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Matthew W King, PhD

I can frequently be found tromping around various parts of the planet. Non-Profit President | Social Entrepreneur | Consultant | Advisor | Researcher | Philanthropist I hold nearly two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and government employee in the field of environment and sustainable development. As President and Chairman of the Board for the Living GREEN Foundation™ 501(c)3, I establish fiscal sponsorships for people with great ideas and the courage to make a positive social and environmental impact. Fiscal sponsorship enables a nonexempt charitable project to raise funds and operate through an exempt sponsor. I serve a wide-range of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, visionaries, and philanthropists seeking to create positive social and environmental changes. My aim is to advance causes in ways that are effective, conscientious, and innovative by conducting empirical research, and then I offer evidence-based strategic advice to support leadership decisions. I accomplish these goals by offering strategic advice regarding growth, long-term strategy, planning, and implementation of innovative organizational architectures based on open, transparent, and inclusive systems of governance. As a member of Blue Sage Resource Collaborative (Blue Sage Advisory), I create opportunities for B-Corporations and other entities to give a percentage of equity to the Living GREEN Foundation™ to advance corporate social and environmental responsibility. Previously, I served as a US Presidential Management Fellow, Clinton Administration, and as Sr Program Manager for Latin America with the Office of International Activities, NOAA Research. I earned my PhD at the University Cambridge (UK) in 2008; M.Phil at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland; B.A. University of Tulsa; Study Abroad at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm an expert in the political ecology of international development. I have a specific interest in the geo-politics of resource scarcity, environmental change and the role of alternative governance architectures.

Living GREEN Foundation.