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LiveRoute Is the first cloud-based solutions provider in The Middle-East. It is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Dubai. To know more visit:

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services. Backup and Disaster Recovery Services. Cloud Server Backup Services. An organization’s systems, data and applications are its most critical assets which have a direct impact on productivity.

Cloud Server Backup Services

Backup as a Service (BaaS) involves connecting your organization’s systems to a private, public or hybrid cloud that is fully managed by an external provider. Comprehensive data protection, through an effective Cloud Backup, can bridge the difference between costly disruptions and a resilient enterprise model. LiveRoute, the leading Cloud Services Provider (CSP) in Dubai, UAE, offers a Cloud Backup solution that delivers a simple, quick and cost-effective solution for guaranteed data security and availability.

Our Cloud Backup solutions give your business the edge through flexible short and long-term data retention, in Azure or on-premises. Instantly backup any VMs, files and folders you require and never lose track of your assets with dynamic reporting capabilities available in the Azure experience. Top Reasons Why Companies Turn to Cloud Services. The cloud revolution is fast on the move as many businesses are switching to the cloud typically to take advantage of huge cost savings, which is basically the biggest driving factor to the cloud adoption, the new functionality, and agility.

Top Reasons Why Companies Turn to Cloud Services

According to the surveys, several businesses responded, saying that expense and commitment were the key obstacles that they had to resolve in order to re-platform successfully. Benefits of Using the Cloud Reducing in IT Costs - With cloud computing, there is an immediate elimination of the need to pay for vast quantities of disk and storage space, as well as the need to buy, install, and update expensive software. You'll only pay for software as needed in the cloud, and many apps are provided for free. Usage can be scaled easily to suit your needs and adjusted to the demanding peaks or troughs. Move your Microsoft workloads with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft and Azure systems have been developed to function well together with versatility, high compatibility, and hybrid capabilities.

Move your Microsoft workloads with Microsoft Azure

Run Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint, Dynamics, and other Microsoft Azure server software. Achieve unprecedented cost savings, easily scheduled migrations, escape the difficulty of multi-vendor support, and update your cloud apps from the leader you already trust. Challenges to consider while moving workloads to the cloud Price of Moving – Are there affordable choices that suit our needs?

Planning for migration – Are we able to move or are we going to break down our workloads? Cloud Service Provider. Microsoft Azure Services. Microsoft Azure Services. Microsoft Azure Managed Services. Contracting LiveRoute for Managed Services lets you outsource day-to-day management and maintenance responsibilities to improve operations and cut overall expenses.

Microsoft Azure Managed Services

You could offset the responsibility of providing services to the business with well-defined SLAs by choosing from a set of services that include desktop and mobile support, management and maintenance of business applications, systems health checks and more. By partnering with our sister organization eHDF, we are able to derive advanced capabilities and infrastructure management to successfully meet your business requirements.

We manage your daily IT operations in order to strengthen your IT assets and reduce costs. Our service delivery is backed by SLAs that provide rock-solid assurance for various responsibilities entrusted upon us across a plethora of devices, applications and data sources. Azure Cloud Migration - Guide and Introduction by LiveRoute. What is Azure?

Azure Cloud Migration - Guide and Introduction by LiveRoute

Azure is a cloud computing platform which provides databases, networking, analytics, servers, storage anything a company needs to effectively operate its computing operations. Azure services like building, deploying and managing of applications can be chosen by one to get the assistance and support required for business operations. Initially, the only option available to business earlier was to build and manage the physical hardware required for computing. However, in today’s times using a public cloud computing platform like Azure that purchases as well as maintains all the computing hardware can be an option availed by the companies. Microsoft Azure - for whom is it useful? Azure is chosen by all kinds of big businesses as they find value is using the public cloud.

Get Fully Managed IT Services – Azure Cloud Migration – LiveRoute. Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Cloud computing represents a change from conventional IT resource thinking.

Get Fully Managed IT Services – Azure Cloud Migration – LiveRoute

The transition to the cloud requires thorough planning, preparation, and strategy. Azure Cloud Migration Services by LiveRoute. LiveRoute provides flexible cloud migration solutions with ongoing support that suits any operational model that you prefer.

Azure Cloud Migration Services by LiveRoute

LiveRoute’sMicrosoft Azure services are focused on providing cloud solutions for your business that are fully managed and maintained by us, so your resources are optimized for your workplace productivity. Only LiveRoute delivers a completely customizable cloud migration path that delivers resilient consistency across your on-premises and cloud assets. Whether your business requires a hybrid state long term or only during the migration period, your engagement with LiveRoute can be tailored to reflect your needs. LiveRoute provides Managed IT Services in UAE. Managed IT Services Dubai by LiveRoute. All you need to know about Microsoft Azure Maps – LiveRoute. What is Azure Maps?

All you need to know about Microsoft Azure Maps – LiveRoute

Azure Maps is a comprehensive product which offers geospatial services like Maps, Search, Routing, Traffic and Time Zones. These compliant services under Azure One-API enable you to develop and scale the solutions that incorporate all the location information into Azure solutions. The developers from several industries are provided with geospatial capabilities that are filled with the latest mapping data which is essential to providing geographic context to web and mobile applications. Features of Azure Maps: Azure Maps provides a smooth experience which is based on geospatial data that has built-in location intelligence.

Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) by LiveRoute. What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) by LiveRoute

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is a cloud computing service which lets an organization back up all its data as well as IT infrastructure in a third-party cloud computing environment. This enables access and functionality to the IT infrastructure to be regained after a disaster. Cloud Migration Services by LiveRoute. Azure Data Centre Migration by LiveRoute. Data Center Migration Services by LiveRoute. Cloud Migration Services Dubai.