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Some Wonders Exercise Does to Your Health. Exercise does physical, mental, and emotional wonders for anyone’s health, more so for older adults, but of course with their physician’s recommendations.

Some Wonders Exercise Does to Your Health

Aside from its apparent external benefits, a provider of home health care services in Long Grove, Illinois lists down some other benefits that will surely kickstart you to moving more and sitting less: It strengthens your immune system.Not only does exercise makes you stronger on the outside but it makes you stronger within, too; that is, your immune system, which makes you less susceptible to viruses and infections. This means you’ll not get sick more often, and if you do encounter an illness or injury, your recovery will take a shorter time. It helps make your bones stronger.As you age, your bone density and strength deteriorate.

Reduced bone mass will make your bones generally weaker and less able to absorb impact and weight, which is why falls may have critical effects. Heart Disease Prevention Tips. While some risk factors for heart disease are uncontrollable, there are plenty of ways you can prevent it nevertheless.

Heart Disease Prevention Tips

Caregivers in Illinois have these tips for you: Control your blood pressure.High blood pressure increases one’s risk for heart disease, so you must get your blood pressure checked regularly, even at least once a year, as well as make lifestyle changes to control or prevent it. Keep your triglyceride and cholesterol levels controlled.Both high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides can increase one’s risk of coronary artery disease, most especially for women.

The Importance of Companionship Care in Times of Pandemic. From worrying about your loved ones, your job, your relationship with your significant other to feeling uncertain about your future, there is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everybody.

The Importance of Companionship Care in Times of Pandemic

But did you know? Senior individuals are twice as likely to be infected by any illness or viruses since they already have frail bodies. Thus, it is vitally important to reconsider senior care options by entrusting your senior loved ones’ health to professional caregivers through home health care services in Long Grove, Illinois so you can guarantee their overall health and safety. We all know that exercising, having proper nutrition, and getting enough sleep help us stay healthy as we age.

Studies have proven that social interaction or having a companion is one of the most important aspects of living a long, healthy life. Practical assistance with everyday activitiesEmotional support and friendshipPeace of mindFaster recovery and longer life spanProtection against dementia. Tips on Caring for Your Kidneys. It is our responsibility to look after our overall health.

Tips on Caring for Your Kidneys

Here, a provider of home health care services in Long Grove, Illinois, focuses on tips about caring for the kidneys. Keep them in good shape through the following: Staying hydrated.Your kidneys can function properly when you drink plenty of fluid daily. Caregivers in Illinois point out that darker colored urine, and not straw-colored, is a sign of dehydration. Eating healthily.Make sure that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables so that your body gets all the minerals and vitamins it needs. Seniors Deserve a Quality Companionship at Home.

Reaching out to family members and friends can be challenging for many senior adults.

Seniors Deserve a Quality Companionship at Home

There may be times that their best efforts will still not get their phone calls or voice mails returned because their loved ones have other commitments. Because of that, they end up feeling isolated, especially if they don’t have a companion at home. As a loved one, you will want to check in on your senior family member every once in a while to catch up with things and bond with them. You never know that is the only thing that they are looking forward to so that they won’t feel lonely.

Seniors and Flu Shots: Here's What You Need to Know. Every year, people are encouraged to get their flu shots, especially seniors who are at a high risk of contracting life-threatening flu complications.

Seniors and Flu Shots: Here's What You Need to Know

But despite this, many seniors still hesitate to get vaccinated. Getting Ready for Fall Activities. The fall season is fast approaching.

Getting Ready for Fall Activities

It’s that time of year where leaves turn into bright amber and red colors. It reminds us of maturity and wisdom. What better time of year represents our seniors than autumn? Providers of companion care like us at LIV Home Health LLC., certainly think there is no other. The increasing coldness of the weather is a signature of the upcoming season. Get those warm clothes ready. If you’re a senior, or if you have a loved one who is a senior, don’t miss out on fun activities during the fall season. Aging in Place: Ways to Prevent Boredom. No one wants to be alone, most especially aging seniors.

Aging in Place: Ways to Prevent Boredom

Aging can result in physical and mental changes which lead to seniors spending more time at home. Living at home alone may also be a challenge. As such, some elderly may even be taking advantage of home health care services in Long Grove, Illinois. Through these services, they can complete daily tasks and feel safe and comfortable at home. How the COVID-19 Crisis Will Affect the Home Care Industry. Recently, experts have foreseen an oncoming rise in the demand for home care.

How the COVID-19 Crisis Will Affect the Home Care Industry

Due to the economic turmoil from the COVID-19 health crisis, a lot of people will look for more affordable care options, and home care is one of the most affordable choices of care. With businesses struggling because of the crisis, there will be more families turning to home care. Unfortunately, home health providers are readying their operations without the necessary support from policymakers, as stated by industry experts. Policymakers are slow to fully embrace the in-home care as an essential asset in America’s coronavirus mitigation. CNA Week: Perfect Gifts to Give to Your Caregiver.

The CNA week is right around the corner!

CNA Week: Perfect Gifts to Give to Your Caregiver

Don’t forget to show your appreciation to your caregiver who consistently provides you with quality companion care. You can send them a thank you note or express your gratitude in words. Even better, go the extra mile by giving them gifts! Here are some of the perfect gifts you can give to your carers: Giveaway BagYou can gift the caregiver with a giveaway bag that contains things they’d probably need in their work or personal life. What to Expect From Home Health Care Services.