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File permission issues with shared folders under Virtual Box (Ubuntu Guest, Windows Host) Covariate vs. factors. A blog about statistical musings – @MarkJKelson. Statistical Consultancy – A blog about statistical musings. Confounders, mediators, moderators and covariates – A blog about statistical musings. I recently put together some slides to explain mediators and mediation analysis to some people who knew slightly less than I did on the topic.

Confounders, mediators, moderators and covariates – A blog about statistical musings

Explaining things you barely understand is the bread and butter of a statistician, so I took to it like a duck to plum sauce. I started looking for some nice examples that would describe what a mediator was. I found plenty. Of course, it was also important to pre-empt confusion between similar and related terms, and since mediators and confounders are regularly mixed up I also looked for nice examples of confounders. Again, i found lots of good examples. Learning the shell. Why do you need to learn the command line anyway?

Learning the shell.

Well, let me tell you a story. Find and replace text and other data in a Word document - Word. Some of the content in this topic may not be applicable to some languages.

Find and replace text and other data in a Word document - Word

In Word you can find and replace text, formatting, paragraph breaks, page breaks, and other items. You can extend your search by using wildcards and codes to find words or phrases that contain specific letters or combinations of letters. You can also use the Go To command to find a specific place in your document. FASTXtoolkit adapter trimming [Archive] 1.

FASTXtoolkit adapter trimming [Archive]

It does remove partial matches. It searches only from one "end" of the file. The default settings are very conservative, so if it's removing 10 million reads, that's an enormous number - you may want to change the settings to be more aggressive for that data. 2. Can you post the summary output... it should say why sequences were removed/clipped, and why etc. Ask HTG: How Can I Reclaim The Full Capacity of an SD Card?

If you’ve used an SD card for more advanced purposes than simply storing digital photos (e.g. running a mobile or micro OS), you’ll find it requires a little more finesse than simply formatting the card to reclaim all the space.

Ask HTG: How Can I Reclaim The Full Capacity of an SD Card?

Read on as we show you how. Dear How-To Geek,I followed along with one of your great Raspberry Pi tutorials a few months ago. Just recently I upgraded to a bigger SD card for the Pi and pulled the old one to use for another project. When I went to reformat the card only 64MB out of the original capacity was available and even when I went into Disk Management in Windows the best I could do is dump the contents of the inaccessible (and presumably Linux-filled) partition. How to Get FREE Wii U Games using Loadiine on 5.5.0/5.5.1 (without selfhosting) [Videos] How To Run 5.5.X Kernel Exploit & Set Up SD Card. The Definitive Guide to Wii U Hacking. Note: Check out the SNES Compatibility Guide.

The Definitive Guide to Wii U Hacking

You will need the following programs: 1 - rpx2elf: located in this thread here 2 - makerpl64: This is included with the Wii U Cafe SDK, I cannot provide this as it is copyrighted, so I trust people to get this on their own. 3 - Titledumper/DDD: For extracting Virtual Console games over a network to your 4 - HxD or any free hex editor program of your choice, the process is the same For this tutorial I will be using HxD as it's easy to start up and quick for searching for ROM swapping. I should note that while ELF/RPX injection is higher compatability than RAM injection methods, not all games are going to work with perfect emulation, some games like Chrono Trigger has a minor visual bug where the screen flickers whenever you enter a battle and enter commands. 我的小米云服务. Gene_expression_comparison. Top page Contents: Goals We will conduct a statistical comparison of gene expression values between two groups of biological samples.


Gene expression is a measure of the activity of a gene, as reflected in the number of RNA copies of the gene that are present in cells. A microarray assay can be used to measure gene expression for thousands of genes simultaneously. The data set we analyze here contains measurements of the expression levels of 22,283 genes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). Beautiful plotting in R: A ggplot2 cheatsheet. Even the most experienced R users need help creating elegant graphics.

Beautiful plotting in R: A ggplot2 cheatsheet

The ggplot2 library is a phenomenal tool for creating graphics in R but even after many years of near-daily use we still need to refer to our Cheat Sheet. Up until now, we’ve kept these key tidbits on a local PDF. But for our own benefit (and hopefully yours) we decided to post the most useful bits of code. * Last updated January 20, 2016 (with ggplot2 2.0 replace vjust with margin for title text)

Linear Models in R: Plotting Regression Lines. Hierarchical cluster analysis on famous data sets - enhanced with the dendextend package. SmearPlot edgeR - adding gene names to genes of interest. Open source for bioinformatics () headers Aliaksei Holik | 16 Dec 14:12 2013 Re: SmearPlot edgeR - adding gene names to genes of interest Aliaksei Holik <salvador@...

SmearPlot edgeR - adding gene names to genes of interest

> 2013-12-16 13:12:18 GMT. Stock Photos, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors. Make money with your images and videos! Survival. A new Survival game of Minecraft.


The health and hunger bars, as well as the hotbar, are visible. Survival mode is the game mode of Minecraft in which players must collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, manage hunger, and explore the land in an effort to survive. In Survival, players have an inventory in which they may gather items. These items may be combined using certain recipes to create tools and other items. 关于药企medchem位置的电话面试的个人看法(长文,慎入)


I485 GreenCard 绿卡. DsDNA migrates crazy fast on pico RNA chip. Agarose gel electrophoresis — Zbio. Buying a home. SAMtools - Primer / Tutorial. By Ethan Cerami, Ph.D. keywords: samtools, next-gen, next-generation, sequencing, bowtie, sam, bam, primer, tutorial, how-to, introduction Revisions 1.0: May 30, 2013: First public release on July 24, 2013: Updated with Disqus Comments / Feedback section.1.2: December 19, 2014: Multiple updates, including: Updated to use samtools 1.1 and bcftools 1.2.Updated usage for bcftools. About SAMtools is a popular open-source tool used in next-generation sequence analysis. Feedback If you find an error in this document, or would like to send specific feedback, please send email to: cerami AT Sample Data Files. KAPA Library Quantification Kits for NGS. A single KAPA Library Quantification Kit is sufficient for the quantification of ~30 libraries (following our recommended protocols in a 96-well format).

However, more libraries can be quantified using: a 384-well plate format,smaller reaction volumes,fewer number of dilutions, and/orfewer replicates. Many variables will greatly affect the ultimate number of libraries that can be quantified per kit. Below are a few guidelines based on the details of our recommended protocols: Only one (preferably triplicate) set of six DNA standards needs to be run per assay. Mis-quantification of Illumina sequencing libraries is costing us 10000 Human genomes a year (or how to quantitate Illumina sequencing libraries) CoreGenomics: Mis-quantification of Illumina sequencing libraries is costing us 10000 Human genomes a year (or how to quantitate Illumina sequencing libraries) 15 Game-Changing Cleaning Shortcuts. Getting Genetics Done. 烟花三月上北加,最全北加赏花指南(附地图) Using Volcano Plots in R to Visualize Microarray and RNA-seq Results.

I’ve analyzed some data from GEO (GSE52202) using RNA-seq to study gene expression in motor neurons differentiated from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) derived from ALS patients carrying the C9ORF72 repeat expansion. 常见有毒野菜(图谱)-百度文库.


Sodium Acetate Precipitation of Small Nucleic Acids. Bitesize Bio. Since our most popular article of all time (“The Basics: How Ethanol Precipitation of DNA and RNA Works”) was published, many of our readers have asked us to further explain the difference between precipitating DNA with ethanol vs. isopropanol and which is the better choice. So today, I’ll meet the challenge and discuss the pros and cons of ethanol vs. isopropanol.

PCA. 娱乐. Review manuscript. 科普一下制药公司的相关职位和工作职能. GgPlot2. RNASEQ workflow from bioinformatics core.


Unix & Linux. Virtualbox and Ubuntu. Bioinformatics Miscellaneous. BWA and Bowtie mapping. DESeq2. EdgeR. Statistics. J1 waiver, Green Card and H1B application. Senators. 血细胞计数器的计数原理及操作流程(图文)-细胞生物学-乐研生物. Pjiang_文学城博客. What are the TruSeq oligos??? Gene Network construction and visualization. Human Transcribed unprocessed pseudogenes, Nanog Pseudogenes.


Microarray and RNAseq batch effect normalization. Exalpha Biologicals, Inc. YouTube Video Converter and Download - It's Not a Matter of 'If,' It's a Matter of 'When'  WOT. 东海证券网上营业厅. 沃信用户自服务系统. Computer issues. RNAseq. MIT OpenCourseWare. Stripped Screw Repair in Wood Applications. Stripped screw holes don’t have to be a frustrating, time consuming, or costly repair. We’ve put together several methods to ensure a proper and effective fix. 当月话费网上营业厅_中国移动通信.


Expression vector. Epiblast medium. 美食. CDX2.