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Custom Wheelchair Ramps Help Meet the Exact Requirements of Users. Custom ramps in New Jersey are built to ADA specifications and help wheelchair users to improve mobility and regain independence.

Custom Wheelchair Ramps Help Meet the Exact Requirements of Users

Custom wheelchair ramps are permanent ramps, pre-configured and designed to the exact specification of the users. Made of aluminum, steel and wooden materials, they are strong, affordable and reliable and can be easily installed. Typically, they have 800 lbs loading capacity. They have a slip-resistant tread surface, which prevents users from slipping and falling. They allow natural drainage and eliminate the formation of puddles. Wheelchair ramps are one of the most popular modifications that can be done to a building to make it more accessible. Various Types of Ramps. Accessibility Products and Solutions. Ensure ADA Compliance with Bruno Commercial Wheelchair Lifts. Vertical platform lifts (VPLs) are a cost-effective solution to make a church, school, office or other public building accessible for people using mobility devices.

Ensure ADA Compliance with Bruno Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

For any kind of business that serves members of the public or has 15 or more employees, the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes both the business owner and their landlord responsible for ensuring that the premises are accessible to disabled persons. The building should also comply with state and local building codes. Bruno commercial wheelchair lifts are designed to keep your business friendly for people with mobility challenges. People using scooters and wheelchairs are ensured a smooth, quiet ride as they travel from one floor level to another. Key Features Standard features of Bruno’s commercial VPL include: How Beneficial Are Stairlifts for Heavy Weight Individuals. Stairlifts in Philadelphia, help elderly, mobility impaired individuals as well as obese or overweight individuals to move freely from one floor to another. Stair climbing is a good exercise for obese or overweight individuals as it helps to burn the fat faster and keeps their body active and healthy.

However, some heavy weight individuals, who have joint pain, arthritis, heart diseases, ankle, knee or respiratory problems, balance issues and other mobility issues, may find climbing and descending stairs an extremely difficult task. Global Stair Lift Market Analysis during 2016- 2022. RAEZ0110 Rubber Threshold Ramps. Rear Door Van Ramps. Rampit USA - Manufacturer. Established in 1992, TJ Rampit USA Inc has over 100 years of combined ramp experience.

Rampit USA - Manufacturer

The company manufactures a complete line of ramps in the industry, which includes curb ramps, butt ramps, and ramp systems in both wood and aluminum. All the ramps are built to order with an emphasis on customizing to fit the needs of each particular case. Living Free Home, a leading provider of high quality accessibility solutions offers quality ramps from TJ Rampit USA. Learn About Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps for Sale in New Jersey. Wheelchair ramps allows people who use a wheelchair, scooter, crutches, cane or walker and those who cannot walk with a regular gait to easily access a building or other raised landing.

Learn About Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps for Sale in New Jersey

Ramps come in various types of material and aluminum is a good choice as it will not rust or splinter. There are a wide variety of aluminum ramps for sale in New Jersey and a reliable supplier can help you set one up to meet your requirements. NY mobility equipment companies offer high quality aluminum wheelchair ramps from leading manufacturers such as National Ramps for use in residential and commercial buildings. These systems are extremely strong and sturdy and can comfortably accommodate 800 – 850 pounds of weight. They are lightweight, durable and safe, provide excellent traction,and can be easily installed within a few hours. Retain the Beauty of Your Home and Your Independence with a Curved Stairlift.

Spiral or curved stairways can be a beautiful addition to a home, but often pose a major accessibility challenge for the elderly and people with mobility problems.

Retain the Beauty of Your Home and Your Independence with a Curved Stairlift

Steeper than regular stairs, curved and spiral staircases are difficult to negotiate. The ideal option to improve accessibility over such stairs is to install a curved stairlift. Ez-Access with Handrails Classic Series. Ez-Access Pathway Ramp Classic Series. EZ-Access Trifold Ramp - Advantage Series. DIY Modular Ramps. Bruno Wheelchair lifts for ADA-compliant, Barrier-free Accessibility. Ease Joint Strains with a Stairlift – Living Free Home – Medium. Arthritis is a common health problem in the United States, affecting more than 50 million adults.

Ease Joint Strains with a Stairlift – Living Free Home – Medium

Most people with arthritis and other joint-related medical conditions have difficulty with stairs. Installing a stairlift is an efficient and economical way to reduce strain on the joints. Stairlifts in New Jersey are available in a variety of models for straight as well as curved staircases indoors or out. Arthritis can affect one joint or multiple joints. The symptoms of this chronic condition include pain, limited range of motion, swelling, inflammation and stiffness in the joints. Stairlifts eliminate the barriers posed by stairs and allow people with joint strains to move safely and comfortably between the levels of a building.

Benefits of Stairlifts · Eliminates the risks associated with climbing stairs. Straight Ramp with Platform. Straight Ramp No Platform. Bruno Stairlifts Improve Quality of Life for the Mobility Impaired. Older adults and those with physical disabilities find the stairs in their home a major challenge that prevents them from moving about freely and independently.

Bruno Stairlifts Improve Quality of Life for the Mobility Impaired

Bruno stairlifts in New Jersey provide the solution for people who find difficulty climbing up and down stairs. These stairlifts are designed to provide smooth, comfortable and safe access in multilevel homes. How Stairlifts improve Quality of Life If you have mobility issues, installing a Bruno stairlift in your home would change your life for the better in many ways: • Avoids risk of injuries on stairs: Climbing a staircase is a tedious and challenging task for those with mobility problems.

. • Restores independence: Studies on the effect of stairlifts on individuals have shown that 92 percent of people who own a stairlift enjoy a sense of independence and freedom. Frequently Asked Questions. Living Free Home Improved Accessibility in Historic Home with Bruno Stairlift. Commercial Wheelchair Lift — Overcome Barriers to Access in Public Settings. Commercial wheelchair lifts allow wheelchair users to move safely and independently from one level of a building to another.

Commercial Wheelchair Lift — Overcome Barriers to Access in Public Settings

These lifts are an ideal option for public settings such as church, schools, offices and other commercial buildings. EZ-Access 2 1/4-In Rubber Threshold Riser Boxed (2 EA) Living Free Home Becomes Bruno’s Diamond Certified Stairlift Dealer. Curved Stairlifts — Get a Custom Mobility Solution for Your Home. Leading dealers in mobility equipment offer premium quality curved stairlifts in Philadelphia.

Curved Stairlifts — Get a Custom Mobility Solution for Your Home

They custom build these stairlifts to meet their customers personal needs and to also blend with their home’s unique architectural specifications. These personalized solutions allow people to remain independent within their own home. The elderly are most at risk of hurting themselves on stairs. Stairlifts are the best solution to prevent slips and falls on the stairs. According to a BBC report, more than 1,000 people suffer fatal injuries every year after falling down stairs and more than 100,000 elderly persons are treated for injuries due to falls on stairs every year. Curved stairs are steeper and difficult to use especially by the elderly. Support Tube Pairs Archives - livingfreehome. Bruno Stairlifts - Diverse Models for Every Budget and Space.

Maintain Your Independence and Safety at Home with a Stairlift. Stairlifts help the elderly and people with mobility issues to navigate stairs easily.

Maintain Your Independence and Safety at Home with a Stairlift

Dealers in mobility devices offer premium quality stairlifts in New Jersey that are designed with ease of use, safety and comfort in mind. Stair lifts are can be easily operated by people of all ages. Recent market research reports indicate that the stairlift market is booming due to increasing awareness about these accessibility and mobility devices and technological advancements in the industry. Moreover, the rise in geriatric population, ageing-related health conditions and increased awareness about stair lifts among people with limited mobility is also expected to fuel demand for this accessibility device.

Persistance Market Research predicts that the global stair lifts market will grow at a CAGR of 7% during 2016–2024 and that North America will remain the second largest market for stair lifts. Benefits of Stairlifts Features · Retractable seatbelt for added peace of mind · Remarkable stability. Lightning Ground Rod Kit. 180° Turnback Configuration Ramp Kit. Build a Ramp on Your Own with DIY Modular Ramps. Residential Garage Application - Living Free Home. Bruno residential vertical platform lifts can be designed specifically for your accessibility needs. Our units can help you with a small rise to your garage door landing or front porch upto a 14′ lift to an upper deck. A Living Free Home representative will look at your property and help you make the appropriate decision for yours needs.

Bruno Vertical Platform Lifts FEATURES: Download The VPL Brochure | VPL Reference Guide & Option Sheet | View the VPL 3100 Spec Sheet | View the VPL 3200B Spec Sheet Need assistance? Modular Ramps to Enhance Accessibility in Homes and Public Spaces. Commercial Ramps in New Jersey–Fully Compliant with ADA Standards. Commercial ramps in New Jersey provide a complete solution for mobility issues in public buildings. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) instructs that all public buildings should be designed and constructed in such a manner that they are readily accessible by mobility challenged individuals. Installation of a ramp can make a commercial building friendly for wheelchair users. It provides safety and freedom for elderly or mobility impaired individuals to access office buildings, restaurants, churches, educational institutions and shopping malls.

It is important that these commercial applications meet the wheelchair ramp construction specifications, codes and handicap access guidelines of ADA. EZ-Access Trifold Ramp - Advantage Series. Commercial Wheelchair Lifts - Designed for Low-rise Travel. Handicare Curved Stairlifts — Overcome the Issues Posed by Curved Staircases. Handicare, a global leader of accessibility products, is committed in making everyday life easier for seniors and persons with disabilities. Handicare stairlifts are designed to overcome the accessibility barriers posed by curved staircases. They are an ideal option to help the elderly and people with disabilities to access the different levels of their home safely and independently.

Leading suppliers of accessibility devices in New York offer Handicare’s curved stairlifts at competitive rates. Popular Models of Handicare Curved Stairlifts • Rembrandt — Designed for an indoor staircase, the special design allows it to handle steeper inside curves quite easily. Straight Ramp with Platform. Bruno Stairlifts - Restore Access to Entire Living Spaces. Exterior Stairlifts — Overcome the Challenge Posed by Outside Steps. Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment offer high quality exterior stairlifts in New Jersey and also install them efficiently on outdoor straight or curved staircases. These devices are designed exclusively for outdoor applications. They enable people with mobility impairments or older adults to safely and easily move up and down the steps to a porch, deck or garden. An exterior stairlift comes with weatherproof features to protect it from harsh climatic conditions.

The device is easy to use and maintain as well as affordable and reliable. It can even fit on even the narrowest stairs. Popular Models of Exterior Stairlifts If you are buying your stairlift in New Jersey, you can choose from the following models: Features These devices come with a wide range of features to assure your ride is safe and comfortable:

ELEV8® Adjustable Threshold Ramps. Living Free Home, a leading provider of high quality portable ramps provides reliable products from Prairie View Industries. We offer ELEV8® Adjustable threshold ramps from this reputable manufacturer. Wheelchair Lifts in NJ for a Safe and Comfortable Environment. Older adults and people with physical disabilities usually find staircases a major challenge that keeps them from accessing a building with raised a deck or porch. Wheelchair lifts can overcome this problem by helping them move up and down the various levels without leaving their assistive device. Leading suppliers of mobility equipment offer wheelchair lifts in NJ from top brands, helping customers maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. Bruno Stairlifts in New Jersey Help Ensure a More Independent Lifestyle.

For disabled or elderly people, moving from one level of their home to another is often tedious and they may need the help of a caregiver. EZ-Access Trifold Ramp - Advantage Series. WCR Series 600-800 lb capacity. Wheelchair Ramps — Improve Accessibility in Various Settings. Wheelchair ramps enable wheelchair or scooter users to safely and independently enter and exit a building or a vehicle. They can be set up at the steps leading to front or back entry doors, from the garage into the home, at the side door or rear door of a vehicle, and over thresholds.

Handicare Rembrandt. Serving all of New Jersey, New York City, Boston, and the Philadelphia Area, Living Free Home is an established provider of quality accessibility solutions. Handicare Van Gogh Stairlift. A reliable accessibility solutions provider in the U.S., Living Free Home offers quality curved stairlifts from the leading manufacturer Handicare. We supply Handicare Van Gogh that has been designed specifically for the outside of the stairs. One of the most popular curved stairlifts in the world, this device provides a safe, smooth and comfortable ride even in the most complicated of staircases. Handicare Vermeer Stairlift. Custom Wheelchair Ramps. Custom Ramps for the Disabled Available in New Jersey. Straight Stairlifts — Overcome the Issues Caused by Straight Staircases. Handicare Curved Stairlifts. Residential Wheelchair Lifts - Helping People with Special Needs. Ensure Ease of Access over Stairs with Stairlift Installation.

Pressure Treated Modular Wood. Stairlifts Staten Island, New York. Curved and Straight Stairlifts NY. ADA Compliant Ramps. Wheelchair Ramps - Maintain Freedom and Comfort. Everything You Need to Know about Wheelchair Ramps in New York. DIY Modular Ramps-Build a Ramp on Your Own. How Beneficial Are Steel Wheelchair Ramps? Installing Curved Stair Lifts — Key Factors to Consider. Residential Wheelchair lifts Archives - livingfreehome. Commercial Wheelchair Lifts. Normal 0 false false false EN-IN X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style.

Portable Wheelchair and Scooter Ramps. How Beneficial Are Steel Wheelchair Ramps? Enjoy Your Independence with Stairlifts in NYC – Living Free Home – Medium. Handicare Curved Stairlifts. Commercial Wheelchair Lift. How Wheelchair and Scooter Users are Benefited by Portable Ramps. Commercial: Wheelchair Lifts. Curved Stairlift Installation Helps War Veteran to Access Stairs. Wooden or Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp — Which One Is Right for You? Unenclosed Commercial VPL. Ramp Rental - Frequently Asked Questions [Infographic] Buying Stairlifts in New York — Key Points to Note – Living Free Home – Medium. Handicare Rembrandt. How to Make a Home Accessible to All by Installing Accessibility Equipment. Overcome Mobility Concerns Related to Stairs with Stairlifts. Wheelchair Ramp for the Safety of Mobility Impaired Individuals. Open Mesh Steel Ramp Installation Improved Accessibility to NJ Client’s Beach House.

Rental Ramps in New Jersey – Living Free Home – Medium. Handicare Curved Stairlifts. NJ Beach House Now Power Chair Accessible with Open Mesh Steel Ramp. Reliable Ramp Systems Available in New Jersey – Living Free Home – Medium. Residential Garage Application - Living Free Home. Curved Stairlift Installation Helps War Veteran to Access Stairs.

Exterior Stairlifts Provide Valuable Assistance for Mobility Impaired Individuals. Ez-Access Suitcase Ramp Advantage Series. Mobility Devices and Products to Age in Place Safely. Stairlifts for Curved Stairs — Different Models – Living Free Home – Medium. Two Straight Stairlifts Installed for a Client at Bergin County, NJ. Scooter Ramps - Helpful Purchase Tips. LFH Meets Commercial Accessibility Needs of Westfield Insurance Agency. Unenclosed Commercial VPL. Winter Safety Tips for Mobility Device Users.