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Live Chat Agent is Sydney based 24/7 live chat service provider for automotive dealerships.

Why Is Live Chat Indispensable for Your Business? - DailyStar. In general, calling customer service executives and talking to them has become a challenge.

Why Is Live Chat Indispensable for Your Business? - DailyStar

Usually, customers have to wait in a queue for a long time holding the phone to get connected with the customer rep — this is not only time-consuming but also expensive as their phone minutes roll-on. Business Directory - Products, Articles, Companies. The chat services feature a new addition to the websites, have opened up a new sphere in customer service.

Business Directory - Products, Articles, Companies

Today, customers are inclined to choose live chat feature over the conventional telephone or email correspondence. So what is the reason behind this shift? To know why customers preferences have changed, 1. Easier Interaction At times, you don’t want to waste your time searching for something on a website — so you simply activate the live chat and interact with a person on the other side, to help with your search query or address the problem at hand. 2. When you want an immediate response, often you have to dial a number that’s provided by the company and many a time, these phone numbers charge. 3. Unlike phone or emails, there is no waiting period or delays with live chat, as you get an almost immediate response. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Customers are free to ask questions that come to their mind about a particular product offering or query they might have. 9.

The Bottom Line. How to Use Customer Live Chat Service Effectively. Customer service has come a long way from personal visits to the company/ showroom/ store to phone calls and emails, which has now extended to live chat window on your website.

How to Use Customer Live Chat Service Effectively

As of now, live chat stands as the most effective and trendy customer support method. Live Chat - The Latest Customer Service Support System As per recent studies, around 71% of people have shown satisfaction with the way live chat work. What this means is people are taking help from the live chat or customer service window that appears on the company’s website. Many small and big companies have already installed this model of customer support system on their official website. COVID-19 - What can your dealership do to stay in touch? - Live Chat Agent. Depending on the stage and severity of the lockdown, dealerships will need to think outside the box now more than ever to stay connected, stay relevant and ride out the storm.

COVID-19 - What can your dealership do to stay in touch? - Live Chat Agent

We’ve created a list of things your dealership could be doing to make sure you keep up the communication while keeping your staff and your customers safe throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. Contactless Service and Parts Service and parts is the easiest part of your business to go contactless with. You can offer your customers a pick-up and drop off service. Sanitise their car before you take it back and get your drivers to wear a new set of gloves to drive it with. If they’re coming to you, shut down your coffee and tea areas, or at least use disposable cups. Ask your customers to book online, over the phone or through chat. Facetime and Video conferencing Utilise what’s at your disposal. If you don’t have these, there’s always Facetime through FB.

COVID-19: Novel Coronavirus News and Updates. Why Australian Auto Dealers Should Use Live Chat Online. The Automotive industry in 2020 looks vastly different to 10 years ago.

Why Australian Auto Dealers Should Use Live Chat Online

If we head back 10 years we were still pouring money into bricks and mortar and trying to create a consumer experience within the showroom. Consumers visited approximately 5 dealers and drove cars at each one before deciding on their favourite. Steam ahead to the present day and if your digital strategy isn’t right then the bricks and mortar experience simply doesn’t matter. Why? Because over 85% of your car buyers will start their journey online, and almost half (47% to be exact) will buy a car after only 1 test drive. So, now that we know most of our buyers are starting online what’s your dealership doing to capitalise on it? For far too long, we have assumed that all customers care about is the best price of the car, but according to Google Insights, your shoppers are searching for much more than simply price. 65% of the car-buying population buy a car that is a different make to their last car every time.

Live Chat Features for Automotive Industry. 3 Major Benefits Auto Dealers Can Reap Using Live Chat. Can auto dealerships generate hot confirmed leads and get to know their customers’ needs before they ever see them at the dealership?

3 Major Benefits Auto Dealers Can Reap Using Live Chat

Well, it’s possible with the help of Live Chat Service. If you’re an auto dealer, then Live Chat can be integrated to your website and made operational. Next, you can hire live chat agents who will continually answer customer queries 24 x 7. Live Chat Services for Used Car Dealer. Live Chat Tool for New Car Dealer. How Car Dealerships Can Enhance Customer Service with Live Chat? Why A Car Dealer Chat Service Is Critical For Your Success? Why Live Chat Is A Dealers Best Salesperson. Boost Customer Service Satisfaction with Live Chat Agent. There are customers waiting on your Live Chat Agent website right now!

Boost Customer Service Satisfaction with Live Chat Agent

Don’t make them wait! As a dealership, you have a lot on your plate and it can be difficult to manage online visitors with so much going on. With most new and used car buyers, most of the research happens online, therefore engaging with them at an earlier stage, even before they walk into your car showroom helps you serve them better. How Live Chat Can Increase Online Car Sales and Conversions? In a recent study, 89% of respondents agreed that a quick response to an initial enquiry is important when deciding which dealer to buy from.

How Live Chat Can Increase Online Car Sales and Conversions?

Similarly, 92% of customers who choose live chat for customer service are satisfied. This outranks satisfaction from those that call, e-mail or use social media to reach out. Managed & Automotive Live Chat Service for Dealers -Live Chat Agent.