I figured that I could lose 12% of my previous volume and be even on gross, but way ahead on net as I could cut OT, supply and washer and dryer costs.

Go for it! ------------------------------James DeLeoNY / NJ------------------------------ Original Message:Sent: 07-06-2015 18:36From: J HSubject: Looking to raise prices for Drop-Off Diane, Open Forum - Coin Laundry Association. Thanks Gary.

Open Forum - Coin Laundry Association

We use the 40 lb machine far more than the 20 pound ones. And some clients have giant sized sleeping bags and comforters. With them, we go even higher. I'm thinking maybe a couple of 40 - 50 pounders and then a larger one b/c we rarely use anything below a 40 pounder. Open Forum - Coin Laundry Association. My company started off as a house cleaning company.

Open Forum - Coin Laundry Association

We offered laundry as a side gig and were astonished at how quickly and profitable it swiftly became. Within no time we were running neck and neck with house cleaning profits and then I was astonished at how fast laundry surpassed house cleaning-----with less hassle and stress. We just totally dropped the house cleaning and are 100% laundry service now. We are using a local gigantic laundromat but in fall, we are opening our own space that will allow also for drop off/pick up. Open Forum - Coin Laundry Association. I think single pocket dryers, all other things being equal, are liked better by customers than stack dryers.

Open Forum - Coin Laundry Association

Out of a total of 41 dryers, my store has only 4 stacked pockets. That said, I like the SQ 55 lb single pocket dryer. About 5 years ago I replaced nine 30EG singles with eight of the SQ 55s. They have been so popular that I recently replaced 10 SQ "slimline" singles with another eight SQ 55s. Customers use them just as the did the slimlines (for both small and large loads). 30lb dryers are priced at six and two thirds minutes per quarter, and the 55s are priced at five minutes per quarter. Pin by Teacup Gardens on Laundry & Linens. Pin by Teacup Gardens on Laundry & Linens. Pin by Teacup Gardens on Laundry & Linens. Storage Ideas That Also Decorate a Laundry Room A lot of the functional things in a laundry room can be doubled as vintage decor pieces.

For example, storage containers play a role in the room’s decor. Some containers that work well for a vintage styled room include porcelain enamel metal bowls as seen in picture (2), wire baskets (3), wicker baskets with a vintage patterned fabric or lace lining (4), and glass jars or bottles. Vintage style fabric can also be used to create a slip cover for the ironing board or to create laundry bags as seen in picture (5). Then there vintage clothing pegs which look amazing (6), as well as a vintage styled hook rack (7). Furniture and Lighting Ideas When it comes to furniture pieces like a table, shabby chic wooden furniture with that weathered painted look work best.

Simple Vintage Decor Ideas Related Posts: Open Forum - Coin Laundry Association. Jon and anyone in a draught area, Here's a brief description of my E-cycles: 1.

Open Forum - Coin Laundry Association

Any Huebsch washer that has an Extra Wash button and an Extra Rinse button can be programmed for E-cycles. 2. E-cycles are fast, 20 minute cycles that are effective for cleaning lightly to moderately soiled loads. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Guys, A regular customer recently told me that some friends of his are coming over from Detroit for a visit. ------------------------------Larry AdamskiStore OwnerMuskegon LaundromatSpring Lake MI------------------------------ 11 ways to green your laundry. Though it may seem like a pedestrian chore, doing the laundry has a bigger impact on the planet than you might think.

11 ways to green your laundry

Between 75 and 80 percent of our clothing's lifecycle impact comes from washing and drying, according to reports by Proctor (pdf) and Marks & Spencer, because it takes so much energy to heat the wash water and run the dry cycle. So there's huge potential to reduce your personal energy and water use, and therefore your environmental footprint, by simply greening your laundry habits. Benefits to the environment notwithstanding, you can also save some greenbacks by following an earth-friendly laundry regimen. The average household does almost 400 loads of laundry each year, consuming about 13,500 gallons of water according to Energy Star. Switching to an Energy Star-qualified front-loading (or "horizontal axis") machine can save as much as 7,000 gallons of water per year. Fresh Aired Ideas. The Three ‘P’s of Wash-Dry-Fold - Planet Laundry. Packaging, a Personal Touch and a POS System are Keys to Boosting Your Drop-Off Laundry Business In the next five years, you may not recognize the wash-dry-fold business.

The Three ‘P’s of Wash-Dry-Fold - Planet Laundry

It very likely will be growing significantly in just about every market. Search for "fluff and fold" - Coin Laundry Association. Laundry Care Express. BumGenius - Cotton Babies Cloth Diaper Store. Shop Diapers. Innovative Laundromat Brain Wash Revamps with All New Dexter Coin Laundry Equipment. Containerstore. Laundry: Household - Free Shipping. Cloth diaper covers.